Free Blouse Sewing Project

Stacy Schlyer
Free Blouse Sewing Project

Create a unique top using this free online bonus project. Alter a pattern to create a keyhole neckline and implement chiffon sewing techniques for flawless construction.

Download the free keyhole neckline template.


  • Top pattern (such as Kwik Sew 3600)
  • Silk chiffon, sew-in interfacing & notions (according to pattern envelope)
  • Pattern tracing cloth
  • Removable fabric marker


Trace the top pattern pieces onto pattern tracing cloth, transferring all markings; cut out.

Download the keyhole template; cut out. Position the template over the front bodice pattern piece, aligning the upper and center-front edges; trace. Repeat to trace the template onto the front-facing pattern piece (A). Cut along each traced line; discard the small sections.

Trace the front facing onto a new piece of pattern tracing cloth. Extend the front facing center-front edge 1 1/4"; mark. Draw a straight line perpendicular to and 1" from the center-front edge mark. Draw a gradual curved line from the line end to the facing curved edge (B). Cut out the new front-facing piece.

From the silk chiffon, cut out the pattern pieces according to the pattern instructions and two 1 1/2"x20 1/2" strips for the ties.

From the interfacing, cut out the front and back facings.


Fold each tie in half lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch along each long edge and one short edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. Turn each tie right side out; press.

Position one tie raw end 5/8" from the front neckline edge along the keyhole edge; pin, and then baste (C). Repeat to baste the second tie on the opposite keyhole edge.

chffon top how to

With right sides together, stitch the bodice shoulder seams. Repeat to stitch the facing front and back shoulder seams.

Stitch the neckline to the top with right sides together, aligning the shoulder seams and keyhole edges.

Understitch the facing and keyhole edges. Trim the seam allowance, and then clip into the keyhole seam allowance. Turn the facing toward the wrong side; press.

Construct the top following the pattern instructions.

Hand tack the facing lower edge to the wrong side at the center-back and shoulder seams.

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Sources carries silk chiffon: (888) 455-2940,

Kwik Sew provided the top pattern: carries solid and printed silk chiffon: (800) 682-8161,

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