Please Have Snow

Shannon Mullen

Please Have Snow

Shannon Mullen

Chase away the winter chills with a brightly colored fleece hat and scarf. Fleece's nonravel edges make it easy to create fringe.


Fabulous Fleece Hat


1⁄2 yard of print fleece

3⁄4 yard of solid fleece

#90 stretch needle

Water-soluble marking pen

Rotary-cutting tools

Cotton sewing thread


Enlarge the hat pattern on pattern sheet A 200%. Cut 5” off of the pattern lower edge.

Cut one hat from the print fleece. Mark the dots on the fabric with a water-soluble marking pen.

Right sides facing, stitch from dot #1 to the lower edge. Stitch from the fold to dot #2 [1].

Pinch the sides and pull gently to align dots 1 and 2. Stitch from the fold to the point on each side to stitch the remaining hat seams [2].

Measure and mark 2” up from the hat lower edge around the hat circumference. Wrong sides facing, fold up the hat lower edge to meet the marks; pin. Stitch along the raw edge.

Cut four 4” squares from the solid fleece for the ear flaps. Wrong sides facing, pin two flaps together. Cut around the lower edge corners to form slight curves. Using a I” seam allowance, stitch around the lower and side edges. Fringe the lower and side edges by making cuts in the seam allowance G” apart. Repeat to create ­the second ear flap. Pin one ear flap on each side of the hat; stitch in place.

Cut two 11⁄2”x12” strips from the print fleece for the ties. Fold each strip in half lengthwise; stitch J” from the lengthwise raw edge. Stitch each tie to the inside lower seamline of one ear flap.

From the solid fleece cut one strip that measures 1H” by the fabric width. Center the strip over the hat lower-edge seamline. Stitch down the strip center. To create fringe, make cuts G” apart on each side of the seamline [3].

From the solid fleece cut two 1H”x8” strips. Fold each strip in half widthwise. Wrap the folded edge around the bottom of one tie; stitch. To fringe each tie, snip every H”. Pull the pieces to stretch the fleece and create the curled ends.

Super Striped Scarf


1⁄4 yard of green fleece

1⁄4 yard of blue fleece

Edge-joining foot (or any foot

with a flange in the center)

Rotary-cutting tools

Decorative rayon thread

From the green fleece cut one 3”-wide and one 4”-wide strip across the fabric width. From the blue fleece cut one 2”-wide and one 1”-wide strip across the fabric width.

Thread the machine with decorative thread in the top and bobbin. Attach an edge-joining foot. Select a decorative stitch, such as a zigzag, that’s at least 6 mm wide.

Abut the 3”-wide green strip and the 2”-wide blue strip, positioning the foot’s flange between the strips. Stitch the strips together beginning 6” from one end and ending 6” from the opposite end [4].

Repeat to stitch the second set of strips. Stitch the strip sets together, abutting a green and blue strip.

To fringe the scarf, cut 1” –wide stripes along each end, cutting up to the stitching [5].

Shannon Mullen, author of Sew Hip, is the face of MIY. She’s the Youth Development Coordinator for Husqvarna Viking, and is on a mission to spread creativity through sewing. She loves making trendy and fashionable projects that express her individuality.

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