Happy New Year! Day 12 Giveaway Winner

Happy New Year to all of our Sew News readers! We hope you had a happy and restful holiday season, and that you’re ready to kick off another great year of sewing! It was super inspiring to get to read your sewing resolutions on the final day of our 12 Days of Giveaways. You have some great ideas to really stretch your skills and take on exciting new projects. The lucky winner of Sharing Stitches: Exchanging Fabric and Inspiration to Sew One-of-a-Kind is Beth! Here’s Beth’s 2011 sewing resolution:

“My sewing resolution is to spend at least one hour a week in my sewing room sewing something. I sewed 15 ties, and 8 little wallets for Christmas presents this year and had so much fun in my sewing room. I wondered, “Why am I not down here more often?” My other resolution is to make a duct tape dress form for myself. We already made one for my daughter, so I know how and already have the supplies on hand. Then I’ll be ready to make things that will fit me well!”

Thanks again to everyone for participating in our 12 Days of Giveaways! If you didn’t get lucky this time around, don’t worry! We’ll have tons more freebies and contests coming up in 2011, so stay tuned!

 Happy New Year! Day 12 Giveaway Winner
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One Response to Happy New Year! Day 12 Giveaway Winner

  1. pat says:

    When cutting off hems.Keep it.USE as Trim & texture on somthing. I ve used both ,that wide,or opened ,for wider trim.
    Had circles,squares etc.Worked nicely.