Free MP3 Case Pattern

Lucy Blaire
Free MP3 Case Pattern

Download the free pattern to create the stamped leather mp3 case featured in "Stamp of Approval" in the Aug/Sept '11 Sew News.

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Leaf Design?
I love the leaf design on this MP3 Player case. I do wish that was available. I guess I'll have to go looking at fall leaf designs elsewhere and see if I can adapt something...
Looking for Instructions for the MP3 Case Pattern?
For all those who need instructions for making the MP3 case, try looking in the Aug./Sept. issue of Sew News magazine. It's a simple enough pattern that anyone who does a little thinking can figure it out on their own. @ vbshop - The Lucy Blaire site is found by using the link. What is not found is the specific page to which the link was supposed to go. No matter; there is a link to the site home page on the 404 error page.
MP3 Project
I get just the pattern. No instructions. Where can I find the instructions? And the Lucy Blaire site cannot be found by using the link.
I am getting my grandson a Mp3 player for his Birthday Oct.31 - perfect timing for me
Nice Looking!
What a nice looking project. Can't wait to try it out.
Stamp of Approval
I get a picture of the pattern, but no instructions.
Fantastic gift idea!
This is a perfect gift for so many on our ever-approaching Christmas idea list. Who wouldn't be pleased with a customized gift like this?! Awesome! - JhenniM
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