Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout – Fabrics and Prep

Thanks for joining the Sew News Pepernoot Sew Along! If you haven’t yet be sure to get your pattern, there’s still time to join along. Plus, not only do we have Rhonda Buss fearlessly leading the way to a wonderful coat. We also have local sewing star Sadie Fox instructing students in making this coat in her Denver studio. Follow her on Instagram as they show off their progress.

Pepernoot Sew Along Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and PrepAt long last, the Waffle Patterns Pepernoot Coat Sew Along begins!!! For those of you who have decided to join in, you are going to be so very happy with your new coat.

The Pepernoot Coat is such a versatile pattern and can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses. Depending upon your fabric choice, maybe a lovely quilted satin, the coat would also look perfect over an evening gown.

The pattern is listed as being for an advanced level sewist. Thanks to the beautifully illustrated instructions, and this sew along, the coat goes together quite easily. If you are early in your sewing career, and like the coat, by all means, give it a try. The center zipper application may seem a little daunting, but it really isn’t. My only recommendation would be to practice inserting the zipper in the pockets prior to the final application. If you feel that the zipper is just too much, I will include a tutorial on making a welt pocket as well as a patch pocket, so we’ll have an option for everyone.

Waffle Patterns are downloadable PDF patterns. Once you purchase the pattern, you will be sent a file that will include a print at home option as well as a copy shop version. The copy shop version is wonderful, just download it to a stick, take it to your copy shop and have the pattern printed on their large scale printer. No taping multiple pages together!!!

One thing to keep in mind is that Waffle Patterns are layered, so you can actually choose the exact size, or sizes that you would like prior to printing. I’ve included a short video that I did which explains the process.

Screen Shot 2016 03 08 at 10.43.30 AM Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

Prior to downloading the pattern, pay close attention to the size chart. Keep in mind that this is a coat, so not a tight fitting garment, but there is a considerable amount of ease included in the pattern.

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

 You will notice that the pattern calls for zipper sizes that may be a little difficult to find. For the pocket, I used a 5″ zipper. Worked perfectly.

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep


The pattern also calls for a 27 1/2″ zipper which can also be difficult to find. For those of you in the Untied States, I purchased my zipper at JoAnn Fabrics. This is a wonderful zipper, when zipped, it has a flat finish, so the teeth are not visible from the top side.


 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

The teeth are only visible from the back side of the zipper.

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

As you can see in the picture below, there is ample room left at the bottom of the coat for a longer zipper, so a 28″ zipper will work just fine. No reason at all to have a zipper custom made.

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

When choosing fabrics, think about how you would like to wear the coat, and of course the climate that you live in. The coat that I made for the magazine is made from Home Dec fabric, and lined in a fun piece of silk.

 The pattern offers lots of options for customizing. There are front and back yokes as well as a sleeve tab that can be accented with piping.

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

Yuki, the talented designer behind Waffle Patterns included this sketch with fabric choices. Take note that the faux leather was used to line the hood and accent the yokes. The yokes are further accented with the quilted fabric, which was also used to line the jacket. And finally, the hood is trimmed in faux fur.

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep


A sew along participant sent in her fabric choices, a beautiful mottled wool which she will accent with the faux. leather. The coat will be further accented by her spot on silk lining. A perfect coordinate!

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

 When choosing your lining, once again, think about how and when you will be wearing your coat. If wearing the coat in winter and in a colder climate, you may opt for a quilted lining. If you will be wearing the coat as a spring coat, by all means go for a fun piece of silk as I did! Totally unexpected!

 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep

 If you have not purchased your pattern, you can find it HERE at Shop Sew It All.

 Even if you don’t make the coat, be sure to tune in each week as we’ll have a number of tutorials that I think you’ll find interesting not only for this project but other projects that you might be working on.

I’m especially excited about getting started on my new jacket! I have been wearing the coat and receive compliments everywhere I go. Next week I will reveal my fabric choice for the sew along. All I’ll say now is that it’s super special and very unexpected!!!

Until next time,

Sew On!

Rhonda Buss

Sew Bussted Facebook



 Pepernoot Sew Along: Week 1 Layout   Fabrics and Prep
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Crafters’ Blog Hop! Get Inspired –

Today is the kick off of the Crafters’ Blog Hop. Hop along to all the blogs listed at the end of the post for great ideas for quilters, knitters, crocheters, beaders, embroidery lovers and of course seamstresses. Plus make a comment at the end of this post to win a lovely craft book gift pack. More on that in a bit!

In case you were unaware, March is National Craft Month. We unfortunately don’t get the entire month off to sew (don’t worry, I’m lobbying Congress to get that fixed) but Craft Month has forced me to think more about the crafty side of sewing.

Craft Blog hop SN  Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   I am primarily a garment sewer, but I love taking a break from sewing clothes to make cute, easy projects for myself. Here are a few beads and things I’ve saved and collected over the years.

One of my secret hobbies is beading and making fun jewelery. Like any good fabric hoarder, I do indeed covet a number of different beads and baubles in my sewing room too.

And, this is a project I am working on for a bracelet. Aren’t these fun!

IMG 53431 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired

As part of my indoctrination in to all things sewing my grandma would take me to button shows and button shops when I was a kid. I still go to local button shows and pick up unique, generally inexpensive buttons to use in projects.  I picked up some black and orange buttons with metal keys in them. They weren’t expensive, perfect for making a bracelet. And, here is a tutorial on how to make one yourself.

Button Bracelet Tutorial

Use your extra, mismatched or specialty buttons to make a one-of-a-kind button bracelet.

IMG 4455 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Materials Needed

IMG 4454 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired

  1. Chain link bracelet with or without clasp
  2. Assorted buttons with shank attached
  3. Jump rings in matching color to chain link bracelet
  4. Jewelry pliers

button back completed  1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Display the chosen buttons on a table and experiment with layout and color combinations. For a really dense bracelet plan on placing one button on per link. For a less dense bracelet place buttons every three or more links alternating sides of chain.

IMG 4457 1024x529 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Take the chain link and measure where you will need it to fit comfortably on your wrist. Mark with a bit of scotch tape.

T0 shorten the length on the bracelet simply remove the necessary links from the chain.

Once the layout has been determined take one jump ring and using the pliers gently, with a slight twisting  motion spread the ring open.

IMG 4458 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Thread it through the shank of the first button. Next, thread the opened jump ring with the button on it through the chain link and pinch the jump ring closed with the pliers.

IMG 4459 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Jump ring attached to bracelet chain.

IMG 4461 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Alternate sides when attaching the buttons. Do this until all the buttons you have chosen are on the chain link. If you don’t like they way it’s looking you can easily remove the jump ring and re-attach.

Here is the back side of an bracelet I made earlier. This one is quite dense with a button on every ring.

IMG 4456 1024x768 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   When all the buttons are on the chain link, wrap the bracelet across your wrist to make sure the buttons and placement are to your liking. Check to make sure it’s comfortable and if it’s the appropriate length.  If not make adjustments now. To secure with a clasp follow the same procedure as attaching the jump rings.

The chain links come in a variety of finishes such as black, copper toned, patina, silver and ‘antique’.

IMG 4476 1024x780 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired   Once you make one bracelet you’ll never look at lost and mismatched buttons in the same way. This bracelet could easily be made into a necklace.

If you are a quilter then making quilted crafts is a great way to blow through your stash. And, making crafty stuff takes no time at all. Plus, for intermediate quilters these projects will be a snap. For those new to quilting techniques these small quilted crafts are a great way to easy into larger more complicated projects.

I love bags of all shapes and sizes. This project is a great stash buster for any type of sewer. The Scrap Happy Tote from Amanda Jean Nyberg is the perfect bag for crafters, sewers, knitters or quilters. You can get the pattern for this today and be done in a weekend!

scrap happy purse  Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired

What crafty project I’m working on now is making a business card holder out of this lovely spring inspired fabric designed by Ann Lauer for Benartex from Timeless Treasures Fabric.

timeless treasures fabric Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired

I’ll be posting a tutorial on the Sew Daily blog on how to make your own business card holder. Look for it on Thursday March 17! And in the mean time please check out everyone out on the tour!

Here’s all the tour stops! Be sure to check them out, many have giveaways!

Monday March 7,  – Sew News
Thursday, March 10 – Beading Daily
Monday, March 14  – Fons & Porter
Tuesday March 15 – Quiltmaker
Thursday March 17 – Sew Daily
Monday, March. 21 – Crochet Me
Wednesday  March,23 – Knitting Daily
Thursday March 24, – Martha Pullen
Tuesday, March 29 –  Creative Machine Embroidery
Wednesday March 30 – Keepsake Quilting
Thursday, March 31 – McCalls Quilting


The winner from this blog post has been announced. Thank you for commenting!

Tell me what crafty things you like to sew. Do you like making crafts that don’t take a lot of time. Do you like to knit, bead or crochet? Maybe you like to do them all?

mix  Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired

Let me know in the comments section below! One winner will be picked and announced on the Sew Daily blog.

 {Images Supplied by Graphic Stock}


 Crafters Blog Hop! Get Inspired
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Desert Bloom Fabric Giveaway

This contest is over, but please come back for other great giveaways.

The winner is Lisa D from South Dakota. I have contacted her and thanks everyone for playing along!


In our current issue of Sew News, we call out to Dear Stella Design. Rae Ritchie designed a lovely selection of fabrics, one of which is from the Desert Bloom collection. Lucky you, we have three yards of Pod Floral to giveaway.

pod floral 1 Desert Bloom Fabric Giveaway

To enter into this giveaway tell me in the comments section below what is your favorite fabric to work with. Or, maybe tell me a fabric that you would love to try but haven’t.

One winner will win 3 yards (44″ wide) of the Pod Floral. Please make a dress out of it!

 Desert Bloom Fabric Giveaway
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Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

 Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

Short History On Pants

I love sewing pants. I love wearing them almost as much as I love sewing them. Did you know that we’ve been wearing pants for several thousand years? Evolutionary biologist Peter Turchin found that pant wearing came into vogue when Chinese soldiers grew tired (and probably more than a little chaffed) wearing robes while horseback riding. He found that warring states that did not adopt pants in their cavalry unit lost battles more often then cavalry that adopted pants as their uniform. Comfort over style, especially important when you’re a in a war.

In the ancient world, (Rome, Greece, Egypt, parts of Asia) both men and women wore pants for warmth and comfort. There is even evidence that Amazon warrior women wore pants. In Europe during the Middle Ages women could only wear dresses if she valued her life. If a woman was seen wearing pants during the Middle Ages this was considered highly unnatural and it could put the woman at great risk of being burned at the stake. Remember Joan of Arc?

A012353 Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

Leading the battle for better fitting pants.

In the Victorian period you’ll see women wearing the lovely bifurcated skirt, aka the culotte or wide-leg pant during outdoor activities but, rarely as part of a daytime outfit.

 Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!


As a mainstream wardrobe staple pants didn’t enter our closets until the 20th century.However there are many women in history that wore pants before then off course. Take for example George Eliot, Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn and my grandma (although very rarely).

Pant wearing for American women really hit a stride in the 1950s and reached an apex in the 1960s and ’70s. Liberated women drove the popularity of pants.

gaucho wearing pants8d Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

Cigar optional.

My grandma would sew pants for myself and my sisters every summer. I remember a red pair with white cherries and a matching blouse. Loved those pants; I probably grew out of them by fall.

Flash forward to the present and I’m crazy about sewing pants. You can see a few pairs of pants that I’ve sewn just last year. I will admit it took me a long time in getting the fit just right. But, that was largely due to me doing it all on my own.

 Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

Love sewing pants.

There are so many great classes, books, videos and online sources that can help you sew the pants of your dreams. If sewing pants is on your list to do this year, do it,do it, do it. You’ll be amazed at how it can easy and fun it is once you learn about fit.

Do you like sewing pants? What’s your biggest fitting issue when it comes to sewing pants. Let me know on the comments section on the blog.

 Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

Screen Shot 2016 02 19 at 1.38.44 PM Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!

 Sewing Pants & Ancient History. Intrigued? Read On!
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Sewing Retreat Happening April 8-10, 2016! Pack Your Bags!

At Sew News we’re all super excited to hear about a fun, new sewing retreat called Sewcial. It’s the sewing vacation you deserve! Have you always wanted to go to a sewing retreat? What could be better than sewing all weekend and learning from the top industry pros? Meet up with friends and find new ones too, all in one glorious weekend!

Sewcial Sewing Retreat wf Sewing Retreat Happening April 8 10, 2016! Pack Your Bags!

Sewcial will not only give attendees an exquisite educational experience, but the social and fun aspect will also be a highlight of the weekend – the best of both worlds! Not just for beginners, but all levels are welcome to learn in a relaxing and fun environment.


The event will take place in Novi, Michigan

When: April 8-10, 2016.

Sewcial is the ultimate in sewing retreats where you will spend the weekend with your closest friends, new and old, focusing on what you love to do. Take some time for yourself and relax, have fun, and enjoy two full days learning from the best teachers in the sewing industry. Classes focusing on fashion sewing, drafting, and fitting are on the agenda for this inaugural event, but it won’t be strictly business. We have special banquet, entertainment, and social activities planned to make this the complete sewing vacation! Treat yourself by joining us in Novi, Michigan April 8-10, 2016 and you will go home empowered with new knowledge to make fashions that fit and flatter your body and enhance your lifestyle.

Janet Pray – Islander Sewing Systems
Gail Yellen – Gail Patrice Design
Jennifer Stern – J. Stern Designs
Andrea Schewe – Andrea Schewe Design

Screen Shot 2016 02 17 at 9.40.30 AM Sewing Retreat Happening April 8 10, 2016! Pack Your Bags!Please read their bios for more on these talented ladies.

So, bring your friends or come to meet new, but don’t hesitate to join the fun! Hurry, the number of students will be limited to ensure an intimate, relaxing, and comprehensive experience.

Find more schedules, pricing and more information on the American Sewing Expo website!

Visit their Facebook Page where you can enter into contests and meet others who love to sew!

 Sewing Retreat Happening April 8 10, 2016! Pack Your Bags!
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Learn How To Start A Sewing, Fashion & LIfestyle Blog with Mimi G

We are so excited to have the fabulous Mimi G teaching the online course, Your Guide To Blogging Sewing Fashion and Lifestyle we can barely contain ourselves. If you don’t know who Mimi G is she is a lifestyle blogger extraordinaire, she has a line of sewing patterns now available through Simplicity patterns, and has the most amazing online community and fans. Although I have not personally met her I hear that she is pretty darn fabulous.

If you are interested in starting a blog/career/business, then Mimi G is the person to tell you how to go about it. Just look at her numbers! Facebook fans over 400,000. You don’t get to those numbers and not know what you’re doing. Let’s take a look at what this course offers.

Mimi G Class Learn How To Start A Sewing, Fashion & LIfestyle Blog with Mimi G

The What -

This course will teach you how to start, brand, and monetize a lifestyle or fashion blog. You will be equipped with everything you need to be a successful social media influencer.

You’ll create an online presence that grows with your readers’ interest. Be the source in a field that you love by offering compelling content that attracts readers and brands to your site.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet. Blogs are an effective way for experts or enthusiasts of a specific niche to gain an online presence and, more importantly, a following. Once a person finds a blog that they love reading, they keep coming back for more.

It takes a specific strategy to provide the readers with what they want. A one-of-a-kind strategy and the key elements will be taught in this course, so you can be a successful blogger in the field that you love.

This course will start with an overview of the course’s topics and what to expect. You’ll learn the instructor’s background, how she got started, and why she is so successful.

Next you’ll learn why people choose to blog. You’ll review the most popular blogging styles and you’ll understand what readers want, so you can make an educated decision on how to set yours up and set yourself apart.

You’ll learn how to choose the perfect niche–one that you love talking about. You’ll know how to pick the perfect platform, domain name, and tagline so you can attract visitors.

Get the information you need to decide between hiring a web designer and doing it yourself.

Learn about the key elements to a blog, including your header, sidebar, links, and the About page. These are critical to your success.

Creating content comes next. You’ll know how to come up with blog posts on a regular basis so you’re never short of ideas. The importance of video will also be discussed. And you’ll know how to incorporate it into your blogging schedule so your readers get content variety. In addition, photography and images will be covered, including Do’s and Don’ts.

Branding. You’ll know how to develop a branding strategy that will win you sponsors.

You’ll be able to create a one-page media kit to send to sponsors, and you’ll be confident approaching brands. Monetizing strategies will allow you to learn how to make an income. Tips on working with brands, affiliate links, and ad networks are provided.

This course will wrap up by showing you how to promote your blog. You’ll learn the various ways to shine on social media so you can become the source within your niche.

You’ll leave the course ready to hit the ground running. Be prepared to create the next hot blog that’s about to take off.

The Who -

Award winning trending Expert Mimi G. is Editor-in-chief of the outrageously popular Fashion, Lifestyle, and DIY blog,, as well as the Mimi G Style YouTube Channel, which houses tutorials, fashion and beauty tips, health and fitness videos, product reviews and more.

Her axiom, “Buy It, Make It, Mix It, Rock It!”, is the mantra for her fully engaged daily followers, as well as industry professionals. Garnering thousands of “new followers” by the day, Mimi G has quickly become an International fashion icon, influencer, role model, and an “in demand” speaker and panel member at blogging conferences across the country.

Recently featured on Project Runway Junior on the Lifetime TV, Named “Best Shopping Inspiration” by InStyle Magazine, Mimi G. is approached daily by major brands and sponsors eager to work her into their fold. She was awarded “Best Latina Blogger” by Hispanicze 2015, “the most influential Latina bloggers” conference in Miami, FL, WCPO-TV9’s TV Live “Must Follow Friday Segment”, has worked with Kellogg’s on their #Fightfattalk campaign due to her influence and mission to empower women, listed as “Essence Top Ten Must Follow Instagrammers”, and was featured as Rolling Out Magazines “Fashion Blogger You Should Know”. She has worked with major brands to give their products an organic and relatable reach.

Mimi G is a mother and business woman who has developed a well rounded brand and loyal following based on her passion for life. Mimi G resides in Los Angeles, CA

Awesome, right?

The Cost - 59.99

The When - Course runs February 25, 2016 thru April 21, 2016.

The How -

Simple. Go to to register.  Once there you will find more information on course outline how to present this course as a gift for someone and start time.

 Learn How To Start A Sewing, Fashion & LIfestyle Blog with Mimi G
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Learn Fashion From The Pros

I love fashion and I love learning about new designers, I have a short list of favorite designers both current and distant past. I also have strong opinions about what a fashion designer should know and learn in order to stand the test of time.

designer 600 Learn Fashion From The Pros
Althea knows how to sew

AltheaHarper2 wf 500 Learn Fashion From The ProsI strongly feel that to be a good fashion designer, one must know the fundamentals of sewing. A fashion designer doesn’t have to sew well, but a working knowledge of sewing should be required at even an elementary level.

I talked with one fashion designer, an excellent seamstress, who went to fashion design school and discovered that many of her classmates knew nothing about sewing. Apparently, it is quite common for fashion design students to draw out their designs and then take them to a professional seamstress to execute. They bring the finished item back to class, often times claiming they did the work.

Gunnar Deatherage: Real Designer

GunnarDeatheridge2 wf 500 Learn Fashion From The Pros
If you follow fashion, you may be aware that Kendall Jenner is now a fashion designer and has never sewn anything and knows very little about sewing (admittedly too). This type of designer is becoming more common due to fashion corporations taking their cues from popular Instagram feeds and mainstream consumers.

Celebrity designers like Kendall rarely design anything that will be shown on the runway. When I say ‘design’ I mean that in the truest sense of the word. More often than not, they’re acting like consultants, picking colors, fabrics etc. for the already designed items. There are a few exceptions.

The Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham come to mind. They are fashion designers and are very much a part of the actual design process. Another distinction is these three are less about being a celebrity brand but have reached into the higher echelons of the fashion industry, winning awards and accolades from industry experts. This cannot be said for Adam Levine who is a ‘fashion designer’ for Kmart. Perhaps the title fashion consultant would be more apt for these celebrity ‘designers’.

The idea of being a fashion designer has risen due to television shows like Project Runway. But what’s edited out is all the hard work these up-and-coming designers go through. Fashion school is not all glamour and fun. It’s actually a lot of hard work and even math (yes! math).

Will the Kendall Jenner’s of the fashion world usurp Dior, Givenchy and Chanel their place in art and fashion history? Never.

I had the pleasure of meeting many of the designers from the Fashion School Crash Course series. I loved geeking out over fashion, design and, of course, sewing. They have an incredible amount of knowledge about their craft.

If you’re planning a career in fashion or are even a little bit curious you should ask yourself: would you rather learn from someone who knows very little about the subject or from someone who has a strong working knowledge of the all the ins and out of the topic?

FSCCllquare300 Learn Fashion From The Pros
Let me know who your favorite designer is or what you think of the state of fashion today. I would love to hear from you.

 Learn Fashion From The Pros
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