Editor's Letter

Ellen March
Editor's Letter

These days, quick-and-easy seems to be our goal. If something can be done in 30 minutes or less, we tackle it, as long as we know we'll have something to show for our efforts. We're so busy with different activities, long hours at work, or toting around the kids that it seems there are never enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. We don't slave over the stove every night for dinner. We have a wash-and-go hairstyle. We drive the shortest route, if only to save three minutes. But sometimes, we have to stop and smell the roses.

When it comes to sewing, most of us don't mind spending a few hours, days or weeks (or even years) working on a project that comes from our heart and soul. We still love the quick and easy but for the most part, we want to expand our skills, challenge our creativity and spend quality time in our sewing room. And no matter how long we've worked on a project, we still notice all the flaws and want to point them out to our friends! We're such perfectionists. But here's the truth: No one notices the skipped stitches, the puckered interlining or the slightly uneven hem. All anyone notices is the fact that we sewed it ourselves.

There's something for everyone in this issue. If you're craving a quick project (with guaranteed results), whip up the yo-yo pillow to brighten your bedroom or office (page 50). If you'd like to challenge yourself by making a timeless garment, stitch up a suit jacket that fits perfectly (page 38). And don't miss the plus-size pattern extravaganza (page 34). You can spend a lot or a little time completing the projects in this issue-it's up to you!

Before you know it, summer will turn to fall and the leaves will begin to change color. So remember to always take some time to sew, no matter how chaotic the rest of your life may seem.



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Is this site under construction?
I cannot find info on current issues or anything on a holiday issue. Is there nothing special planned this year? I was considering renewing my subscription...I've been away from sewing for a couple of years...but I am discouraged after a week of trying to find things on the site and not finding the mag. in any local stores.
How do I navigate your website?
I have looked at The Connection, but it doesn't seem to have patterns to sell. Where do I order my patterns on pg 27 for plus sizes?
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