Making Connections

Janet Klaer
Making Connections

Can you help me find a pattern and fabric for a fashionable RAINCOAT?

Elaine P.

Soho Coat from The Sewing Workshop (#SOH72) is a flattering A-line design in sizes XS-XXL. It features a hood, inside patch pockets, snap-buckle strap closures and a curved hem. The company also sells a 100% Irish linen rainwear fabric in four colors: teal, red, kiwi green and black. This 60"-wide mediumweight fabric has a thin vinyl laminate coating that gives it a sleek surface with a soft sheen. For ordering information, call (800) 466-1599 or (785) 357-6231, or visit

Where can I find MACHINE SMOCKING instructions and designs?

Flora A.

Smocking designer and author Deb Yedziniak has prepared three resources for achieving the look of English hand-smocking on a sewing machine. The instructional video CD Smocking by Machine covers fabric selection, fabric pleating, machine setup, stitches, techniques and design creation. The accompanying 64-page softcover reference The Smocked Project Book also includes smocking design plates, project ideas and patterns. The Smockery CD has 16 digitized multi-format smocked embroidery designs in four sizes. To order, call (315) 682-8814, or visit

I'm looking for LEATHER HANDLES for purses and tote bags.

Veronica W.

Rolled leather handles with double-rivet construction and brass hardware are available from Peacock Patterns. The handles, sold by the pair, are available in 16" and 23" lengths in 11 colors: black, brown, red, burgundy, navy, royal blue, deep purple, green, peacock, gold and natural. A heavy-duty 25"-long handle, ideal for duffel bags, is available in black. For ordering information, call (414) 416-8205, or visit

Do you have any information about OLIVER + S CHILDREN'S PATTERNS?

Marianne R.

Oliver + S is a line of contemporary sewing patterns for boys and girls. Designed by Liesl Gibson, the patterns feature timeless versions of classic children's clothing, sizing and proportion similar to today's ready-made garments with detailed easy-to-follow instructions. Each pattern is wrapped with a paper doll and an outfit to match. Look for these patterns in your favorite fabric store or quilt shop, or visit for more information.

Can you help me locate BUFFALO PLAID fabric in a range of colors?

Carol L.

Bemidji Woolen Mills manufactures buffalo plaid fabric in two weights: a heavy 20-ounce, 4"-square plaid and a lighter 14-ounce, 1"-square plaid. These 60"-wide wool/nylon blend fabrics are available in red/black, blue/black, green/black and white/black. The 14-ounce fabric is also available in gold/black. For ordering information, call (888) 751-5166 or (218) 751-5166, or visit

Where can I find a pressing product called the "SEAM STICK?"

Linda J.

The Sewing Place stocks the Seam Stick in three lengths: 16" for pressing short seams; 24" for sleeve, bodice and skirt seams; and 32" for long seams in pants, dresses, bridal gowns and home decorating. The Seam Stick is made of hardwood: One side is rounded and used as a seam roll; the other side is flat to use as a clapper. For ordering information, call (775) 853-2207, or visit

Do you have a supplier for RAYON BATIK fabric?

Susi M.

The Batik Butik specializes in hand-dyed wax-resist rayon batik from Bali, Indonesia. This washable, colorfast rayon is available in a lightweight 44"-wide version, and a heavier luxury-weight that ranges from 56" to 59" wide. For the complete fabric selection and a listing of stores that carry these rayon batiks, visit

My granddaughter takes IRISH DANCING lessons and I'd like to make her a costume. Do you know where I can find a pattern?

Edna G.

Patricia MacKinnon of the Irish Threads Design Company in Nova Scotia, Canada, has designed a traditional Irish dance dress pattern with a princess-line bodice, regular neckline or mandarin collar and four skirt styles. It's available in girls' sizes 5 to 14 and 14x, and ladies' sizes 7 to 20. For ordering information call (902) 465-6970, or visit


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I hope you will change your mind!
Please change your mind about discontinuing this column! It is really helpful, even in this internet age. Now,my question is about skirt length. I am 5" 3" tall and need to know how long to make my skirts. Some of my slinky skirts are 37" long and that is way too long. I only measure 39" from waist to floor! How short should I make them? Is there a rule about this sort of thing? Thanks so much and I hope, hope, hope you will keep this column open! Anne H, North Carolina
What! No more Making Connections column?
According to the Dec/Jan issue it looks like you will no longer have this column available. Say it isn't so!
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