Sew A Fun Skirt With Free Download

Leanne Barlow
Sew A Fun Skirt With Free Download

Download the cutting diagrams to create the skirt featured in "Summertime Skirt" in the June/July '11 Sew News.

Cutting Diagrams

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summer skirt
I think the skirt looks kind of bulky and makes the model look fat. If the model looks fat the rest of us will look even bigger. Maybe a softer fabric would help.... As for measurements I always measure the pattern my self I do not trust the ones on the pattern after years of sewing...
skirt sizes
I didn't actually see a size chart anywhere. What measurements equate to size 6, 8, 10, etc? Sizes vary so wildly, I'm not sure what size would be appropriate.
Summertime Skirt Sizes
Thank you MrsFredPed; I totally agree with you. A lot of us are bigger sized women and I think you should start portraying us as well as the skinny models that everyone shows, thanks.
Summertime Skirt sizes
It sure would be nice if the measurements included larger sizes. Even providing the ratio of skirt to triangle pattern pieces would have been helpful for those of us who are not size 12 or smaller.
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