Sew An Easy & Chic Jacket

Charise Randell
Sew An Easy & Chic Jacket

Stitch this classic and elegant jacket in a boiled wool for ease and chic simplicity.

Find the free pattern HERE and get started on making a jacket you'll wear season after season.

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Would it be possible to reprint the jacket in the strDec/Jan 2014 issue? Also, add instructions to put the pdf pattern together. Thanks!!!
I don't have trouble printing 35 pages, it's easy enough, but I don't want to have to tape and clip these all together. If there is a scalable drawing, I would love to have it! I would be happy to go to FedEx/ Kinkos to have it run on large format. As it is, I am going to pass on this lovely jacket.
Come on ladies!
35 pages of computer paper cost approximately 30 cents!! Great pattern, ultra cheap price. I appreciate frugality but most sewists have earned their weight in gold in mending, creating, gifting etc. Enjoy your talents!
Printing Pattern
Printing these 35 pages would require very little ink; you could also use scrap paper, hence, printing costs would be very minimal.
I agree with previous comment. My husband would have my head if I printed out 35 pages on computer paper.
Where is quality boiled wool fabric available?
I love this jacket and have been trying to find a reliable source for quality boiled wool in a nice selection of colors for about two years. I wish that when you use a specialty fabric in a project that you would list sources. We have fabric stores in my area but most of them only carry quilting cottons. I have also considered using wool jersey to make my own boiled wool but most that I have found have lycra in the fabric and I don't think that it would work satisfactorily to make boiled wool.
Although 35 pages, the pattern is only a few lines on each page….much easier to do at home than to have to go to a print shop to rescale then enlarge. I'm so excited to try this pattern. I purchased a beautiful boiled wool a few years age and have been searching for just the right style for me … This is it!!
Chic jacket
Love the idea of getting the pattern instantly, but 35 pages is a bit much. Could you also offer a scale drawing that could be enlarged. One could take it to a printer or draw/enlarge it oneself. Really like the jacket. Thanks
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