Brand New Sew News Look – More Fun Projects!

SewNewsLogo Tag Brand New Sew News Look   More Fun Projects!You’ve seen the new logo, you’ve seen the upcoming cover, but what about the inside of the new magazine?

Our photography style has changed slightly, but we’ll continue to bring you thorough, informative content on sewing techniques, tips and fun projects. All your favorite columns, such as Home Dec Help, Pattern Play, Haute Topics and Basic Skills, will still be there to inform and inspire.

Like this pillow project from the upcoming April/May issue. Learn to stitch three different pillow styles, along with beautiful photos with minimal distractions and a pleasing color palette.

HomeDecHelp Brand New Sew News Look   More Fun Projects!You’ll be inspired not only by the great techniques and projects, but by the clean and clear presentation, as well.



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Sew News COVER Sneak Peek

I can not wait to hear your responses today! Here it is, ladies and gents: The brand new look of Sew News, unveiled before it ever hits your mailbox or the newsstand.

SEWP 1505 Cover 500px 228x300 Sew News COVER Sneak PeekI really like the open, airy feeling of this cover–with the white space that offsets the coverlines and really makes the project pop. The skirt project is front and center and really shows off the great couture waistband and boucle fabric (we thought the skirt was Chanel-ish but perfect for every day).

We decided to call attention to our 35th anniversary in every cover this year, so you’ll see the pink ribbon on the upper right throughout 2015, but the color will change as needed.

The process to totally rebrand and refresh Sew News has been challenging but certainly rewarding. And the cover is just the beginning. Once you open the magazine, you’ll find elements of this cover sprinkled throughout–open and airy layouts, type that’s easier to read, projects that are more modern and sophisticated (but still timeless and casual when appropriate), and much more. And the changes don’t stop there. We’ll be including some feature articles that go back to our roots–bring the NEWS back to Sew News. We’ll run artist profiles, show you creative spaces of some of our favorite sewing celebs and contributors, and keep you up-to-date on the happenings of the sewing world. But don’t worry–we’ll still bring you the great technique articles that you’ve come to expect from us.

We will also provide you with more ways to expand your sewing knowledge at Think of it as a supporting role to the magazine.We’ll bring you exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else, along with special blog posts and our famous Sew-Alongs, which are really gaining momentum (the Valentine Slip Sew-Along starts on March 2!).

If you see something in the pages of the magazine and you’d like more information, check out, where you can find products, kits, books, videos and other supplementary materials for any number of topics. There are more ways than ever before to find the information you’re looking for, and we know you trust us to steer you in the right direction. We take that trust very seriously, so we’ve been stocking our store with the greatest items to further your creativity. Everything there is chosen with you in mind, with input from the editors and contributors. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things sewing!

Let us know what you think of our new cover look by commenting below!

Happy Sewing,

headshot 194x300 Sew News COVER Sneak Peek

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The New Sew News Look + Share Your Sewing Tips!

SewNewsLogo Tag The New Sew News Look + Share Your Sewing Tips!

Ellen shared our new logo with you earlier this week, and aren’t you just itching to see more of the new look? Stay tuned all week for more sneak peeks inside the next issue. The goal is a fresh, modern take on the same, great content.

One of our columns that has been one of the most popular almost since the very beginning is Reader Tips, where you share your best sewing tips and tricks with other readers. It’s fun to find out what other sewists do to combat thread trimmings and to make our favorite pastime go a little quicker and smoother. It can be super informative! Don’t worry, this favorite column is still going to be sticking around in the redesigned Sew News, but with a modern makeover.

In the Feb/March issue, we brought you 35 of the best reader tips from Sew News’ past 35 years on the newsstand. It turned out to be 6 whole pages of great tips! Even though some were 30+ years old, good advice never gets old or goes out of style.

Like this tip from B. Dezellem from July 1993: “Use narrow strips of fusible web to “baste” zippers in place before stitching. There’s no excuse for crooked stitching when the zipper doesn’t budge!”

Get your fusible web tape here, and try it out!

Comment below or send us your tips to for YOUR chance to be featured in Sew News. If your tip is chosen, you’ll also receive a prize!

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What do you really really want for V-Day? We’ve got some ideas!

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. I really could take it or leave it. For Valentine’s my wish list is less about box of chocolates and assorted candy but more like yards of fabulous fabric, delicious sewing patterns, notions I can’t live without and other sewing goodies.

what you really want What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!Check out my top Valentine picks for the girl (or guy) who would rather say ‘no thanks’ to chocolate and sweets, but ‘heck ya!’ to sewing tools and notions!

Stitch up these cute little treat bags and give to your favorite person. Filled with candies these would be sweet for those little people in your life. Get the reprint of this article and all the instructions.

treat bags 500 What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!

For a romantic picnic in the park, make these cute bottle holders, complete with appliqué templates. Now in

SIAB1408 What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!Stitch up a sweet slip that can be worn though out the year. Wearing a slip makes your clothes look great but also makes the wearer feel just a bit more confident and ultra pretty. Plus, join us for the sew-along starting on March 3!

SIAVAL What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!Get the jewelery you really want and show your love of your favorite passion: sewing! Find more cute jewelery here.

SIA1327 What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!Give or receive the gift of flowers this year. Fabric flowers will never die and they are so fun to make.

AB12302 2 What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!This is just a few of the sweet things I would love to see under the Valentine Tree. How ’bout you? What would be your favorite sewing gift this year?

head shot200 What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!

signautre 200 What do you really really want for V Day? Weve got some ideas!


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Win Joi Mahon’s book: Create the Perfect Fit

 Enter to Win!

U9383FP 1 Win Joi Mahons book: Create the Perfect Fit

In the Feb/March Sew News, on newsstands now, Joi Mahon gave you 35 of her best fitting tips. (If you missed the issue on newsstands, get it here in physical or digital form!) Now get even more in her book Create the Perfect Fit.

“Garment sewers often wonder why their garments do not fit well. This happens because adjusting a single bust, waist or hip measurement is not enough to refine fit. Create the Perfect Fit teaches the method that Joi Mahon uses in the studio every day with her clients and teaches across the country in her design classes. Joi will guide you through evaluating the body, compensating for figure variations, taking extensive measurements and applying them to a commercial pattern to see how these vital pattern adjustments affect fit. Joi then introduces you to various figure types based on previous students’ fit samples and describes what changes were made to the commercial pattern to accommodate each individual’s figure.”

Enter to win a copy of Create the Perfect Fit by commenting below! One winner will be notified by email on Monday morning!

If you’re not chosen to win, buy the book here. It makes a great gift for a sewist friend, or yourself!

Good luck and Happy Friday!


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See it here first–the new Sew News logo!

drum roll please…

The new Sew News logo is here! See it first, before the new issue hits your mailbox!

Last week I shared that we’re redesigning Sew News, and everything starts here with the logo.

SewNewsLogo NoTag See it here first  the new Sew News logo!

You can see that we really amplified the word “SEW.” What I like about it is that it reminds me of the first-ever issues on newsprint. I think it’s more sophisticated and modern. It’s the first element that we changed and really sets the tone for the inside pages and content direction.

Then we added the tagline, which is unchanged from our last redesign. But we added in “Established in 1980″ to really bring home the longevity of the publication.

SewNewsLogo Tag See it here first  the new Sew News logo!So, my friends, what do you think? Once you see this on the cover, you’ll get a clearer picture of how everything will work together. But I couldn’t go sharing everything just yet! Do I have you on pins and needles (pun intended)? I hope so. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks as the month progresses.

Thanks for reading,


Ellen Head shot web friendly 200 See it here first  the new Sew News logo!

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See what’s in the latest Sew News magazine

Maybe because it’s a celebration and all with cake, but this latest Sew New issue is one of our favorites.

SEWP 1503 COVER 500px See whats in the latest Sew News magazineDon’t miss out on this celebratory issue! I’ll give you a peek inside of what we have going on to celebrate our 35 years.

Reader Tips: We’ve got the 35 best of Reader Tips. We’ve got the funny ones, the “why didn’t I think of that” gems plus some that will be sure to surprise you.

35 Must-Know Sewing Terms by Susan Beck. This is great for the beginner sewer in your life. Pass it along!

Fitting FAQ is rocking even more so with expert Rae Cumbie. She’ll tell you how to eliminate armscye folds and more!

We’ve got a great flashback to the 80′s with Katie Vardijan and some adorable Sew News covers from way back when. Don’t miss it! Plus shoulder PADS!

shoulder pads See whats in the latest Sew News magazine

We’re selling hot cakes! Actually, our pincushion cake kit is available at Super cute!

CakeCushion 500px See whats in the latest Sew News magazineRead all about 35 Tools of the Trade by the lovely Rae Cumbie. Who does know a thing or two about tools.

Tune in to the 35 Must-Know Stitches and 35 Fitting Factors from Joi Mahon.

We also have a free skirt pattern available and read all about how to change it up 35 different ways in 35 skirt embellishments on page 68.

skirt 500 See whats in the latest Sew News magazine

Wary of sewing with silk? We have, you guessed it, 35 Sewing Tips for Silk!

35 silk See whats in the latest Sew News magazineGet ready for the Sew Chic Sew Along starting in March, we’ve got the details in the magazine too. You can purchase it now to get started.

sew chic 500 See whats in the latest Sew News magazinePlus, Home Dec Help, Haute Topics and more from your favorite contributors. Don’t miss out, this issue is selling out fast!


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Change is Good!

Hello readers!

I’m happy to say that we’re in the midst of some big changes here at Sew News. We’re redesigning the magazine to bring a whole new look and feel to the pages, and I know you’ll love it as much as I do!

ChangeIs Good Change is Good!

We’re still adding the finishing touches to this work-in-progress project, but you’ll see most of our hard work in the April/May issue, on newsstands March 17. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll see it even sooner and you may wonder, “What’s this magazine in my mailbox?” That’s how dramatic the change is. But I assure you that the same great content, if not better, is inside.

Throughout the year, I’ve been encouraging you to send in your feedback to let us know what you like, dislike and want to see more of in the pages of Sew News. We’ve received some great letters, emails and Facebook comments and have used it all to fuel our discussions pertaining to these changes.

I really want to make sure your voice is heard and that you continue to receive the magazine you know and trust. So please help by completing this survey. I won’t lie–it’s not the shortest survey in the world (it will take 15 minutes to complete). But I wanted to include anything and everything to learn more about you and be able to provide you with the content you desire most. After all, you’re the reason we’re here and the reason we get to do what we love every day.

As with anything, change is often difficult to accept. But I have a feeling you’ll love what you see and agree that this change is good! I’ll be posting more teasers to bring you sneak peeks during the month of February, so check back here frequently for an inside look at what we’ve been up to.

Thank you for your loyalty and honesty.


Ellen March



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Doll Couture – Making your own doll clothes & dolls

Many girls learn to sew by making doll clothes. I think most of us had a favorite doll or two growing up and if we sewed we made our favorites cute outfits. My grandmother made one of my favorite dolls and she made a closet full of clothes for her. When I learned how to sew I had so much fun making clothes for her.

doll clothes post Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dollsMaking doll clothes is a great way to learn techniques that will server a young sewer well in to the future.

Did you make doll clothes or did you have a grandparent or relative make them? I was looking through these doll books and thought this would be such a great introduction for someone just starting to sew, or for anyone who loves making dolls and doll clothes.

To be entered to win this collection leave me a comment about your favorite doll growing up, or if you like to make dolls and doll clothes.

I would love to hear!

One winner will be picked on Monday January 26!

head shot200 Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dollssignautre 200 Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dolls

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Become a Sulky certified instructor!

Become a Sulky® Online Certified Instructor!

Sulky no exp 450x300 Become a Sulky certified instructor!

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, this course gives you

  • 10 amazing projects that teach you over 65 Machine Art Techniques
  • Video instruction by highly skilled, enthusiastic, National Sulky Educators
  • Access for 3 months to download all course materials and videos, and watch them for as long as you like
  • Access to communicate for 3 months with the Sulky faculty who will be available to answer any question you might have about projects, patterns and teaching methods
  • Learn how to understand threads and stabilizers: where, when, why and how to use them

This course is a fantastic opportunity to take your sewing to the next level too!

But if you’re interested in using your skills to start a business, or even just make a little extra money, you’ll also get

  • Downloadable Certification Manual which includes a comprehensive, tried and true curriculum, lesson plans, reproducible class handouts, full color photos which show you step-by-step how to create each project, plus Sewing and Business Education
  • An official Sulky® Certified Teacher Certificate
  • Training on the Business of Teaching: Marketing and Promoting Classes

TCLogo TCwtag Become a Sulky certified instructor!


  • Discover where to teach
  • Learn about class pricing suggestions
  • Learn about kit fees & class policies
  • Master teacher preparation




The Details

  1. This is course is a three month class. This is not a 3 day course but 3 MONTHS of quality instruction. Classes run February 2nd  – May 1, 2015.
  2. You can take the classes in the comfort of you home. No traveling and having to haul supplies!
  3. Video instruction by the top professionals in their field.
  4. The classes are live &  you can ask questions just as you would in a regular classroom setting.
  5. Comprehensive, tried and true curriculum, lesson plans, reproducible class handouts, full color photos which show you step-by-step how to create each project, plus Sewing and Business Education.
  6. The Sulky brand, name and company is a highly valued  leader in the sewing, quilting and machine embroidery world.
  7. Also included is instruction on how to teach others sewing and quilting.
  8. Last but not least if you register now you get $100.00 off the course fee (full price is $499.00)! Coupon code is SN100. Use this code at checkout, but hurry seats are filling up fast.

Here is how to get started!

Go to Craft Online University to sign up. 

When ready to register use the discount code SN100.

And, you will be on your way to becoming a certified Sulky® Educator! Share your passion and teach others!

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