Pants Pattern Review: Ninni Culottes by Named Clothing

ninni Pants Pattern Review: Ninni Culottes by Named Clothing

Pattern: Ninni Culottes, Named

Fabric: Tencel twill

Size: 14

Any Adjustments: After making a muslin, I shortened the crotch on the pant front and back and sized down 2-3 sizes. For the pair featured here, I extended the culottes to ankle length and added simple slash pockets.

Screen Shot 2017 09 29 at 1.56.07 PM 205x300 Pants Pattern Review: Ninni Culottes by Named ClothingReview: These pants are full-on culottes, folks! The pattern was designed for lighter weight knits, but I’ve sewn them in wovens and there’s plenty of ease.

To get a more traditional culotte length, more indicative of the pattern cover, I would have had to shorten these 6”. Instead, after my muslin, I made them longer, to just above the ankle. I also sized down to reduce some of the width: these pants are super wide. I love the added length on me, as it helps balance the width of the pant leg, which I also love: these pants are comfortable and swishy, with a whole lot of movement.

So my verdict? Easy fit (size down, probably), perfect for all the drapey fabrics, yay for #secretpajamas, and, once I got used to the style on me, I’m planning to make at least a few more pairs. They’re also a nice base for basic customization. I’d like to create a full-length pair for fall, with a paperbag style waist and a self-fabric belt, maybe?? Because if you’re wearing suuuper wide-legged culottes, you might as well embrace the statement you’re making.

 Pants Pattern Review: Ninni Culottes by Named Clothing
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