Sew Along with Mimi G, Mimi G Style

Screen Shot 2017 04 04 at 2.06.38 PM 300x282 Sew Along with Mimi G, Mimi G StyleIn case you missed it, our April sew along is with none other than the fabulous Mimi G of Mimi G Style. Mimi is all over this issue, with tons of helpful information for getting your spring and summer wardrobe plans in gear and a sew along – yes! We’ll be sewing up the wide-legged crop pants from her pattern Simplicity 8093 – the perfect warm-weather pant! For now, learn more about Mimi’s background, her inspiration and her take on the sewing community.

SN: What is your sewing background? I have been sewing since I was twelve years old. My aunt is a seamstress, and as a kid, I spent summers in Puerto Rico where my dad’s side of the family lives. Every morning I would wake up go my aunt’s studio and watch her sew. I was fascinated by how she turned fabric into these beautiful formal gowns, and I was immediately hooked. She would hand me scraps of fabric, and I would sit in the corner of her sewing studio hand stitching Barbie clothes. On my birthday that year my dad noticed I had an interest and bought me my first sewing machine-I think it was a Kenmore. I started to take apart my clothes and copy them onto new fabrics and then sew them back together; I am pretty sure that’s how I taught myself construction. I kept sewing for years after that, but when I started having my babies, that part of my life took over and I stopped sewing for a long time. About six or seven years ago I decided I wanted to start sewing again, so I picked it back up and started focusing on learning techniques. Being a self-taught seamstress is what I think helps me connect with so many aspiring seamsters because I understand what it’s like to want to learn to make something and having to go about it blindly. I wish I had the likes of a Mimi G Style when I was learning. Now I dedicate myself to teaching others to sew in an accessible and relatable way. Continue reading

 Sew Along with Mimi G, Mimi G Style
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Sewing for Good: 9 Sewing Charities that Need Your Help

Whether you have a few extra minutes to spare or a lot of extra fabric to share, a little generosity goes a long way when it comes to sewing for charity. Read on to learn about about nine sewing charities working hard to help you put your sewing talents to great use. Continue reading

 Sewing for Good: 9 Sewing Charities that Need Your Help
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Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions

With the changing of the seasons I start planning my spring and summer hand made wardrobe. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement sleeves are all the rage this season. I’m not falling for ginormous bell shaped sleeves.

spring closet Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions

Getty Image

Not that it doesn’t look smashing, but I’m a practical person and those wackadoodle sleeves just don’t have room in my closet. That being said, somehow a 1970′s caftan does??

vogue 8551 192x300 Wardrobe Planning: Too Many DistractionsAnd, that is how I plan my sewing wardrobe for spring. It’s all about what I feel like at the moment. I’m at the whims and mercy of whatever presents itself to my eyeballs. As you can imagine planning can be more like riding the crazy train then a nice straight jaunt. Continue reading

 Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions
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Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 3: Applying Bias Tape

Just joining us? This week, Kimberly’s sharing her pro tips for applying bias tape to the Ravenna Blouse neckline. We’ve got a few copies of the Ravenna Blouse paper pattern left in the store. If you can’t find it there, you ca

n grab a paper or digital copy directly from the designer at Straight Stitch Designs – plus, check out her other amazing patterns!

FB Ravenna Top Sew Along 300x251 Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 3: Applying Bias Tape

You have nearly completed the Ravenna pattern, other than hemming, all that is left to do is attaching the bias tape to the neckline.  For this final sew along post I will be walking you through the steps needed for the bias tape.  I promise it is really easy!

There are a couple options when it comes to bias tape, you can either buy some from your local fabric store, or make your own.  I prefer to make my own bias tape because it tends to be softer than store bought bias tape.  It also gives you a chance to use the same fabric for the bias tape as you did for the top.

17 232x300 Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 3: Applying Bias Tape

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 Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 3: Applying Bias Tape
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Spring & Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning, Part 2

Last week, I spent some time pondering spring and summer wardrobe planning – inspired by Mimi G’s article in the new issue of Sew News – focusing on purging (oops), determining what is missing and making a list of to-makes (namely, basic tanks and tees, lightweight pants and a few more summer skirts…and maybe a summer dress as a treat).

The next part of the process, as Mimi lays it out, is to:

4. Choose colors and fabrics. Colors, hmmm. I’ve been wanting to “do my colors” for a while now, but I always get distracted. I think that’s because I frame the task in an aspirational way – i.e. what colors look best on me, what colors I should wear, what colors I want to want to wear. Instead, presented below in all their boring glory are the colors I actually wear, with a few pops and prints. I’m considering this a useful tool for tuning out distraction at the fabric store, because as far as I’m concerned, a garment I don’t actually wear is as bad as a garment that doesn’t end up fitting. But, I like the idea of having a few challenge colors for spring and fall, lest I become an absolute and utter bore. I’m hoping to bring these in in a selective way to counter-balance the drab (no offense, apparently I love drab).

Screen Shot 2017 03 16 at 10.11.01 AM Spring & Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning, Part 2

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 Spring & Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning, Part 2
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Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 2: Installing an Exposed Zipper

Screen Shot 2017 03 13 at 11.29.50 AM 233x300 Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 2: Installing an Exposed ZipperReady to sew up a fabulous blouse for spring? Grab the Ravenna Blouse paper pattern over here, then read on to learn how to insert an exposed zipper with designer Kimberly Payne. (Pssst! If you missed last week’s post, head over here for tips on sewing the blouse darts.) 

Today I am going to be walking you through installing the exposed zipper onto the back of your top.

Installing an exposed zipper is not difficult at all, but it does require doing a few steps that are different from what you would normally do. Just follow along and I promise you will have a lovely installed zipper by the end.

Start by taking your two back pieces and placing them right side up.  Line the interfacing up with the top edge of both the left and right back piece. Iron the interfacing in place.

8 199x300 Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 2: Installing an Exposed Zipper

Continue reading

 Ravenna Blouse Sew Along, Week 2: Installing an Exposed Zipper
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Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning

Screen Shot 2017 03 14 at 8.52.21 AM 278x300 Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe PlanningMimi G’s article on spring & summer wardrobe planning in the new issue of Sew News has me all kinds of inspired. In the past year, I’ve tried to be much more intentional about my wardrobe, sewing pattern and fabric choices. I’ve been very focused on basics because I’ve learned that, despite the temptation of special garments (which is why I got into sewing in the first place), basics are what I wear on a daily basis. Her article offers some clear steps to first purging, then building a wardrobe that works for you. I particularly love her take on trends:

“True style is not necessarily about fashionable on-trend items, but more about you as an individual and what makes you feel best.”

Preach! She also warns about the pitfalls of Pinterest and Instagram – how it can derail the best laid plans the latest releases and pretty looks that might not necessarily work for you or your lifestyle. Been there!

Here are the first four steps of her process….and my progress with them.

1. Clean out your closet. Okay, I have not made a lot of progress here. We moved a year and a half ago and I still have a box of maybe clothes…and those probably need to get gone. Big purge way overdue…but I’d rather sew!

2. Determine what is missing. For the spring and summer, I’m actually missing basics. I tend to go for “special” things on the rare occasion that I buy something in the store. And then those special things don’t get worn. Basic tees and tanks are something I need. And maybe a few pairs of lighter weight pants and skirts for summer. What did I even wear last summer???

3. Make a list. I’m a big list-maker. I think I’ve actually got three lists running for spring – one on my phone, a written list in my design notebook and a random list in my purse from when I traveled to Sew Expo two weeks ago – talk about derailed!!

The big themes: tanks (knits and wovens, 1 million), tees (3-4), pants (again, 3-4) and skirts (two-ish). And maybe a shirtdress or two, as a reward later. icon wink Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning I’m not a big trend follower but I am planning a few hacks to bring in some high-low hems, maybe some color-blocking and at least one tie-front top.

4. Choose your colors and fabrics. Is black a color for spring? This spring, my makes list looks a bit gloomy but I do wear a lot of black, and I need some black basics. Black, black and white, natural, gray, army green and denim…with a few carefully selected prints in the mix. Boring, probably, but things I know I’ll actually wear. THEN fill in with some fun/just-because makes.

Join me next week as I take the next steps in Mimi’s process: choosing patterns and making a design sketchbook. How is your spring and summer sewing coming? Do you have any special techniques for planning?


 Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning
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