Custom Sweatshirt DIY

Minimalist Fashion Photo Collage 2 Custom Sweatshirt DIYWe’re pretty sure you can wear sweatshirts everywhere this fall and winter. Provided you have a good base pattern (and we recommend the Linden!), sweatshirts are easy to customize and upgrade, with some simple hacks, fabric selection and easy embellishment. Here are our top 6 easy customization ideas for DIY awesomeness.
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 Custom Sweatshirt DIY
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Throwback Thursday

SIA 1 Cover 778x1024 Throwback Thursday

Sew It All Volume 1

Today we’re throwing back to the very first issue of Sew It All. We’re very excited about Volume 11, on newsstands August 29, and it’s fun to look back at where we started. It was a great issue, and we think the new issue is just as chock-full of great products!

Fun fact: Did you know you can still get Volume 1 of Sew It All — and all nine other back issues — as digital editions at You’ll be able to find Volume 11 there in a few weeks as well, digitally or in print. Or keep an eye on the newsstands starting August 29.

 Throwback Thursday
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Fall Sewing Plans – Tips & Trends from Mimi G

Screen Shot 2017 08 09 at 4.19.25 PM 300x253 Fall Sewing Plans   Tips & Trends from Mimi G At Sew News Headquarters, we are moving on to all things fall sewing (okay, maybe after one more quick tank top!). Today, we’re featuring some of our favorite wardrobe planning tips and trends from stylish lady, designer, entrepreneur Mimi G. Next week we’ll discuss our individual plans! Take it away, Mimi!

Let’s talk about my favorite trends for fall and how I plan to work them into my sewing plan.

Vintage is going to be all the rage this fall, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Not only can I use some of those great vintage patterns that get re-released, but I can also go thrifting for some great pieces that I can modify. Just because I sew doesn’t mean I have to make everything from scratch; sometimes it’s fun to do some re-fashioning.

8254 envF 208x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Tips & Trends from Mimi G8255 envF 209x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Tips & Trends from Mimi G8451 envF 209x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Tips & Trends from Mimi G

Simplicity #8255 and #8254 are on the top of my list to make. I also plan to make use of some great 70’s plaid that will be all over the runways this fall. Nylon coats are trending, and I’m totally looking forward to making one for myself. Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Céline all had some fantastic inspiration pieces. To add to the fun, wide belts are going to be very visible the fall and that means some DIY belt-making is in my future.

I8466 envF 208x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Tips & Trends from Mimi G’m a true believer in having a cool-weather-appropriate maxi skirt that I can pair with a sweater or turtleneck and boots or sneakers. For Simplicity, I designed a great turtleneck sweater and cargo pocket maxi skirt, pattern #8466, perfect for cooler months no matter where you live.

With so many trends, it’s easy to get caught up in making things that don’t really speak to you. When incorporating trends, make sure to focus on silhouettes that make you most comfortable. Otherwise, they’re just going to hang in your closet and that is no way to spend your time creating!



 Fall Sewing Plans   Tips & Trends from Mimi G
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Linden Sweatshirt Sew Along – Meet the Designer

Screen Shot 2017 08 09 at 1.35.01 PM 248x300 Linden Sweatshirt Sew Along   Meet the DesignerI’ll be hosting this month’s Linden Sweatshirt sew along…because, let’s face it, I’m completely obsessed with this pattern. Okay, and with most patterns from Grainline Studio. The designer behind Grainline’s modern/classic vibe is Jen Beeman. Learn more about her here – and join us next week to get started with your Linden Sweatshirt!

Jen Beeman is a designer and patternmaker living in Chicago, IL.  She studied fashion design at Columbia College, where she focused on patternmaking and technical design. Jen is the founder of Grainline Studio, a pattern shop featuring modern, fashion-forward patterns. She’s also the proud owner of a serious cute senior beagle who makes regular appearances on Instagram.

SN: What do you love most about the sewing community (online or otherwise)?
I love that the sewing community, for the most part, is an inclusive, encouraging place where people can exchange ideas and have fun in what would otherwise be a pretty solitary activity. It’s amazing how people become fast friends over sewing social media and how it extends into life offline.

SN: Who do you design for?
We try to design for women with a classic, no-fuss style. We love clean lines, great proportions and garments that can be made over and over again in different fabrics. Sometimes people describe the Grainline aesthetic as slightly masculine, and we do borrow from menswear a bit, so that fits to me. We want our garments to be comfortable, easy to wear, favorites that make you feel great!

SN: What’s next for you?
Well more patterns of course! Other than that we’ve got a new website in the works as well as a few things I can’t talk about right now. I promise they’re exciting though!

SN: What do you think (or hope!) people love most about your designs?
I think (or hope) that they appreciate the longevity of each design. I try to design garments that people can sew up season after season, year after year. I like to describe our patterns as elevated basics that will fit right into your existing wardrobe, helping you build your dream closet one piece at a time!

 Linden Sweatshirt Sew Along   Meet the Designer
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August Sew Along Is The Linden Sweatshirt!

Meet the modern sweatshirt. With raglan sleeves and a relaxed fit, the Linden Sweatshirt pattern by Grainline Studio features two views: a classic sweatshirt with long cuffed sleeves and ahem band and a short sleeve T-shirt version. Recommended fabrics include medium weight knits with a minimum of 20% stretch.

T-shirt beginner-friendly pattern is comfy sewn up n French terry, sweatshirt fleece, sweater knits and jersey. The versatility of this pattern lends itself to many fabric and design options

Linden sew along USE2 August Sew Along Is The Linden Sweatshirt!










The schedule for this sew along is:

  • August 15: Fabric & Tools
  • August 22: Cutting & Sewing The Main Body Pieces
  • August 29: Installing the Neck, Sleeves and Hem Bands

Plus, to make this sew along even more fun we’ve got a contest.

Share a photo of the first Linden you’ve made between August 26 and 31, 2017. Use the hashtag #lindenlove so we can find it on Instagram and Facebook.  A winner will be announced in September. Stay tuned for prize details!

3 lindens 300x300 August Sew Along Is The Linden Sweatshirt!

you tube linden August Sew Along Is The Linden Sweatshirt!





 August Sew Along Is The Linden Sweatshirt!
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Linden Sweatshirt Sew Along – Welcome!

Screen Shot 2017 08 01 at 9.58.02 AM Linden Sweatshirt Sew Along   Welcome!

If you’re thinking about sewing plans for fall, you’re in good company! Join us and sew up the ultimate fall staple, the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio! With raglan sleeves and a relaxed fit, this pattern features two views – the classic long-sleeve sweatshirt and a short-sleeve t-shirt.

This is the perfect pattern for fall layering, even if you’ve never sewn with knits before. Join us for the following special topics on the blog:

Aug. 15: Fabrics & Tools
Aug. 22: Cutting & Sewing the Main Body
Aug. 29: Installing the Neck, Sleeve & Hem Band

One of the other great things about this pattern is that it is 100% hack friendly. I’ve made six versions, each with a different feel. You could literally make a whole fall/winter wardrobe with this pattern! Grab the pattern at, check out the latest issue of Sew News for more details and watch the free video on for great hack options. Then stay tuned for details on a special contest the last week of the month – you’ll want to get it on the Linden Love!


 Linden Sweatshirt Sew Along   Welcome!
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Custom Croquis – the new thing from MyBodyModel

Stitchinschmitz Me Made May 300x300 Custom Croquis   the new thing from MyBodyModel

If you’ve been sewing for a long time, it is exciting to see how technology has changed the landscape over the years. From customizable patterns to print-at-home downloads from up-and-coming independent designers, sewing today offers you more control and options for customization at every turn. Sew News chatted with MyBodyModel founder Erica Schmitz (at right) about her endeavor to make customized croquis, built from input measurements, available to sewists everywhere through an exciting new crowd-funded project.

Read on for more info about MyBodyModel and/or click here to see how you can be involved. 

What inspired you to start MyBodyModel?

When I first started sewing clothes for myself, I wanted to make everything! I had so many ideas that I would lie awake at night obsessing about all the things I wanted to make. But then when it came time to sew, I was stuck. Because I only had a couple of hours to sew, and about 1,000 competing ideas in my head of what I wanted to work on. I tried making lists, but those were overwhelming and also uninspiring.  I’m a visual person and I needed to see my ideas on paper.

I looked into the different sketching templates that are out there, and I couldn’t find any that look like me.  I found that most fashion templates use a figure outline called a “croquis” that’s 9 or 10 head-lengths tall. Human beings are usually about 7 or 8 head-lengths tall! The standard for fashion sketching is designed to look stretched out and unnaturally proportioned. Which was not at all helpful to me in visualizing what my sewing ideas would look like on my body.

I noticed that some sewing bloggers make their own sketch models by tracing over photos of themselves, so I tried that.  I tried tracing paper, apps on my tablet, and combinations of the two. It was labor intensive and time consuming!  I thought that there should be an easier way. I wanted an app where you could just enter your measurements, and instantly get a beautiful croquis that looks like you.  I couldn’t believe that it didn’t exist already. After a couple of years, the idea kept nagging at me! So I decided to make it happen.


bodymodel1 Custom Croquis   the new thing from MyBodyModel

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 Custom Croquis   the new thing from MyBodyModel
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