Free Handbag Pattern

Jory Snyder
Free Handbag Pattern

Download the pattern to make the purse featured in "Haute Handbag" in the June/July '11 Sew News:

Haute Handbag Pattern

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Could someone post the instructions; we moved and I cannot find my magazine!!!! Thanks
What mean spirited people!
I can't believe how mean you people are for a simple mistake by the story writer or the editing department noting that the bag was Christophers. Before writing such mean things, perhaps you should look to see if there was an error note for the story, such as the one here. Jory, I'm sure knows what the consiquences are for copyright infringement and would never do that. Not to mention that Christopher is a friend who she would never do that to. I hope that all of you never have people coming after you for a mistake in editing.
A Note From the Story's Writer, Jory Snyder
Hi Sew News Readers. I would like to clarify a few issues regarding my article. First, I'm a big fan of both SN and Christopher Nejman. The red tote was never suppose to be photographed, only a close-up of the braided handles, my design/concept. This message was lost somewhere between the editors and the photography department. Again, I regret this happened, and it was never my intention to take credit for another designer's work. A copy of this email communication can be viewed at I wish both SN and Christopher all the best!
Hip Handles Credit
Please note that the gray bag above is an original design from the story's writer, Jory Snyder. The red bag pictured in the sidebar of the article on page 48 is a Christopher Nejman design ( However, the braided handle instructions are by Jory Snyder. Sew News regrets the omission of Christopher Nejman's pattern credit for the photograph, and has posted a correction:
Project Runway judges are always telling the designers to be original and not to reference other designers. In this Sew News issue, this author referenced right from Christopher Nejman Celebrity Bags book as if she thought of the whole process and designs herself. Not cool to do. She also has very poor sewing skills as seen in the photos in the magazine. Not the quality I want to learn from. I will go right to the original author who was never given credit for his creations and teachings. There is way too much copy cat work knock offs in this industry. Sew News needs to address this and promote originality. They need to stand by the original authors and designers. Also, please step up the quality Sew News!
Not Enraged
First there are many factors and questions into did someone actually take someone's work? When it comes to hand bag patterns there is a lot of lead way. And his book is for learning how to do sew designer handbags, not necessarily for the patterns itself. It is hard to take a designers pattern when the base pattern itself has been around longer then the designer himself. Also, all it takes to make a purse pattern your own design (which is what Christopher did) is make a couple of changes to the original design. Changes could be so basic as to the pockets, straps, material used, zipper, and more. They need not even be noticeable. That basic bag design has been around for YEARS.. The straps are not new, the use of leather or vinyl is not new, zipper pockets on the inside is not new, the shape is not new, the attachment of the straps is not new and I could go on and on. What is new is someone putting it all in a book/CD for us to learn from. So before we post angry insults we should be sure of our facts. I am in no way affiliated with Sun News, just a consumer like the rest of you.
How can a publication allow their contributing authors to steal from other authors who have their work copyrighted? Sew News magazine, you are not supporting our community per the teachings of copyright infringement / violations. I agree with the person below, on top of this article writer being a knock off artist, the quality is not even up to par. Why would I buy this magazine? I put it right back on the shelf. No thanks! I would much rather buy a magazine that features the original designers who work very hard to create their own work and write their own books. That is respectful!
Morals and Ethics
Are there any morals or ethics left in this world? Why would someone copy someone elses teachings? Is she not capable of being her own designer? Sew News has never been the same since Linda Griepentrog Turner left. Also, the quality of this knock off artist is nothing I would even teach my kids to accept. Sew News, you should be liable for the promotion of copyright infringement. I looked at this issue and the red bag is a complete knock off of Christopher Nejman's Celebrity Bags book and workshops. Sew News must be hurting for money and cannot afford originality, otherwise they would have asked and paid Christopher to write an article or interview him on HIS OWN work which this knock off person has stolen. Shame, shame on Sew News! I am now happy I do not subscribe to you bad ethics magazine. I pciked up this copy to look at after I heard what had been done to Christopher. After I read and saw it, I put it right back on the rack! Perhaps you are not aware of his fan base out here. You are so wrong Sew News! Go to the original author and designer if you want stories! Don't pay some knock off artist! Support our community with the morals and ethics these original author and designers deserve!
This is so wrong
Chris has worked very hard to create a wonderful line of handbags. To see this rip off artist (and that is the only type of artist she can take say she is) use Christopher's design and pretend that it is hers!!! Shame on Sew News for letting her get away with it.
How does this even happen?
Surely your editors should have caught this???? Is this regular practice at SEWNEWS? Think of all the people that payed their hard earned money for the right to make a Christopher Nejman Bag by buying his cd-book. Real nice of you to slap Christopher in the face like this, NOT! Why is the link still working? You should have removed it long ago! Have you no shame? Arrrrrgh! I'm steaming. Breathe Matt Breathe! OK better now.
Give credit where credit is due!
I sincerely hope that you will allow Jory Snyder to publicly apologize in your next issue - WHICH YOU and SHE WILL SURELY WANT TO DO - since we in the sewing world pride ourselves in taking the moral high ground. Copyright infringement happens much too frequently and this would be a good time to bring it to light and discuss the ramifications. Christopher Nejman has selflessly provided the sewing world with a bright, new direction and at the least, proper credit should be given to him.
On the author for using Christopher Nejman's (Celebrity Bags)design pattern. Did she really think that she could pull this off without being caught?! NOT NICE!!
It is so dissappionting to copy someone elses work and then try to take credit for it, I love sew news but this is an issue you need to correct and give credit to the proper person I am a member of Christophers group and this is sooo wrong, should have designed her own style rather than copy Christophers, it is so wrong shame on all of you for allowing this to happen! So wrong!
This bag is a TOTAL rip-off from Christopher Nejman's "Celebrity Bags". It is copyright infringement- and shameful. Check your author's resources and you'll find she totally ripped Nejman off. Boooooooo!
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