Sewing Machine Cover

Ellen March
Sewing Machine Cover

Protect your sewing machine and decorate your sewing nook in the process. A simple custom cover is easy to make and easy on the wallet. Create the featured cover in 35 minutes or less, leaving plenty of time to make a second cover for your serger!


  • Approximately 1 yard of print fabric (amount determined by machine measurements)
  • 22"x36" rectangle of high-loft batting
  • 2 yards of 1"-wide twill tape
  • Thread: matching all-purpose & quilting
  • Walking foot (optional)

Use 1/4" seam allowances.


Measure the sewing machine along its widest points. Measure from the machine lower edge, over the top of the machine and down to the machine lower edge; record. Measure the machine width from its widest points; record. Add 1" to each measurement.


From the fabric, cut two rectangles to the determined measurements and four 2"x20" strips.

Fold one strip in half lengthwise; press. Stitch one short end and the long open edge. Turn the strip right side out; press. Repeat to stitch the remaining strips to create each tie.

Position one fabric rectangle on a flat work surface with the wrong side facing up. Center the batting over the fabric. Position the remaining fabric rectangle right side up over the batting, aligning the fabric corners and edges. Pin-baste generously though all layers.


Install the walking foot on the machine, if desired. Thread the machine with quilting thread in the needle and bobbin.

Quilt the rectangle, working from the rectangle center toward the edges. Straight stitch, outline quilting along each fabric motif. Or stitch intersecting lines as desired. Or drop the feed dogs and free-motion quilt the entire rectangle.

TIP: Use an embroidery machine, load built-in quilting designs into the machine and experiment by stitching different design combinations on the fabric.

Trim the batting even with the fabric edges.


Bind the rectangle using the twill tape. Trim one twill tape end at a 45° angle. Fold the end 1/4" toward the wrong side; press.

Position the angled twill tape end along one rectangle long edge center, with right sides together; pin. Begin stitching the twill tape to the rectangle 3" from the twill tape folded end.

Continue stitching the twill tape, clipping the seam allowance slightly at each corner.

End the stitching 3" from the twill tape folded end. Trim the opposite twill tape end to fit into the fold; stitch.

Flip over the cover and position it on a flat work surface. Pin each tie end 8" from each rectangle corner. Wrap the twill tape around the rectangle, encasing the tie ends; pin generously, and then stitch.

Place the cover over the machine with the ties facing down. Tie the ties to secure.


Arrow Sewing Cabinets provided the featured Auntie Em sewing cabinet: (800) 533-7347,

Janome provided the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition sewing and embroidery machine:

Mountain Mist provided the Cotton Blossom batting: (800) 345-7150,

Westminster Fibers provided the Wildwood by Erin McMorris fabric for Free Spirit: or


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