Cell Mate Holiday 07

Heather Bailey


Heather Bailey


Looking for a quick gift that’s functional and fashionable? Whip up a cell phone case for each of your friends and your calls will always be within reach.


All seam allowances are 1⁄4”.

1⁄4 yard of fabric for cell-phone case (fabric A)

1⁄4 yard of fabric for cell-phone case lining (fabric B)

1⁄4 yard of heavyweight fusible interfacing

1⁄2 yard of 7⁄8”-wide grosgrain ribbon

One 1⁄2”-wide snap & snap-setting tool

1 sew-on hook & eye set

(waistband style preferred)


Read all instructions before beginning.

Using the pattern on pattern sheet A, cut one case each from fabric A, fabric B and the interfacing. Mark the ribbon and hook placement on the fabric-A case. Fuse the interfacing to the fabric-A case wrong side.

Position a length of ribbon over the snap-band guide located on pattern sheet A. Cut the ribbon to length. Mark the foldlines, stitch lines and cross marks. Fold one ribbon end G” to the wrong side. Fold again 1” to the wrong side. Stitch the ribbon close to the first fold [1].

Center the female snap piece on the folded ribbon section. Attach the snap following the manufacturer’s instructions. Center the male snap piece over the remaining cross mark and attach [2].

With right sides together stitch the fabric-A case to the fabric-B case, leaving the lower edge unstitched. Trim the corners, notch the outer curves and clip the inner curves [3].

Turn the case right side out; press. Topstitch the case perimeter, leaving the lower edge free.

Align the markings on the snap band with the markings on the case so the female snap-band section extends beyond the pointed flap closure. Stitch the snap band to the case [4]. (The stitching line forms a rectangle.) Backstitch over the upper stitching line to reinforce.

With the case right side facing out, fold the front edges so they align; whipstitch [5].

Turn the case wrong side out. Center the front seam and stitch across the case lower edge, being careful to not catch the snap band in the seam [6]. Serge- or zigzag-finish the lower edge.

Fold the lower corners into a triangular shape so the lower seam is centered on the triangles. Stitch across the triangle H” from the point. Fold the triangle flaps toward the case center and whipstitch them to the lining [7]. Turn the case right side out.

Wrap the remaining ribbon over the case lower edge and up the center front. Hand stitch the ribbon in place along the long edges. Fold the ribbon raw end G” toward the wrong side [8]. Wrap the ribbon over the case upper edge toward the inside. Hand stitch the ribbon end in place.

Hand sew the hook to the inside of the flap using shallow stitches that won’t show on the case front. Insert a cell phone and close the flap to determine the eye placement. Or position the eye H” from the upper edge. Stitch the eye to the case front [9].

Insert a cell phone into the case, and then close the flap. Snap the ribbon around a purse handle.


For Best Results…

Shorten the stitch length when sewing near corners. Pivot at each corner by leaving the needle in the fabric, lifting the presser foot and turning the work until the next side runs parallel to the presser-foot edge. Lower the presser foot and continue sewing.

Hook the case around a belt to add a splash of color to your wardrobe.

Streamline your sewing and make a cell mate for everyone on your gift list. Cut all the needed pieces and work in stages over the course of several days. Your friends and family will be pleased with the results!

Heather Bailey is a fabric designer for FREESpirit and an avid seamstress. Find the featured fabrics at freespirit.com. Visit heatherbaileydesign.com or hellomynameisheather.com for project ideas, insipiration and more information.


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Why don't you show a picture with the instructions?
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