Free Children's Plushy Pattern

Dorinda Dombrowski
Free Children's Plushy Pattern


  • 3/8 yard of dark blue fleece
  • Light blue fleece scraps (for eyes and wings)
  • Orange felt scraps (for beak and feet)
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Matching all-purpose thread
  • Removable fabric marker


Download the Feathered Friend pattern HERE. Cut two bodies from the dark blue fleece. Using a removable fabric marker, transfer the eye, beak and wing position marks from the pattern onto each body piece.

From the light blue fleece, cut two wings and two eyes. From the orange felt, cut two feet and one beak.


Use 1⁄4"seam allowances.

Position one eye over the placement mark on one body piece; pin. Edgestitch the eye perimeter.

Repeat to stitch the remaining eye to the remaining side.

Position one wing over the placement mark on one body piece; pin. Edgestitch the wing perimeter. 

Repeat to attach the remaining wing to the remaining side.

Fold the beak diamond in half widthwise. Position the beak folded edge along the body placement mark; pin. Zigzag stitch the folded edge. 

Position the body pieces right sides together; pin. Stitch the body perimeter, leaving a 3"opening along the lower edge for turning.


Turn the bird right side out; stuff with polyester fiberfill. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Position one foot on the placement mark on the bird lower edge; pin. Hand stitch the leg perimeter. Repeat to attach the remaining foot. 

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