Day 10 Giveaway: Win The Sewing Bible!

WOW! We got an awesome response to our Day 9 Giveaway for Bags in Bloom: Create 20 Unique Flower Purses with Simple Embroidered Stitches and Easy-to-Sew Patterns. You all must be as bag-crazy as we are!The lucky winner is…drum roll, please…Linda! Here’s Linda’s great answer: “I tend to make the huge bags and totes. Since I am a grandma that watches the grandbabies, I am always toting around diapers, wipes, food and toys in addition to all the regular stuff a lady needs. Sometimes when I am shopping I will delve into my bag and pull out a toy or something for a mischievious tyke that a mom needs help with. icon smile Day 10 Giveaway: Win The Sewing Bible!

Congratulations, Linda, and thanks to everyone for participating! We’d love to see pictures of the bags you’ve made, so post them to our Facebook wall if you’d like to share.

bible 228x300 Day 10 Giveaway: Win The Sewing Bible!

Don’t fret if you didn’t win yesterday’s drawing, because we still have three more awesome prizes up for grabs in our 12 Days of Giveaways.  For Day 10, we’re giving away the must-have book, The Sewing Bible-Clothing: The Ultimate Resource of Ideas, Techniques Ideas and Inspiration by Wendy Gardiner (David & Charles). And believe me–it’s just as cool as it sounds! To enter, answer the following question in the Comments section: What was the first garment you ever sewed? Leave your comment by tomorrow when we’ll announce the winner!

 Day 10 Giveaway: Win The Sewing Bible!
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77 Responses to Day 10 Giveaway: Win The Sewing Bible!

  1. Athalia Piernas says:

    The first garment I sewed was a pair of shorts when I was age seven (7). I rushed to put it together without marking the pieces and sewed a back to a front piece. When it didn’t fit together, I broke down and asked my mother what did I do wrong? After she laughed heartily, she made me rip it apart and begin again by marking the darts in the seamlines, reading the guidesheet before I began to sew. That taught me a valuable sewing lesson: take time to prepare your project and read before you begin. 60 years later am an accomplished seamstress & wedding gown designer which I use as a wonderful hobby. I still prepare & read up on my projects before I begin.

  2. Dthomas says:

    The first garment I ever sewed and wore with great pride was a maternity jumpsuit. I remember it well and it was so well done, I wore it through two pregnancies and passed it on to my sister when she became pregnant. It was a pretty peach and white petite plaid with pockets, ankle length pant legs with moderate gathering caught in a cuff (very post 80s style), sleeveless with armhole facings and a neck facing and a back tie. I had completely forgotten about it until now.

  3. Victoria Butler says:

    Middle school sewing class…a yellow cotton blouse and a red hankershief print skirt…what a wonderful color combination! I don’t remember why those were the fabric selections. No wonder my mother called me a gypsy. But I was hooked. My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was 5. It’s been 65 years and I’m going strong.

  4. Anna N says:

    The first item item I ever made was a lime green jumper in Girl Scouts and at the time I thought it was the most amazing jumper ever. I wore complete with matching shirt and socks it till I got to big for it.

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  6. Nancy says:

    I was 30 years old and without taking lessons, I was determined to make an outfit for my young daughter. I had sewn wrong sides together on the crotch of the pants and didn’t know what was wrong. My neighbor, an excellant seamstress laughed out loud (showed her husband the pants), and I was so embarrassed it’s a wonder I ever tried to sew another thing. Now at 67 I’m still making mistakes, but I’m not too hard on myself as everyone else makes them too. Failure is no excuse to give up on yourself.

  7. Gail D. says:

    I’m starting to sew again after a several-year hiatus, and I think this book would really help me out!

  8. Linda says:

    My first outfit I sewed was pants and a tunic. It was in the 60′s and I wore that outfit alot. I made Barbie clothes too. It got me hooked and the change I made babysitting was spent on fabric?

  9. Patsy says:

    A gathered skirt in the early 1950′s when I was in 6th grade. The gathers were done by hand stitching two row and then pulling the two threads. Getting to use my mom’s treadle machine was the most fun!

  10. Callie says:

    Excluding the doll clothes I made as a kid, my first garment was a blue floral “prairie” sundress I made when I was probably about 10 years old. I had a matching one for my doll.

  11. m says:

    A hat for my daughter

  12. Judy Wilcox says:

    The first garment I ever sewed was a pair of pajamas for me. They were summer pj’s in a tiny little red polka dot on white, just a sleeveless top and shorts for bottoms. They may have been pique or seersucker. They were hideous! Bad fit, bad seams, bad sewing. I don’t think I ever wore them even. I graduated to Barbie doll and other doll clothes and on to greater accomplishments. I did this on a treadle sewing machine tucked into a dark corner in the dirt-floored basement workshop of my dad. I had to go outside around the back of the house to get to the basement entrance. It was a lift-up wooden door that I had to get one of my older brothers to open for me because it was too heavy for me. There was no way my mother was going to let me use her new electric machine. So I learned on a treadle and despite the frustrations, I was only 7, I loved it!

  13. Heather Seaman says:

    My Princess Leia doll was the first to ever wear any garment I had made. I believe I made her a shirt that was a bit too tight. For myself, I remember making a wrap-around skirt.

  14. Cheryl says:

    First garments were in 10th grade home ec class. Made an apricot colored A-line skirt and sleeveless top. Had to do the zipper like the teacher wanted and not the easy way my mom had taught me. Had already been sewing for a few years at home.

  15. Janet Harris says:

    A jumper I think. I grew up sewing. I am from a family of ten. I was the sixth of seven girls. I had a lot of help with my sewing problems. I can remember when you could buy material 3 yards for $1 and patterns were dirt cheap. The family sewing machine got a lot of use.

  16. Heidi says:

    a pair of knickers in sewing class

  17. Lorri says:

    My first garment was a yellow print tent dress when I was probably 8 or 9 years old. I lived next door to my graandma and she helped me with it–zipper and all.

  18. Maria Kievit says:

    Wow, that takes me back many years. We had craft classes way back in second or third grade of elementary school. Can’t really remember what the first garment was. Maybe Barbie clothes, or a skirt or two that were precut, all you needed to do was sew it together. One of them is still in my closet, it’s a scottish kilt, however it doesn’t fit anymore, waiting till the time comes that it will fit again. (I’m talking 30 + years ago that it was made….)

  19. Susi Ripple says:

    Back when I was in grade school, all the GIRLS had to take a sewing class. So the first garment I ever made was there. It was an A Line skirt. It turned out pretty good. I wish I was more like my Grandmother. She could make anything without a pattern and hand sewed seams that looked like they were done with a machine!

  20. Stacey says:

    the first garmet i ever sewed was a itty bitty little baby dress for my daughter when i was pregnant with her. it came out cute, i really could use this book, because for some reason, every time i try to sew clothes, all h$ll breaks loose. i try and try, but something always seems to go wrong. i always try to make my girls cute tops, but like i said, something always goes wrong?!?!

    looks like an awesome book, good luck and congrats to the winner

  21. MelodyJ says:

    I havenot sewn it yet.


  22. illyse sheaffer says:

    12th grade 1st sewing class i wanted and was determined to make men’s chino pants with welted pockets and all. Teacher made me make a skirt instead. I had no heart in it, turned out awful. The pants were the 2nd project and they were perfect. Pockets and all. :)

  23. Jill says:

    The first garmet I ever sewed was a bib for my baby brother. I was in middle school at the time. It also had an applique of a teddy bear. Needless to say, the bib was a bit crooked and the bear was definately home-made looking; however, I saw the bib through to the end. My little brother never noticed the imprefections anyway!

  24. The first garment I made was an apron in Jr High. I sewed several shirts over the next few years and loved them more than the store bought ones!

  25. Gail Banks says:

    It is very easy for me to remember this. I got a sewing basket for Christmas from Santa when I was in the 4th grade. I am 55 now so you know that was some time ago. I got a pattern and fabric and all the basic sewing supplies one would need to make a simple shift dress. My Mom sewed all my clothes and taught me to sew. I still sew all the time and I am now teaching my Granddaughter to sew.

  26. Connie says:

    Grade 8 home ec class, too….a dress, sleevless and made out of the same fabric almost everyone else used….never worn as a consequence, but I do remember finishing the thing…..facings, hem and all!

  27. Cheri Dodson says:

    The first garment I ever made was a no-pattern 1-yard apron. My grandmother taught me how to make them when I was about 10 years old. I still make them today at 54!