Easy How-Tos for Fun Jacket

Ellen Osten
Easy How-Tos for Fun Jacket

Create a glitzy jacket for the holiday season using metallic thread.


  • Jacket pattern (such as Kwik Sew 3584)
  • Muslin for test-fitting
  • Floral print fabric (amount according to pattern plus 1/2 to 1 yard)
  • 1 yard of lightweight batting
  • Embroidery/darning presser foot
  • 1 yard of iron-on permanent stabilizer
  • Size 90/14 metallic needle
  • Thread: 60-wt. black bobbin, coordinating metallic & matching all-purpose  
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Rotary cutting system
  • Fine-point marker
  • Tracing paper


Test-fit the jacket using muslin. Trace the pattern pieces onto pattern paper. Make any needed changes to the pattern paper, saving the original pattern for future use and reference.

Cut the jacket front and back yoke from the fabric, batting and stabilizer, cutting each piece 2" to 3" larger than the pattern.

Fuse the front and back stabilizer yokes to the corresponding batting yokes.

Press the jacket fabric to eliminate wrinkles or folds. Spray the fabric-yoke wrong side with temporary adhesive. Adhere the batting/stabilizer yokes to the fabric-yoke wrong sides.

Lower or cover the feed dogs. Install an embroidery/darning foot onto the machine. This foot enables you to move the fabric in all directions instead of continuously turning and twisting the fabric.

Install a size 90/14 metallic needle onto the machine. Thread the bobbin with black thread and the needle with metallic thread. Test stitch the metallic thread on a jacket fabric scrap. Reduce the upper thread tension if the bobbin thread shows on the fabric right side.

Straight stitch the fabric motif outlines using coordinating metallic thread and any stitch length desired. Outline each element two to three times. Stitch using a steady medium speed, moving the fabric sandwich slowly and keeping it taut.

Fill in the fabric background with stipple stitching or meandering stitching. Don't worry about crossing over the previous stitching lines.

Set the machine to a medium-width, zero-length zigzag stitch. Using metallic gold thread, stitch several stitches in place in a flower center. Repeat to stitch each flower center. When completed, this technique resembles hand beading.


Pin the pattern pieces to the embellished fabric. Trim the fabric to match each pattern piece. Construct the jacket following the pattern guidesheet.


Sulky provided the KK2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive, Holoshimmer thread (#6056, background; #6014, flower; #6008, bar tack flower center; #6032, leaves) and Soft & Sheer Extra stabilizer: (800) 874-4115, sulky.com.

Kwik Sew carries K3584: kwiksew.com.


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