Yo-Yo Bag Clip: Free Sewing Project

Lucy Blaire
Yo-Yo Bag Clip: Free Sewing Project

Bag Clip

Let stand-alone yo-yos shine with fun clips in this free sewing project to personalize and decorate favor bags at your next party.


  • Assorted print cotton fabrics (amount according to desired size and number of yo-yos)
  • Clothespins & party favor bags (amount according to the number of yo-yos)
  • All-purpose thread
  • Embroidery floss
  • Card stock
  • Hand embroidery needle


Download the flag template. Print or trace the desired number of flags onto card stock; cut out. Write the name of each party guest onto the flags at least 1" from the short end.


Create the desired number of flat stand-alone yo-yos.

Thread a hand embroidery needle with a length of embroidery floss; knot the end. Center one yo-yo wrong side over one flag short end right side.

Hand stitch the yo-yo and flag together, making sure to only catch the yo-yo fabric wrong side. Loop the thread around one clothespin clamp twice near the hinge lower edge, and then take two more stitches through the flag and yo-yo. Knot the thread along the clothespin clamp; trim the ends.

Use your fingers to lightly curl the flag and distribute the yo-yo gathers. Clip to the party favor bag.

Repeat to create the desired number of clips.

Tip: Hang a length of twine on the wall and use the yo-yo clips to display photos or invitations. Write the photo date or invitation details to the flag


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