Splendid Stitchery Free Sewing Pattern and Free Embroidery Templates

Christine Haynes
Splendid Stitchery Free Sewing Pattern and Free Embroidery Templates

Download the free boat-neck top sewing pattern, sewing instructions and free embroidery templates to sew a trendy embroidered tunic.

Free Boat-Neck Top Sewing Pattern

Free Boat-Neck Top Sewing Instructions

Free Embroidery Templates

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I enjoy your Sew News Magazine so much. I am going to subscribe.
sizing is wrong
This is incorrectly sized. I did the whole thing, poster, tiling, 100% - it is indeed sized for a child. Please correct this, as it looks like a nice pattern, and I like the embroidery.
absolutely not
this pattern was one of the worst I have ever seen, I ruined a beautiful linen on it. My measurements are 34-26-36 and I cut a small, this was better suited for a child, did not come close to fitting me. I cut a large - this was another waste of fabric, despite the fact it was two sizes large than I normally wear it was still too small. I DO NOT recommend this pattern, it is a waste of time and I have wasted my money and made two unusable shirts. hopefully I will find some toddlers to give these shirts too as they do not come close to fitting any adult DO NOT USE THIS PATTERN
How To Print this Pattern
Open the file in Adobe Reader. Select "Page Layout" or "Poster Printing" and then select "Tile All Pages". Make sure the Tile Scale is set to print at 100%. The pattern should print over 15 pages. Here is a link to Christine Haynes blog post where she explains how to print her pattern: http://christinehaynes.blogspot.com/2012/09/splendid-stitchery-boatneck-top-how-to.html?m=1
How do i make the pattern the appropriate size
You don't provide any instructions for enlarging the pattern pieces. Please tell us how to use the pattern printed on an 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper.
Pattern Printing
Am unable to print the whole pattern, just prints a center square. Does someone know the trick to printing the whole pattern?
how do i make the pattern the appropriate size?
i can't figure out how to appropriately size the patterns for this boat-neck top. since the 'pattern printed on 8.5x11 paper there must be some procedure to size it for cutting out the size i need. please help me...i really want to make this terrific top!
Pattern size
Is there another place to get this pattern? I tried going to the actual website and it is not there. I really like the top and would love to make it. The one you have available is too small. Thanks, Angela
Printing of Pattern
What size paper does the pattern print on? I am assuming I will have to take it somewhere to get it printed as it does not fit on the paper sizes I can print on at home. Thanks Suzanne
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