Stitch Easy To Sew Potholders

Stitch Easy To Sew Potholders

Protect & Serve

Use cute holiday fabric to stitch these mini oven mitts in only 20 minutes, and then give them to your foodie friends.


  • 1 fat quarter each of 2 coordinating mediumweight fabrics
  • Heat-resistant batting (see "Sources.")
  • All-purpose thread
  • 1 package of 1/2"-wide double-fold bias binding


Download and cut out the Protect & Serve trivet pattern pieces HERE and the pot holder pattern HERE.

From fabric A, cut two mitts. From fabric B, cut two mitts and four handles. From the batting, cut two mitts and two handles.

From the bias binding, cut two 22"-long pieces and four 5"-long pieces.


Layer two fabric-B handles with wrong sides together. Sandwich one batting handle between the two fabric layers.

Position one 5" binding piece along one handle long edge, enclosing the raw edges in the fold; pin. Repeat to enclose the other handle long edge.


Stitch the binding using a wide zigzag stitch.

Layer one fabric-A and fabric-B mitt with wrong sides together. Sandwich one batting mitt between the two fabric layers.

Center the bound handle over the mitt with the fabric A side facing up. Baste the handle short edges.


Pin one 22" binding piece around the mitt outer edge, enclosing the mitt raw edges in the binding fold. Overlap the binding ends 1⁄2".

Zigzag stitch the binding, making sure to catch the handle short edges in the stitching. Stitch carefully around the curves, using the machine hand wheel for extra control, if needed.

Tip: Use a wide zigzag stitch to camouflage not-so-straight stitching.

Repeat to stitch the second mitt.


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