Free Garment Bag Pattern

Milinda Jay Stephenson
Free Garment Bag Pattern

Intstructions for creating the Stow & Go garment bag appear in the June/July '10 Sew News.

Download the Stow & Go pattern.

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Garment bag
On page 9 of the June/July 2013 issue, it shows 4 projects and states they are available online. I have searched everywhere and all I can find is a pattern for the garment bag top and no instructions. Please help me find this project. Thanks!
Pocket part of this garmet bag
I can't seem to finish the bag part of this garmet bag. The garmet part went together somewhat easily - but when I go to put the zipper in - I can 't seem to get it in without seam allowance showing on the inside of the bag which is not what the photo shows - can you help?
I love it!
I made the stow and go pattern for a gift and love the finished product.
Printing Pattern
I did not have any problem printing out the pattern, but it is smaller than a hanger. Is there a way to correct this?
I can't seem to figure the pocket part out. Help!!!
I made most of the bag easily but still can't get the pocket right. anybody have a little more explicit directions
RE: Printing and Pattern
Yes, there is only a pattern for the top because you use the entire fabric width cut to a certain length to create the body of the bag, and therefore it doesn't require a pattern. Please see the magazine for the entire project instructions. To print the pattern on one sheet of paper, you need to select, "Fit to Printer Margins" in the print dialogue box. For more detailed instructions on how to do this, please email, to receive printing instructions.
Not full pattern
I, too, am getting only the top of the pattern
Can't print out properly
I can't get the whole pattern piece to print out on the piece of paper no matter what percentage I set it on. Couldn't you set it, so we could tape more than one piece of paper together and have a pattern at 100%?
the pattern
Is the pattern just the top of the bag?
printing ...
any tips on getting this to actually print out would be appreciated. thank you.
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