#MeMadeMay: Kate’s Favorite Patterns

It was only recently that I was introduced to the concept of a “tried and true” pattern — one that you enjoy making and like the fit and style enough to make again and again. I was always a try-something-new kind of girl, but as I’ve discovered everyday patterns that I really love, I’ve learned the value of go-to patterns.

Here are a few of my favorite patterns: Continue reading

 #MeMadeMay: Kates Favorite Patterns
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Crimson & Clover Train Cases Sew Along, Week 1: Making & Adding Piping

We’re so excited to officially kick off our Crimson & Clover Train Cases Sew Along with the lovely Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! If you don’t have your pattern yet, there’s still time. Grab it now and join us next week for tips on sewing with handbag zippers. This week, we’ll be covering piping which helps define the train case shape AND provides a clean, professional finish. The technique outlined below explains how to make and attach piping to the train cases and any bag pattern. Take it away, Sara!

2CC Sew Along FB 300x251 Crimson & Clover Train Cases Sew Along, Week 1: Making & Adding Piping Continue reading

 Crimson & Clover Train Cases Sew Along, Week 1: Making & Adding Piping
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#memademay2017: Half Way Through!

Amanda: 2015 03 06 02.35.33 11 150x150  #memademay2017: Half Way Through!We’re halfway through the month and I have yet to bust out my recent summery makes – linen tanks and snow just don’t mix! Seriously though, the weather in CO this month has thrown me for a bit of a loop and I haven’t worn any of my lightweight pants, skirts or recent tees and tanks except under cardigans. That’s okay – I’m ready for summer, if/when it arrives. I’ve been mostly sticking to my sewing plan for the month but I’ve had a few MeMadeMay casualties (i.e. things that jumped the queue and required new fabric!): two pairs of shorts and a blouse-to-dress hack that’s in the works. I don’t know whether it’s the weather or…okay, it’s probably the weather…but I’ve been thinking a lot about my fall sewing list, too: it’s getting longer and longer!

head shot 200 wf 150x150  #memademay2017: Half Way Through!Jill: It’s now cold and snowy here in Colorado. Just as I was finishing up a summery outfit. It’s a beige gingham 1/2 circle skirt and a self drafted top. I cannot wait to wear it! Half way through MeMadMay taking photos has not gotten any easier. It’s weird looking at myself. As for the rest of #memademay2017 I would like to get out one more skirt with fabric I found at an antique store. Not sure if I’ll make it but I hope to try. Plus, I still have on my  list a maxi dress and half a dozen other projects. At the very least I hope to finish up a few tops and blouses so I can wear them during summer.

Can’t wait for next week, the weather should be a tad warmer!

FW 160614 0656 150x150  #memademay2017: Half Way Through!Kate:

  #memademay2017: Half Way Through!
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Crimson & Clover Sew Along – Postponed Until May 23!


Crimson & Clover Sew Along – Postponed Until May 23!

2CC Sew Along FB Crimson & Clover Sew Along   Postponed Until May 23!Thank you so much for the interest in the Crimson & Clover Sew Along! To ensure that you have the best experience we will set back the sew along to begin on May 23rd. Thank you for your understanding and patience! – Jill

 Crimson & Clover Sew Along   Postponed Until May 23!
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Learn Appliqué – And Dress Up Any Garment

Learn how to replicate vintage details to take garments from simple to stunning. Use a pre-made or purchased camisole.

Lace Appliqué
Though lace appliqué is mainly used on wedding dresses and lingerie today, it’s a great way to dress up any garment. Choose lace to match the garment, add contrast or bring out a color in a cotton print to add depth to your color scheme.

There are myriad types of lace available. For the featured project, lace fabric using the needle lace technique was chosen because of its similarity to the original garments and because the raised edges around the motifs add 3D texture and depth to the finished tunic. Needle lace was traditionally sewn onto a netting base using various stitches to create raised surfaces, outlines and motifs. Flat lace yardage, vintage crocheted doilies and freestanding appliqués may also be used.

applique fs 600 Learn Appliqué   And Dress Up Any Garment Continue reading

 Learn Appliqué   And Dress Up Any Garment
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Learn Hemstitching For A Vintage Look

The hemstitch, often seen as a border on linen tablecloths and napkins and used as an heirloom sewing technique, is easy to complete using a sewing machine and a wing needle (1).

Screen Shot 2017 05 09 at 3.08.03 PM Learn Hemstitching For A Vintage Look The side “wings” on the needle push the fabric yarns aside, leaving a small opening as the needle moves back and forth to create the stitch around the opening. Refer to your machine manual to identify which stitches are hemstitches. Experiment on a fabric scrap to decide which stitches look best on your project. Try two rows of stitching to add even more vintage detail. Continue reading

 Learn Hemstitching For A Vintage Look
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Tips For Using The Rolled Hem Foot

Rolled hem feet come in a variety of sizes depending on the brand. The most common sizes are 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. The 2mm is best for lightweight fabrics, while the 4mm and 6mm work best on various light- to mediumweight fabrics. Test-stitch the fabric and choose the size that yields the best results.

lead for roll hem Tips For Using The Rolled Hem Foot

So easy!

Continue reading

 Tips For Using The Rolled Hem Foot
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