Mad Men Style Recap

Whether or not you’re a semi-obsessed fan (like me!) of AMC’s  ’6os-era drama Mad Men, the show has definitely started influencing the fashion world with its glamorous period costumes. Last night was the premiere of Season 4, so my friend Katie and I hosted a little viewing party. Season 4 takes place in 1964, just as full skirts were leaving the scene and sleek mod silhouettes were becoming chic. While I loved catching up on everything that’s been going on with the Mad Men characters, my favorite part was actually seeing what they’re sporting from one scene to the next.

Here are some fashion highlights from the show (click on the images to see full-size photos), all of which are making me want to spend the day scouring eBay for authentic 1960s sewing patterns. (If you’re a fellow fan of retro styles, don’t miss “Vintage Pattern Pointers in the Aug/Sept ’10 Sew News.)

One of the most interesting garments was this strapless evening gown worn by a new character, Bethany Van Nuys. All morning, I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s ombre-dyed or has black furry fringe along the neckline. Let me know what you think!

episode 1 bethany 300x211 Mad Men Style Recap
Photo: Courtesy of AMC

In this scene, Betty Draper wears a chic light-blue silk noil suit. I love the monochromatic look created by the matching chiffon blouse. So Jackie O!

episode 1 henry betty 300x211 Mad Men Style Recap

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

I also love the menswear featured on Mad Men, especially the classic three-piece suit worn by Roger Sterling (right).

episode 1 pete roger 300x211 Mad Men Style Recap

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

Finally, I adore this floral cocktail dress, worn by ultimate fashionista character Joan in a Season 4 promotional photo. I’d love to make something like this in time for the fast-approaching holiday season. This Anne Klein pattern from Vogue (1192) might make a good facsimile.

joan portrait 224x300 Mad Men Style Recap

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

V1192 284x300 Mad Men Style Recap

I can’t wait for more Mad Men and 1960s style. It’s always so much fun watching the costumes evolve along with the characters. What’s your favorite show or movie for finding sewing inspiration?

 Mad Men Style Recap
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3 Responses to Mad Men Style Recap

  1. Janet says:

    A full-length view can be seen here
    Love this dress too!

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Megan! I think you’re right. After looking closely at the photo, it definitely looks like fringe. I wish I could find a full-length shot!

  3. megan says:

    I also loved the strapless dress worn by Bethany..I believe it has fringe/feathers at the neckline. I checked it out pretty good when she stood up to show Don, from the side the were hanging-not part of the fabric.