Reversible Purse

Ellen March
Reversible Purse

Have twice the fun with two purses in one. Turn the purse inside out and vice versa to change the look quickly and easily.


  • 1 yard each of two coordinating print fabrics
  • 2 decorative buttons
  • matching all-purpose thread
  • hand-sewing needle


Use 1/2" seam allowances.

1. Download the Reversible Purse pattern. Using the pattern, cut two purses from each fabric.

2. Place one pair of purse pieces on a flat work surface with right sides facing and edges and corners aligned. Stitch the purse pieces together along the upper edge; press open the seam. Stitch the side edges independently; press open (A). Repeat to stitch the second pair of purse sections together.

3. Stitch the lower edges independently, leaving a 5* opening along one lower-edge center for turning (B). Press open the seams.

4. With right sides facing, place one purse section inside the other, aligning all edges. Pin around the outer edge (C); stitch, and then press open the seam.

5. Turn the purse right side out through the opening; press.

6. Push one purse section inside the other with wrong sides facing so the opening along one lower edge is exposed (D). Topstitch the outer edge.

7. Slipstitch the opening closed. Fold the purse along the upper-edge seam and insert the hand-stitched edge into the opposite lower edge (E).

8. Hand stitch each diagonal edge for 5*, beginning at the outer-edge corner (F). Catch only the outer fabric in the stitching so it doesn't show through on the reverse side. Stitch a button at the corner. Turn the purse inside out, and repeat to stitch the diagonal edges and corner button.

Source provided the Amy Butler Belle fabric.


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reversible purse
has anyone found the actual dimensions of the purse and the size of the pattern?
Pattern unusable
The printed pattern is not on a square and no where do the instructions say how to adjust the pattern. This is a very disappointing introduction to this website.
Somewhere at steps 5 and 6 I get messed up. After I have turned it right sides out, I get totally confused and the graphics are not as helpful as I would have liked. I was totally hyped to make this but now. . . .not so much.
the square on the download represents the square of the yard of required materal. Just determine how much of the corners to cut off by figuring the short side is 36 inches
do you answer questions
the other 2 comments are the same as mine. The pattern leaves a lot to be desired. Very nice bag...would love to make one.
pattern size
What is the scale for the printable pattern. It comes out very small and does not use the amount of fabric in the list. Do we need to enlarge the drawing?
Is the template (pattern) full size? I made one using the pattern that printed on an 8.5X11" sheet of paper and the bag is so small. Didn't use a yd of fabric for sure. Can you give us the pattern dimensions instead of the printed pattern?
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