Roomy Denim Tote Bag With Free Patterns

Jennifer Davey
Roomy Denim Tote Bag With Free Patterns

Stitch a durable and roomy denim tote bag. With lots of pockets to store things, this bag can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Get the patterns below to make the tote bag. Or use the measurements listed in the comments section.

These patterns will be free until October 31, 2014. After that time please visit to purchase.

Download this handy printing guide and learn how to print large e-patterns from your home computer.

Main Pocket Panel and Triangle Pattern.



Blue Jean Queen Tote Bag Patterns

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wow, I have been sewing a long time and the instructions for this bag make no sense. step1, layer pocket panel right side up over the right side of body panel, sew perimeter, then sew a line across 5 inches down from top, which sews the pocket to the body panel. why would I do that and how do you line the pocket if it is already sewn to the body? It just gets more confusing from there. Any clarification you can give you be appreciated.
blue jean queen tote bag dimentions
Will someone please give me the correct dimensions for this really cool bag? Thank you
Blue Jean Queen Tote Bag Patterns
Thank you for providing the paper patterns. However, would it be possible to share the dimentions of the pieces. I cut out the pattern as was instructed and the pieces did not fit one to another. I cut them out on the black lines of the original paper pattern provided.
Hooray! I'm so happy!
Can't believe I actually have the measurements and the last two pattern pieces. I checked back so many times and when my new Sew News arrived today, I thought I['d check once again. Thanks you so much. My zippers are here I go. Janjs
Thank you!!
Thanks so much for the measurements! I'm really looking forward to making the tote. :-)
Here we go. You'll still need to print out the Main Pocket Panel & Triangle Pattern. And, I have separated those out for you, they will print out on one sheet. From the denim cut two side panels 6”x11” two body panels 11”x13" 1/2” two base panels 6”x13 1/2” two pockets 7”x13 1/2” two side pockets 6”x7” two handles 3”x19” four hinge anchors 3” square two pocket panel triangles one main pocket panel From the lining cut two side panels 6”x11” two body panels 11”x13" 1/2” two base panel 6”x13 1/2” two pockets 7”x13 1/2” two side pockets 6”x7”
Measurments are a comin'!
Bear with me, you've all been very patient. I will get these measurements up here by this afternoon.
Measurements Please!!!
Thank you for the pattern clarifications. They are definitely appreciated. However, please make it clearer by giving us measurements. I personally am just not good enough at this to be able to guess the measurements from a computer screen. This is the first time that I've attempted to use an e-pattern from Sew New's web extras, and it will most likely be my last. It's been a great big headache!
Test square for scale reference?
Thanks for putting the pattern into one file (though like mdinkfield, I would've preferred measurements). However, the PDF still needs a test square, such as a 4" box, to indicate scale. Without it, users can't confirm their printout is scaled correctly. This test square is standard on all e-patterns I've seen, and I'm disappointed that it's missing here.
Thank You
Thank you for sending the clarification instructions for the bag pattern fix. Although I would have preferred just the measurements, printing the pattern pieces is at least a start.
Bag Pattern Fix
I'm so sorry for all the confusion this has created and apologize for not addressing it sooner. As you will see the pattern is now in one link. In order to print it out please either click on the link above for the handy printing guide or read below. In order to print any e-pattern you will need to download (or you may already have it on your computer) the computer program called Adobe Reader. This is a free download. You can also use Adobe Acrobat but this is only available by purchasing it. Either one will allow you to print e-patterns. In Adobe Reader go to the Print Dialogue box. Select 'Poster' which is under 'Page Sizing & Handling'. Make sure that 'Cut Marks and Labels' is selected as well. Ensure that 'Documents and Markups' is selected under the 'Comments & Forms' area. You can also increase the 'Overlap' to .5 inches. Hit 'Ok' and then hit print. After all the pages have printed lay out the pages according to the e-pattern guide. The link is located above. If you are still having problems please leave questions here (this page will be monitored more closely) or at Thank you, Jill
Print Pattern
I sent pattern pieces to adobe and printed the pieces there.
pattern dimensions
I did it! I figured the sizes by the illustrations and made the tote. Body Panel: 14" x 11",Pocket 7 x 14,side panel 6 x 11,side pocket 6 x 7, base 14 x 6, handles 28x 3, anchor 3x3. I didn't make the zipper pockets. Hope this helps, ladies!
pattern doesn't fit on pages
Could you please give us the measurements of the pattern pieces? They are too big to print out on a single page.
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