Easy Home Deco Sewing Projects

Danielle Thompson
Easy Home Deco Sewing Projects

Decorate your home with a fast and fabulous fall pumpkin patch. Combine fabric prints, textures and colors to craft a clever collection.

Download and print the instructions here.


  • 1/2 yard of coordinating print fabric (A)
  • 1/2 yard of solid fabric (B)
  • 2 coordinating print fat quarters (C & D)
  • 2 coordinating print fat eighths (E & F)
  • 12 yards of coordinating yarn
  • 6 yards of coordinating embroidery floss
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Hand embroidery needle


Download the stem patterns. 

From fabric A, cut one 18"x36" rectangle for the 36" pumpkin.

From fabric B, cut one 15"x30" rectangle for the 30" pumpkin.

From fabric C, cut one 11"x22" rectangle for the 22" pumpkin.

From fabric D, cut one 10"x20" rectangle for the 20" pumpkin.

From fabric E, cut one 9"x18" rectangle for the 18" pumpkin.

From fabric F, cut one 6"x12" rectangle for the 12" pumpkin.

Cut two large stems, two medium stems and two small stems from the remaining fabric scraps.


Using a long basting stitch, stitch 1/2" from the fabric A rectangle long edge, leaving 4"-long thread tails.

Fold the rectangle in half widthwise with right sides together. Stitch the short edges 1/2" from the raw edge, and then press.

Using a long basting stitch, stitch 1/2" from the lower edge, leaving 4"-long thread tails.

Gently pull the thread tails to gather the lower edge, working from both ends toward the center until the edge is completely gathered. Stitch 3/8" from the raw edge over the gathering stitches to secure (1).

Turn the pumpkin right side out. Stuff fiberfill into the pumpkin cavity until full.

Gently pull the thread tails to gather the upper edge, working from both ends toward the center until the top is completely closed. Knot the thread ends to secure; trim (2).

Thread the hand embroidery needle with a length of yarn; knot the end. Bring the needle through the pumpkin lower center and pull it through the pumpkin upper center. Bring the needle through the pumpkin lower center again, wrapping the pumpkin with the yarn and pulling tightly to create a defined pumpkin section (3).

Repeat to create seven evenly spaced pumpkin sections. Tie off the yarn at the pumpkin lower center. Evenly distribute the fabric around the yarn sections to create a smooth pumpkin.

With right sides together, stitch 1/4" around the large pumpkin stem, leaving the lower edge open. Clip the seam allowance curve, turn right side out, and then stuff fiberfill into the pumpkin stem until full. Stitch 1/4" from the lower-edge opening.

Hand stitch the stem to the pumpkin upper-edge center (4).

Repeat to create the remaining pumpkins. Stitch the large stem on the 30" pumpkin, the medium stems on the 22" and 20" pumpkins and the small stems on the 18" and 12" pumpkins.

Tip: Add interest and texture by whipstitching a doily to a pumpkin.

Tip: Use unique fabrics, such as vintage sheets and curtains, burnout velvet or upholstery fabric for a distinct appearance.

Tip: Create any size pumpkin by cutting the fabric rectangle length twice as long as the width.

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re:pumpkin patch
I made these cut pumpkins, they were very easy to make. My 5 yr old grandson saw them and fell in love with them. He decorated his house with them.
RE: What's the embroidery floos for
You can use the embroidery floss for the smaller pumpkins for a different look, rather than just using the yarn. You can also use the embroidery floss when stitching the basting stitch, which is especially great if you are doing this project with kids and they don't know how to use the sewing machine yet. You don't have to use embroidery floss to attach accents, but would be an interesting design element.
What's the embroidery floss for
While I think this would be a great project to do, there is not one thing in the instructions to do with using emrbrider floss. There is no need to use the foss in constructing the pumpkin nor is there a need for the floss for putting on any doilies or other accessories. Did you actually use the floss when making the pumpkin, but forgot to tell us???
I'm in love with Sew News Magazine. I like a lot the projects in it.
Very Festive
I am getting off this computer and going shopping for the materials right now!! What a great way to decorate home and office for the fall season!
Cute and sounds easy
My kids love to decorate for Halloween. I'm going to see if they want to make these and decorate them like Jack-o-lanterns. When it is something they can make themselves they always love it even more.
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