Hip Handles Correction

Hip Handles Correction

Please note that the red bag featured in "Hip Handles" on page 48 of the June/July Sew News is a design and pattern from Christopher Nejman. For instructions and information about this design, visit his Web site: http://www.bagsandpillows.com/. The braided handle design is by the story writer, Jory Snyder.

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A Note From the Writer, Jory Snyder
Hi Sew News Readers. I would like to clarify a few issues regarding my article. First, I'm a big fan of both SN and Christopher Nejman. The red tote was never suppose to be photographed, only a close-up of the braided handles, my design/concept. This message was lost somewhere between the editors and the photography department. Again, I regret this happened, and it was never my intention to take credit for another designer's work. A copy of this email communication can be viewed at http://s1103.photobucket.com/albums/g464/jas79606/?action=view&current=purseEmail.jpg I wish both SN and Christopher all the best!
Sew News Gets it Right!
Like many others, I am delighted to see Sew News do the right thing by Christopher Nejman. It's great to know that SN is responsible and credible- and cares. SHAME on Jory Snyder, though: Nejman is HUGE on discussing and promoting artists copyrights, and anyone who has attended one of his evetns, as did Snyder, KNOWS how shameful copying is and how HARMFUL it is to an artist. I would love to see an apology from her published in your next issue. Otherwise, I will continue to believe that she purposely stole for Nejman for personal gain. Which is what she really did.
Thank you for doing the Right thing by Christoper!
Thank you!
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