Sew a Tablet Sleeve

Susan Beck
Sew a Tablet Sleeve

Protect your tablet with a cute quilted felt sleeve. The curved edge flap adds color and style to the useful case.

Download the free pattern.


Tablet Sleeve

Protect your tablet with a cute quilted felt sleeve. The curved edge flap adds color and style to the useful case.


Supplies listed are enough to make on 10"x11" sleeve.

  • Two 11"x18" rectangles of wool or wool felt
  • Fat quarter of print cotton fabric
  • 4" square of coordinating print fabric
  • 10"x11" rectangle of low-loft batting
  • All-purpose thread
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • 1 1/2"-diameter covered button kit
  • Elastic hair tie
  • Point turner (optional)


Download the pattern (see link above)

From the fat quarter, cut two flaps.

From the batting, cut one flap.

From the hair tie, cut one 3" length.


Use 1/2" seam allowances unless otherwise noted.

Position one flap wrong side up on a flat work surface. Position the batting over the flap and secure using temporary spray adhesive.

Position the two flaps with right sides together; pin. Fold the hair tie in half widthwise. Position the hair tie in between the flaps, aligning the ends with the flap edge at the pattern marking. Stitch the flap sides and curved edge.

Trim the curved seam allowance to 1/4". Grade the seam allowances and batting to reduce bulk.

Turn the flap right side out; press, using a point turner to push out the curved edge if needed. Designate the open edge as the upper edge.

Position the sleeves with wrong sides together; secure using temporary spray adhesive.

Quilt the sleeve in a simple pattern, such as channel quilting (parallel stitching lines in one direction), grid quilting (parallel stitching lines in two directions), or windowpane quilting (grid quilting using double stitching lines). The featured sleeve showcases windowpane quilting.

Stitch 1/8" from each sleeve short end using a 3mm-wide and 3mm-long zigzag stitch. Edgestitch each sleeve long edge using a straight stitch. Designate one sleeve short edge as the upper edge.

With right sides together, position the flap upper edge 1/2" from the sleeve upper edge; stitch 1/4" from the flap upper edge. Fold the flap toward the right side; press. Stitch the flap close to the seamline, and then stitch 1/4" from the first stitching line.

Fold the sleeve in half widthwise with wrong sides together, positioning the lower edge 1 1/2" from the upper edge. Edgestitch the sleeve sides along the previous stitching line.

From the coordinating square, cut one 3"-diameter circle. Cover the button following the manufacturer's instructions.

Fold the flap over the sleeve. Mark the button placement. Handstitch the button onto the sleeve at the button placement marking.


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Thank you
Just wanted to thank you for providing this free pattern & instructions. My embroidery machine does not have a large-enough field to do the "in-the-hoop" tablet covers and I kept postponing measuring & making up a pattern - this is perfect!!
Tablet Sleeve Pattern-Instructions?
I was able to download this pattern but could not find the instructions for assembling it.
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