Bohemian Beauty

Milinda Jay Stephenson

Finish Line

Place the skirt on a large flat surface. Use a yardstick to trim the tiers diagonally on either side (1).

Fold the skirt lengthwise with right sides together, and match the raw edges; pin. Serge the raw edges together.

Serge-finish the skirt upper edge. To create an elastic casing, fold the skirt upper edge 1 1/2" to the wrong side and press. Straight stitch close to the serged edge, leaving a 2" opening for inserting the elastic.

Guide the elastic through the casing. Anchor the elastic loose end with a pin so it doesn't disappear inside the casing as you feed the elastic. Make sure the elastic isn't twisted, and overlap the elastic ends. Zigzag through both elastic layers several times to secure the ends. To evenly distribute the elastic, place your hands inside the waistband and stretch it. Straight stitch the casing opening closed.

If you don't use a finished eyelet for the lowest tier, serge-finish the skirt lower edge. Fold the edge 1/4" to the wrong side and straight stitch close to the serged edge.

Serger in the Raw

For a different look, center and then overlap the adjoining skirt tiers 1/4" (with the wrong side upper edge of the lower tier overlapping the right side lower edge of the upper tier (A). Raise the serger blade so it doesn't cut the fabric as you sew and serge the tiers together. This technique leaves the upper raw edge of each lower tier exposed. Continue stacking each tier and follow the instructions below to finish constructing the skirt. Leave the lowest edge raw and straight stitch 1/4" from the raw edge to prevent raveling. Or hem the lower edge or add an eyelet with a finished edge for the last tier.


Milinda Jay Stephenson has five children. She teaches writing at Florida State University and sewing, serging and machine embroidery at Jim's Vacuum and Sewing in Lynn Haven, Florida.

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Re: elastic swelling
Sassyjo57 - you could make the skirt a couple inches larger and put in a drawstring waistband instead of the elastic waistband.
Elastic swelling
I can not wear elastic please tell me how to make these skirts without it.Need regular waist band,because of extreme swelling
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