Fabric Ribbon Necklace

Fabric Ribbon Necklace

Ribbons in Bloom

Make a trendy rosette bib necklace for the fashionable ladies on your Christmas list. Experiment with different colored ribbon and jewels to reflect their personal style.


  • 3 1/2 yards of 1"-wide black ribbon
  • Two 20" lengths of 1/2"-wide black ribbon
  • 6"x8" rectangle of black fabric
  • Two 1 1/2"-diameter circles of black felt
  • 2"-diameter circle of black felt
  • 3 round 19mm black sew-on jewels
  • 6 octagon 13mmx8mm black sew-on jewels
  • Removable fabric marker
  • Long pins


Download the Ribbons in Bloom pattern HERE. Cut two bib necklaces from the black fabric. Using a removable fabric marker, transfer the ribbon placement and opening marks to each bib necklace right side.

From the 1"-wide ribbon, cut one 23 1/2" length for the first rosette, one 15 1/2" length for the second rosette, one 13 3/4" length for the third rosette, two 19 1/2" lengths for each and two 13 3/4" lengths for each small rosette.


Double-fold one first-rosette ribbon end 1/4" toward the wrong side; press.

Pin the folded end wrong side facing the 2"-diameter felt circle right side, positioning one ribbon long edge 1/4" inside the felt circle perimeter; pin. Create a 1/2" pleat in the ribbon and position the folded lower edge 1/4" from the ribbon end; pin.

Continue pleating the ribbon around the entire felt circle.

Fold the ribbon raw end 1/4" toward the wrong side; pin, and then stitch 1/8" from the inner rosette center to secure the pleats. Repeat to stitch the second rosette, positioning the center 1/4" inside the first rosette center. Stitch the third rosette, positioning the center 1/4" inside the second rosette center.

Following the large rosette directions, create two small rosettes, stitching the remaining long ribbons to each remaining felt circle. Stitch the remaining short ribbons to complete the rosette upper layers.

Hand stitch one round jewel at each rosette center.


Place one bib necklace wrong side down on a flat work surface. Position one 20" length of 1/2"-wide ribbon on the bib necklace ribbon placement markings, extending the ribbon ends 1/4" beyond the bib necklace edge; pin. Repeat to position the second ribbon piece.

Position the remaining bib necklace right side down over the pinned bib necklace, sandwiching the ribbon within the perimeter; pin. Stitch the perimeter, leaving a 1 1/4" opening per the pattern markings.


Trim and clip the bib necklace perimeter and turn right side out; press, and then topstitch.

Slipstitch the large rosette felt to the bib necklace center circle and the two small rosettes to the side circles.

Hand stitch three jewels to each necklace ribbon above the rosettes.


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