Easy To Make Decoupage Letters

Easy To Make Decoupage Letters

Decoupage Letters

Use fabric scraps to make fun fabric letters. Create a monogram to gift or spell the words "EAT" for kitchen charm, "SEW" for sewing room inspiration or "LOVE" for bedroom décor.


  • 12" papier-mâché letter(s) (See "Sources.")
  • Fabric scraps in assorted colors & sizes
  • Decoupage medium (See "Sources.")
  • Foam brush
  • Small disposable paint tray
  • Disposable tablecloth, newspaper or trash bag


Protect a flat work surface by placing a disposable tablecloth, newspaper or trash bag over it; tape to secure, if desired.

Pour 1/4 cup of decoupage medium into a paint tray. Using the foam brush, paint a fabric scrap wrong side with the medium. Position the scrap on the letter. Brush more medium on the fabric right side, making sure to adhere it completely to the letter. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure satisfactory results.

Repeat to add more fabric scraps until the letter is completely covered. Clip into the fabric when covering corners and curves to eliminate any puckers or wrinkles.

Let the letter dry. If desired, paint the entire letter surface with an additional layer of decoupage; let dry.

Repeat to create additional letters to spell out the desired phrase.

Hang the letters on the wall using brass-plated hangers or other suitable framing hardware. Or position the letters on a shelf.



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