Sew News Shopping Guide!

I asked Sew News readers and fans what they most wanted to appear in their holiday stockings. To make it easy on whoever is playing Santa this year I’ve compiled a list of “Must-haves!” based on your wishes (Sorry, Jamie but I can’t help you with a ‘new man’) Send this shopping list to Santa!

SEWNEWSSHOPPINGGUIDE 682x1024 Sew News Shopping Guide!

Olfa Rotary Cutter

The original cutter that started it all! Back in 1979, a revolution began as quilters traded scissors for rotary cutters. The Olfa cutter that has stood the test of time is available here in sizes from 18mm for trimming seams and doing intricate cutting to the 60mm for cutting up to eight layers of fabrics.

rotary cutter Sew News Shopping Guide!Wonder Clips 

Hold your material without pins while sewing!
Great for organizing and holding together sets of strips, squares or appliques. Keep your binding in place while stitching using these tiny (1″-long) plastic flat-bottom clips with 1/2″ and 1/2″ seam markings. This fifty-piece set comes in a plastic storage case. Come in packs of 30 or 50.

wonderclips Sew News Shopping Guide!

Bobbin Buddies

Keep thread tails under control with Bobbin Buddies. Just slip one over a bobbin and it won’t unwind even if you drop it. Set of 24.

bobbine buddies Sew News Shopping Guide!

Clover Mini Iron

With new temperature controls and redesigned handle, the Mini Iron II is better than ever! The new slide-switch settings are convenient and easier to work with. Use the five special interchangeable tips for quilting, sewing and crafting, doll making and stenciling.

mini iron Sew News Shopping Guide!Smart Iron by Oliso

Thanks to Oliso’s award-winning iTouch® technology, the TG1050 Steam Iron prevents scorching, accidental tipping and burns. It makes quick work of laundry piles and, best of all, reduces strain on wrists and shoulders caused by repetitive lifting. 1600 watts and powerful steam make this a perfect tool for pressing garments and other sewing projects.

oliso Sew News Shopping Guide!Swatch Buddies

One reader thought this would be a great stocking stuffer to control her stash. Swatch Buddies save time and money – buy the right fabric the first time. Create swatches in seconds, just affix labels to the back of the card. Fan cards to compare one or more swatches for flawless comparisons. Any way to get organized is good!

swatch buddies Sew News Shopping Guide!

Happy Holidays and stay tuned from more shopping guides and inspiration from Sew News!

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Fast Gift Idea From Disney Frozen© No-Sew Blanket Kits

As the holidays get closer, I have been trying to figure out what do to for my two nieces. Both are under the age of four are Disney Frozen© obsessed!

I have been told that they don’t need any more toys. So what am I to do? Luckily, children love their blankets. And what’s better than a Frozen blanket?!  I don’t think there is anything better unless I was to give them a real life Elsa and Anna.

We all know that’s not possible without a trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld so the next best thing I can do is give them something to snuggle up to.

With the Disney Frozen© No-Sew Sisterly Love Fleece Blanket Kit I can either make it for them ahead of time or make it into a fun project to do with them.

sisters no sewLQK1594.jpg 550x0 Fast Gift Idea From Disney Frozen© No Sew Blanket Kits Plus, you can get the sisters or you can pick goofy Olaf for someone to snuggle up to. These are fabric and color exclusive from Fons & Porter!

olaf no swLQK1595.jpg 550x0 Fast Gift Idea From Disney Frozen© No Sew Blanket Kits All this project takes is a simple lesson of tying knots. I think I can get the three-year-old into it, but I may make the two-year-old’s before hand. Done and done! Almost effortless.

If you are looking for a more traditional type quilt, where sewing is involved check out the kits below.

This one is my favorite.

LQK1564.jpg 550x0 Fast Gift Idea From Disney Frozen© No Sew Blanket Kits Or have fun picking out Disney Frozen © themed fabric and make something completely yours. Kits range in sizes from 74″x82″ to 48″x60″.

Either way, I hope all of you and the little ones in your life stay warm and happy this holiday season.

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Robson Coat Sew-Along Starts Soon! Sew up the coat and be entered to win!

We’ve had so much fun with these sew-alongs over the past year. We saved the most ambitious pattern for last.

The classic Robson Coat from Sewaholic Patterns is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It has all that delicious tailoring details but with a decidely feminine look. We are sure you are going to love this coat. Nice to wear during the change of seasons in a tradition alfabric. However, in the right luxe fabric this coat would look smashing as a holiday coat with dressy details. Robson Coat 682x1024 Robson Coat Sew Along Starts Soon! Sew up the coat and be entered to win!Since this is our last sew along of the year we decided to sweeten the pot a little. For one lucky winner we’ve got a great prize. First a HD OttLite and Craft Caddy plus 6 sewing and craft books. One small catch and that is you have to join the sew along and make up the Robson Coat. One winner will be picked in January (date TBD, but don’t worry I’ll give everyone enough time to complete the coat). And, who knows I may just keep adding a little sweetener to that pot. Stay tuned!

The sew along starts on December 1. So pick up a pattern today and then get thee to a fabric store and find that perfect fabric. You can also pick up the magazine where this is featured and read more details on the coat and the sew along.

Join Flickr to show off your good taste and amazing sewing skills and then meet back here on December 1!

Leave me any questions below!

giveaway Robson Coat Sew Along Starts Soon! Sew up the coat and be entered to win!



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Winners of the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Blog Hop 2014

What a fun holiday blog hop! And,  you guys were hoppin’!icecream 682x1024 Winners of the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Blog Hop 2014

Be sure to check all the blogs stops for winner announcements.

The Sew News Blog Stop Winner is Dawn D!

The Creative Machine Embroidery Blog Stop Winner is Michele T!

I will be in touch with you shortly to tell you how to claim your prize.

Thanks everyone for the great comments!

Sew News
McCall’s Quilting
Fons & Porter
Quilting Daily
Quilter’s Newsletter
Quilters Club of America
Creative Machine Embroidery

~ All names were picked using


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Meet The Designer Sharon Madsen!

Sharon Madsen has the distinction of being the Sew It All contributor that has been in the most issues. You can find her fun projects in every issue of Sew It All except for Volumes 1 and 2. To say we love Sharon’s fashionable take on sewing is an understatement.

Meet The Designer 682x1024 Meet The Designer Sharon Madsen!

I was excited to ‘talk’ with Sharon and see what makes her so crazy about sewing. Read on for more fun stuff on Sharon and be sure to answer the question to be entered into Sew News Oct/Nov issue Meet The Designer prize pack. Don’t forget to take a sneak peek at all are fun goodies that are coming in the next issue of Sew News, hitting newsstands December 18th!

~ Let’s have Sharon take it away ~

Where do you live/from? Are your surroundings inspiring?

Born and raised (mostly) in Minnesota – or MinneSNOWta as some of my friends who live in warmer climates like to say (with an evil laugh). Yes, it’s true we do get a lot of snow. But it’s not true that we talk like the characters in Fargo, ‘don’t cha know’.

Can you give us a little background on how/why you got started sewing and creating.  You betcha! (ha,ha) I come from a family where artistic pursuits were always encouraged—painting, drawing, music, dance, poetry— you name it and someone in my family had the talent. At age 8, my soon-to-be aunt spent a day teaching me to sew, everything from a visit to the fabric store to going home with a finished dress. I was hooked!  Since no one else in my family sewed, I ended up teaching myself (with many hilarious mistakes along the way). By my early teens I was sewing most of my family’s wardrobe and started a business selling doll clothing. Over the years I also received a bit of criticism from those who learned to sew “by the rules” as I haven’t always done things “the right way”. But I learned to shake it off as I only sew for the enjoyment it brings to me. The time I spend sewing has ebbed and flowed over the years but not my love for the artistic pursuit.

Is there an area of crafting, sewing etc that you would like to explore more?

There is so much more I would like to learn that I don’t even know how to pick one.  Of course finding the time is always the challenging part.

How has technology improved your creating life/work efforts? Is there some area of technology that you’ve had to adapt to, or maybe don’t care for.

Technology forced me to become better at my craft partially because I didn’t want to embarrass myself when I began posting my sewing projects on my blog back in 2006!  Technology has also made it much easier to learn new techniques, to find inspiration and to connect with others who share the same passion.  I have sewing friends all over the world that I have yet to meet in real life due to technology.

What is your conception process for a design or project? Do you sketch it out, go straight to the machine, take a photo etc.

I sketch. I have a stack of notebooks filled with ideas, some have come to fruition, others not yet. I keep a notebook with me at all times because I never know when inspiration may strike—the shape of a cloud, a detail on someone’s outfit, the color combination of the junk mail pile—an idea can pop into my head anywhere. I even keep a notebook  near my bed because sometimes ideas appear in my dreams.

What other creative endeavors do you engage in?

Does making up excuses to not exercise count as a creative endeavor?

What has been your (to date) greatest/proudest achievement in the creative world? Being a guest on Sew It All

What would be a dream project, commission or book project for you?

Like many others who sew, I have an idea for a book that I’d like to pitch… the idea is not fully hatched but of course it is related to sewing.

Answer – If I won the lottery….

Tithe to my church, share with my family, pay off the bills, quit my job, volunteer at an animal shelter  and buy myself a top of the line sewing machine!

What do you do when you are not at your sewing machine?

During the day I work as a communications manager for a small city. I also teach a few Zumba and REFIT dance fitness classes.  Other things I enjoy include baking, reading, hiking, and spending time with family, including my two spoiled dogs.

Any tips you’d like to share with the Sew News readers on sewing, creating or inspiration?

Sew things that make you happy. Don’t obsess over sewing “mistakes”, it happens to us all and it’s just part of the learning process. Seek out people and resources to help you learn (you know, like Sew News!). Give yourself permission to stop working on projects that aren’t going as planned and to celebrate the ones that do.

Be sure to follow Sharon at one or all of these social media avenues for more of her take on sewing and creating.


Instagram: SharonSews


Prize Pack  682x1024 Meet The Designer Sharon Madsen! Question for you, dear readers. What do you love to do besides sewing? What other hobbies do you engage in? One commenter will be picked on Friday November 7th!


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Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving – Join the Holiday Blog Tour

Today is the kick off of the Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Blog Hop. Hop along to all the blogs listed at the end of the post for great ideas for quilters and sewers to make holiday gift giving extra special this year. Plus make a comment at the end of this post to win a lovely book on quilted gifts from Yoko Saito. More on that in a bit!

ho ho blog Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving    Join the Holiday Blog Tour I am primarily a garment sewer, but when Christmas rolls around I love taking a break from sewing clothes to make cute, easy quilted gifts for family and friends. Today I have found wonderful gift ideas for you to make and bonus! they won’t take a huge amount of time.

If you are a quilter then making quilted gifts will be a snap. For those new to quilting techniques these small quilted projects are a great way to easy into larger more complicated projects.

A spot-on gift for a new quilter or sewer is the book Quick Quilt Projects With Jelly Rools, Fat Quarters, Honeybuns and Layer Cakes. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Darlene Zimmerman walks you through all the steps to make fun, fast quilted gifts and projects  that won’t take but an afternoon.

quick quilt projects Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving    Join the Holiday Blog Tour If you’ve been reading my blogs you know I love bags. This project is a great stash buster for any type of sewer. The Scrap Happy Tote from Amanda Jean Nyberg is the perfect bag for crafters, sewers, knitters or quilters. You can get the pattern for this today and be done in a weekend!

scrap happy purse  Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving    Join the Holiday Blog Tour Place mats are another easy quilted gift, especially nice for a housewarming gift or for newlyweds on their first Christmas together. So romantic. Check out the kit here, it’s so sweet.

placemats  Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving    Join the Holiday Blog Tour Speaking of sweets, add some whimsical touches to holiday projects you are working on now with the CME Christmas Goodies Embroidery Collection. Purchase the entire collection or start out with the FREE cupcake design to get started.

Cupcake 200 Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving    Join the Holiday Blog Tour Give the gift of knowledge.  Give a subscription to Craft Daily videos and let a friend learn from the pros on all types of sewing and quilting techniques and projects.

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 11.51.33 AM Easy Quilted Gifts for Holiday Gift Giving    Join the Holiday Blog Tour

Here is the schedule for the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Blog Tour. Check out each blogger for a chance to win prizes and more gift ideas for the seamstress or quilter in your life (or maybe you!).

Sat. Nov. 1 – Sew News
Sunday, Nov. 2 – McCall’s Quilting
Monday, Nov. 3 – Fons & Porter
Tuesday, Nov. 4 – Quilting Daily
Wednesday, Nov. 5 – Quilter’s Newsletter
Thursday, Nov. 6 – Quilters Club of America
Friday, Nov. 7 – Quiltmaker
Saturday, Nov. 8 – Creative Machine Embroidery

Tell me what you think makes a great gift for quilters and sewers. Do you like making hand made gifts for family and friends? Enter a comment and one winner will be picked on Monday November 10. Plus, be sure to read the Creative Machine Embroidery blog for another great list of gift ideas and a chance to win a prize!

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Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

It’s not too late to make a great costume! Freezer paper stencils, fabric paint and a little ingenuity are all you need to put together a quick and fun Halloween outfit.

Get Your Boo On Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer PaperFreezer paper stencils are easy to make and can spice up a T-shirt easily. Use glow-in-the-dark paint to add a ghost to a shirt and you’ll be the smash of the party lights on or off. Create a stencil to mimic a super hero’s costume and you’re ready to step out as a caped crusader. All you need is a little stencil know-how.

Freezer Paper 101

Shirts1 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Freezer paper has two sides

Freezer paper has two sides, a shiny side coated with wax and a paper side. The shiny side will adhere to the fabric when heat is applied. Draw designs on the paper side; lettering won’t need to be reversed.

Adhere the freezer paper to a shirt or other fabric using a hot dry iron. Don’t run the iron across the freezer paper, press and hold for 10 seconds before moving on to another section. Be sure to press the edges of the stencil where the paint will be applied twice to ensure they set correctly.

To create a costume in a jiffy seek out fabric paint that dries in just a few hours. Check paint labels to confirm drying time and fabric prep.

Pumpkin T-Shirt Costume


  • One T-shirt in your size
  • One T-shirt two (or more) sizes larger
  • Freezer paper
  • Fabric paint
  • Foam brush or bristled paint brush
  • Coordinating thread
  • Newspaper

Stencil Time

Cut a piece of freezer paper to span the width of the smaller shirt’s chest, place it shiny side down on your work surface.

Shirts2 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Draw a fun pumpkin face for your costume

Draw out a pumpkin face. Much like when carving a pumpkin, the portions of the freezer paper you remove will be black. Remember to draw your design planning for paint to appear wherever you draw openings. Cut out the stencil and place it on the larger shirt.

Shirts3 e1414695818912 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Line up the stencil on your shirt

Measure the stencil’s upper edge and mark the center. Line this mark up with the center of the larger shirt’s collar. Place the stencil about halfway down the shirt.

Shirts4 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Press the stencil using high heat

Once the stencil is in place, heat the iron to high heat and turn off the steam function. I cut out my stencil with very little room on the lower edge. I added a layer of freezer paper to help keep the paint from getting on the shirt. Press the stencil onto the shirt by placing the iron down, holding it for 10 seconds and then picking the iron up and pressing it down again in a different spot. Don’t run the iron across the stencil as this may cause bubbles to form or the stencil to shift. Allow the fabric to cool.

Shirts5 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Paint your stencil

Place a piece of cardboard under the stencil, between the shirt front and back layers. This will keep the paint from bleeding through to the shirt’s back. Squeeze a bit of paint onto a paper plate. Carefully paint the stencil’s open areas. Don’t glob the paint on unless you want an uneven finish to your shirt. Bear in mind, the thicker the paint the longer it will take to dry. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Shirts6 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Admire your stencil’s work.

Carefully peel the freezer paper from the shirt. The stencil should keep the paint from bleeding through the edges. However, if this did occur, use a small paint brush and a wee bit of paint to smooth out any sloppy lines. Allow the new paint to dry.

Sew That Pumpkin

Shirts7 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Place the larger shirt inside the smaller shirt. The larger shirt’s right side should be touching the smaller shirt’s wrong side. Align the collar and shoulder seams. Smooth out the back of the larger shirt along the smaller shirt’s hem, pinning the two hems together as you go. By doing so, you will push all the excess fabric to the shirt’s front.

Shirts8 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Pin the pleats as though you’re making inverted pleats, once turned right side out the pleats will be box pleats

To fold the excess fabric into the smaller shirt’s hem, create two box pleats using the larger shirt’s excess fabric. Pin the pleats as though you’re making inverted pleats, once turned right side out a box pleat will form. Place the box pleats to either side of the stencil. Stitch along the shirt’s hem.

Shirts9 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Turn the shirts right side out

Turn the shirts right side out, tucking the smaller shirt inside the larger shirt. Align the collars and shoulder seams.

Pin the two sleeve seams together and create a box pleat on the sleeve upper edge. Stitch around the sleeve’s lower edge. Repeat to finish the remaining sleeve.

Shirts10 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Create box pleats on the sleeves as well

Shirts11 e1414696227658 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

Stuff with news paper or fiber fill

Stuff wadded up newspaper between the two shirts and into the sleeves. Stuff until the pumpkin reaches your ideal roundness. Wear this pumpkin shirt with black or green leggings for a fun night out trick-or-treating.

ShirtsMain e1414695675634 768x1024 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Using Freezer Paper

A Quick and Easy Halloween Costume

Besides the time waiting for the paint to dry, this project should only require an hour to complete. So what are you waiting for? Grab some freezer paper and get to stitching!

Be sure to send your costume sewing project pictures to the Sew News Flickr group.  We’d love to see what you’re making this year!

Be sure to check out Sew News for more fun projects, tips and great contributors!


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Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

We have a fun blog post from contributor Jessie. We can’t let the humans have all the fun, whip up a super cute doggie costume for Halloween this year and see your treats double!

Be sure to check out all the Sew News freebies from current and past issues.

DogMain 1024x1024 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Make an easy dog costume!

Don’t leave your best friend out of the fun on Halloween night. Stitch up a quick and fun skeleton costume out of an old T-shirt and felt and send Fido out to haunt the night.


  • 1 Black T-shirt {size determined by dog}
  • One 8 1/2”x11” piece of white craft felt
  • One 3/4” piece of 5/8” sew on hook-and-loop tape
  • Coordinating all-purpose thread
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Newspaper
  • Tailor’s chalk (optional)

Measure Your Mutt

To find a shirt that will fit your dog, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and the length of his/her back. Compare the neck measurement to the collar of an old T-shirt. The ideal shirt will have a collar that fit’s the neck measurement and the shirt’s length will fall long enough to be trimmed to your dog’s back length. Don’t fret if you can’t find a shirt to meet these specifics, seek out a shirt that’s a little too large and sew it to size. For this skeleton costume a black shirt works best.

Try the shirt on your dog, pull the collar to fit your dog’s neck mark with chalk or very carefully with a pin.

Mark just before the hind legs of your dog to indicate where the shirt’s lower edge should fall. The shirt shouldn’t hinder the dog’s ability to walk, cutting it before the hind legs will keep your pup trotting happily.

Pull any excess fabric in the chest and body area together, mark.

Carefully remove the shirt from the dog.

Start Cutting

Dog1 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Remove all extraneous shirt parts.

Begin by removing any unnecessary shirt parts such as long sleeves.

The shirt I found had a large image on the front that I didn’t want, so I cut it off. By doing so, I also created an open chest area that I completed with closure bones and was able to fit the shirt to my dog better. If the shirt you’re working with is plain black and isn’t too big for your dog, you may not need to cut the shirt front out. Though, it will be easier to sew the bones onto the shirt back should you elect to cut open the front.

Dog2 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

The blue pin shows where the collar fits my dog best, the pink pin is 1/2” away to allow for a 1/2” seam allowance.

Place the shirt on a work surface with the collar flattened. Measure 1/2” from the collar mark or pin, mark.

Dog3 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Cut out the shirt’s front.

Cut along the mark 2” into the shirt’s body. Proceed to remove the excess shirt in the chest area, adding 1/2” seam allowance to the original marks.

If you would like to create an open chest with bone closures, remove up to 2 1/2” additional between the sleeve seams and 3 1/2” additional in the remaining T-shirt body.

Dog4 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Cut the hem off to create a shorter shirt for your pooch

Lay the shirt flat on a work surface, measure across the shirt’s lower edge, making sure your original marks are an even line. Trim 1/4” from the original marks to allow the fabric to roll up. If you prefer to hem the lower edge, cut 1/2” from the original marks.

Bone Business

Dog5 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Cut out bones from the craft felt.

Download the Dog Skeleton Template and print. Increase or decrease the template’s size to fit the size of your dog. Consider adding more ribs if your dog is larger, or even draw up a pelvis to add into the bone mix. Cut out all dog bones from the white felt.

Dog6 e1414433421310 768x1024 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Take a picture of the bone lay out before proceeding to the next step

Lay the bones out on the T-shirt as indicated in the image above. Snap a quick picture to recall the layout. Spread newspaper over the work surface. Flip the bones over and place on the newspaper. Following the manufacturer’s instruction’s spray the bones with temporary spray adhesive. Return the bones to the shirt, referring to the photo for placement guidelines.

Dog7 e1414433530374 768x1024 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Stitch the bones to the shirt.

Stitch the bones to the shirt using a straight stitch.

Dog8 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Stitch the collar closed.

Using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew the collar right sides together. Press the seam open. If you prefer to not create a bone closure, sew down the shirt front’s length.

Dog9 1024x768 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Pin the hook-and-loop tape to the closure bones.

Pin the hook-and-loop tape to the closure bones’ straight edges. The smaller bone will close the space between the sleeve seams and the larger bone will close the chest. Stitch the hook-and-loop tape to the bones.

Dog10 e1414433722284 768x1024 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Stitch the bone closures to the shirt to complete this costume

Pin the smaller bone to the sleeve seams, allowing for 1/2” overlap of T-shirt fabric and felt. Stitch the bone to the shirt using a straight stitch. Proceed to stitch the opposite bone, aligning the hook-and-loop tape to ensure that the pieces will meet up nicely. Attach the second bone closure 2” below the first.

Hem the T-shirt lower edge if you want, though the knit won’t unravel and should roll up just a bit.

Dog11 e1414433799550 768x1024 Make a costume for the family pet + Download the FREE templates!

Bedeck your dog in this skeleton costume for a barkingly good time!

Upload pictures of your pooch all dressed up for Halloween to the Sew News Reader Flickr group. We’d love to see what you’re stitching!



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Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along

It has been a lot of fun working on the ithinksew Emily Bag. We hope you were able to make the bag at home or bookmark the Sew News Blog for future reference. Let’s have Rhonda get started on the final week of the Emily Bag!

emily bag 6001 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along I hope your bags are coming along nicely. We are now in the final stretch, just a few customizing details to add and our bags will be finished.

Last week’s video covered attaching the magnetic snap, so this week, I will just briefly go over it once again.

There is a marking on the pattern for the magnetic snap. Transfer the marking to the lining of the bag.

With the first bag that I made, I used a fusible cotton interfacing. To give a little extra security to the snap, I added an extra small square of interfacing just behind the snap.

photo 38 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongI used a fusible fleece to interface the bag that I made for the sew along. Since the fleece has more body, I did not add a piece of interfacing to reinforce the back of the snap.

Make 2 small snips on either side of the center of the magnetic snap backing. Once the 2 small snips have been made, simply push the prongs of the snap through, place the snap backing over the prongs and push the prongs out.

photo 39 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongDo the same to the other side of the bag and your magnetic snap will be securely in place.

photo 40 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongOnce the handles have been sewn together, place them in the center of the strap area and baste in place. Match the lining to the bag with right sides together and stitch around the top of the bag. If by chance you did not leave an opening in the lining to turn the bag, just open 1 of the seams of the lining enough to turn.

photo 411 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongBe sure to clip the seam around the top of the bag. You’ll notice that the seam is curved. So if the seam is clipped, the seam will lay flatter once it is pressed. You will also need to clip the corners by the handles.

Once the lining has been turned to the inside of the bag, simply stitch the opening closed. I stitched mine closed by hand as the fusible fleece is a little bulky, but if you used a cotton interfacing, you can stitch the opening closed on the machine.

photo 42 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongTo give the bag a little more structure, I made a hard bottom using chip board. Chip board can be found at an art supply store. It comes in large sheets and it is perfect for creating a hard bottom to a bag. It comes in 2 weights. Buy the heavier weight. Even with the heavier weight, I used 2 pieces of the board.

To cut the board, you will need to use an exacto knife or a sharp razor blade. Be careful of your fingers!!! Use the pattern that you made for the bottom of the bag, but remember to trim off the seam allowances.

photo 43 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongOnce the boards have been cut, cut a piece of fabric that is long enough to go around the boards and wide enough to have a seam allowance on either end. Sew a seam down the middle of the fabric making a pocket that the boards will slide into. Sew one end of the pocket and turn to the right side.

photo 44 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongPush the boards into the pocket. Turn the other end of the pocket in against the board and hand stitch it closed.

photo 45 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongBag feet make a lovely addition to this bag and give it a high end look. Bag feet are available at your local fabric store.

Using my clear ruler, I measured in 1″ from both sides of the bottom of my bag. Place a mark at this point and then punch a hole with your seam ripper or your scissors. Push the prongs of the foot through the hole. Do this on all 4 corners of the bag.

photo 46 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongThe feet prongs are pushed through the outside of the bag as well as the lining. Remember, we have made a removable hard bottom that will cover the prongs on the inside of the bag.Just like the magnetic snap, the bag feet have a backing piece. Lay the backing over the prongs and then push the prongs to either side.

photo 47 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongThe feet are in place.

photo 48  Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along

The finished bag. Ready for a day of shopping!!!

photo 49 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along Check out the video below. Click on the image to view.

Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 10.07.26 AM Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongI hope you have enjoyed the sew along and I hope you have found a new favorite bag pattern. Be sure to check out the other patterns that are available on the IThinkSew website. There are a number of wonderful bag patterns and they also have lots of other fun easy patterns that I think you’ll enjoy. They have sales from time to time, so you might want to sign up for their email alerts.

Once you’ve finished your bag, be sure to upload a picture to the Emily Bag Flickr page. I would love to see your creations. I would also like to showcase your designs on my blog in an upcoming post, so get busy!!!

Our next sew along is going to be coming up shortly and I know you are going to enjoy it. Just to tempt you a bit, it’s a coat!!! So watch the Sew News blog for more info soon!

Until then,

Sew On!!!

Rhonda Buss





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Make A Duct Tape Dummy

Have you always wanted to make a duct tape dress form? Duct tape dress forms in my opinion are far superior to store bought. A duct tape dummy will be a near exact copy of your body and dimensions. It’s great tool for fitting garments and it’s much cheaper than store bought. With instructor Tish Gance and you can now make your own beautiful duct tape dummy.

I’ve always wanted to do this but was a little intimidated by it all. But, Tish will walk you through the entire process, and you can’t help but feel more confident about doing it yourself, especially with the video. You can always start and stop at any time, go back to catch a detail you missed.

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 11.49.52 AM Make A Duct Tape Dummy

It should go without saying, but you will need a sewing buddy to do this and just a few basic supplies + lots of duct tape. Tish has been making these for herself and for clients for several years and knows all the ins and outs of what makes a successful ‘dummy’.

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 11.49.29 AM Make A Duct Tape Dummy

Watch a preview for How to Make Your Own Duct Tape Dummy and you get a sample of what you will learn in this video class. The Make Your Own Duct Tape Dummy class is just over an hour and shows you all that you will need in ways of supplies, tips on how to get a perfect duct tape dummy and expert guidance from Tish Gance who just so happens to know a thing or two about duct tape and dummies.

I would love to know if you take this class what you thought of seeing yourself in duct tape and how it turned out!

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 11.51.33 AM Make A Duct Tape Dummy

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