Fashion Show from Project Runway’s Fallene Wells

fallene 228x300 Fashion Show from Project Runways Fallene Wells

Fallene Wells (photo from Lifetime)

Here at Sew News, we have a serious Project Runway obsession, which is why we’re so excited that another hometown designer, Fallene Wells, made it onto Season 9, now airing on Lifetime. We love Fallene’s playful, colorful style, and have been so impressed with her dedication to promoting fellow artists and designers. Since 2007, Fallene has been producing Forever Darling, a glamorous, high-energy event showcasing local talent. We had a chance to talk to Fallene about Forever Darling IV (coming up on Sept. 30) and find out her advice for aspiring designers.

What is the mission behind Forever Darling?

Fallene: Our mission is to create a sustainable business and raise the profile of Denver’s artistic professionals, promote local fashion designers and build excitement in the local fashion community.

What are you excited to see at this year’s Forever Darling?

Fallene: I’m thrilled for Forever Darling IV Sept 30th. We have so many amazing and talented designers showing their collections. I’m also very excited for this year’s theme which is a modern twist on the ’20s. I wanted to create more of an interactive style event where the attendees can dress up, get their pictures taken and feel that they are a part of the show! I also can’t wait to see the ’20s style dancers and live jazz, which will take place at 6:30PM.

What is your advice for aspiring designers who want to start their own line?

Fallene: Start small and see what is marketable before manufacturing a big line. I am finally getting to a point where I am going to start having a few items manufactured. It’s something that takes patience, money and refining your style. I would also suggest to take classes with Denver Design Incubator. There are professionals in that organization that have experience with manufacturing and making a profit from your designs. One last word of advice: Don’t sell yourself short! Designers get in the habit–I’m super guilty of this–of not charging for your time. You need to get paid for the hard work you are doing.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Fallene: I’m very inspired by nature. I love the textures, color combinations and asymmetry that nature offers. I don’t design an outfit to look like a plant, but I just take ideas from nature. With my design process I usually think of a concept, then a story and research everything. With my collection for FD4, it’s all about the late ’20s era. I want to add elegance to the newsboy look by incorporating luxurious fabrics and sophisticated prints, but in a casual, newsboy kind of way.

Be sure to visit Forever Darling to learn about the featured designers, see pictures from past shows and purchase tickets to the event! To find out more about Fallene and her designs, visit her website.

 Fashion Show from Project Runways Fallene Wells
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