After School Special Pencil Case

After School Special Pencil Case

Pencil Case

Ages 6-8

Hold pens, pencils and markers in style with a colorful pencil case.


  • 2 sheets of craft felt
  • Coordinating embroidery floss
  • Hand embroidery needle
  • 1/2"- to 1"-diameter button
  • Removable fabric marker
  • 15" length of 1/4"-wide ribbon (optional)
  • Embellishments: felt or fabric scraps, beads or buttons (optional)

From the felt, cut one 3 3/4"x12" rectangle and one 3 3/4"x6 3/4" rectangle.

For optional embellishment, draw a desired shape on a piece of paper, such as a heart, star, bird or flower, that's no larger than 2" in diameter. Cut out the pattern.

Cut out the shape from a felt or fabric scrap.

Thread the needle with six strands of embroidery floss; knot the end.

Position the small rectangle over the large rectangle, aligning the sides and lower edge; pin, and then hand stitch through both layers using a backstitch, blanket stitch or running stitch. Continue stitching the flap perimeter for a decorative look, if desired. Knot the ends.

Fold the flap over the small rectangle so the holder is 8 1/2" long; finger-press, and then unfold. Measure 3/4" from the flap short edge and cut a slit according to the button size (1). For example, if using a 1/4"-diameter button, cut a 1/4"-long slit.

pencil case how to

Fold the flap and mark the button position. Thread the needle with six strands of embroidery floss; knot the ends. Hand stitch the button on the mark.

To create a handle, hand stitch one ribbon end to one holder upper corner. Repeat to stitch the remaining ribbon end to the remaining upper corner.

Hand stitch the shapes and beads to the flap right side, if desired, using a running stitch.


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