Suit-Able Bag

Beth Bradley
Suit-Able Bag

Download the free Suit-Able Bag pattern to make the project featured in April/May '10 "Nifty Thrifty."

Download instructions on how to print the pattern.

Full instructions for making the bag appear in the April/May '10 issue of Sew News, availble on newsstands and at


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Bag Pattern
The bag pattern is not full size. Do I need to enlarge it? There were no instructions for that in the magazine or in the download.Please send instructions on how to print.
Pattern Printing
My printer would not print the whole pattern, full size. I moved the viewed area around and clicked on "selection" area instead of printing the whole pattern at the same time. It worked. Thank you.
I just said to my husband this morning, that instead of throwing away his old, outdated jacket, I will make a bag out of it, and here is the pattern - thank you!
RE: pattern Printing
Please email to receive the "How to Print" instructions.
pattern Printing
I am also having problems printing this pattern. I do not have tile all pages. Please e-mail instructions. Thank you
The instructions are only available in the magazine.
I can't seem to print directly to my Lexmark printer, it wants to send it somewhere like Firefox or Internet Explorer or Notepad.....
Where can I find The sewing instructions for this bag?
RE: Printing
If you are using Adobe Reader, "Tile all Pages" is not an option. You will have to print out the pattern on a 8.5"x11" piece of paper and then enlarge it 160%. Please feel free to email for further help.
suit-able bag
Neither do I have the tile-all-pages option. I will send email. Thank You! This is such a great idea and modern enough for gift giving to working daughters.
RE: Suit-Able Bag pattern
Please email and I will send you printing instructions.
Suit-Able Bag pattern
I do not have a tile all pages option on either of my printers. I have shrink to, booklet, enlarge to, and normal and none print it correctly . HELP Please
Love this pattern. wanting to make me a new bag. Will probably do something springy instead of the suiting you used.
Suit-Able Bag
Love it!! Can't waite to finish my current project so I can make it.
Pattern Scale
If the pattern is printed to "Fit the Printer Margins," then the pattern needs to be enlarged 160%. Here are the final pattern measurements: Length= 10 3/4", Width=6 1/2" and Curve=16 3/4".
suitable bag
Have the perfect jacket to use
couldn't they have made it easier?
my printer doesn't have "tile all pages" so I have to guess, should have been multi page print, oh well!
Pattern scaling
When you go to print the pattern, make sure you have the "Page Scaling" set to "Tile All Pages." This will print the pattern out to the correct scale.
Enlargement Ratio
The free Suitable Bag pattern does not say the enlargement ratio is.
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