Sew It All 13 Days of Giveaways-Day 10

It’s day 10 of our Sew It All 13 Days of Giveaways on our blog!

Remember to enter to win each day by answering a question in the Comments section. Also, we will be giving away a GRAND PRIZE, your own copy of Sew It All, Season 1! You will be automatically entered to win the grand prize every time you comment on a giveaway day question.

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner; Lori Wall. Please email with your mailing address to receive your prize.

Today, we’re giving away a copy of Sew It All, Vol. 2 to three winners! (Check out June Mellinger’s episode, “Knit Wit,” and download the project for free.)SN21210 229x300 Sew It All 13 Days of Giveaways Day 10

For your chance to win, answer this question in the comments section:

Do you subscribe to Sew News or CME magazine? If so, did you subscribe after seeing the special offer on Sew It All?

Enter your answer below and good luck! Tomorrow, we’ll announce today’s winner and the question for Day 11!

 Sew It All 13 Days of Giveaways Day 10
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138 Responses to Sew It All 13 Days of Giveaways-Day 10

  1. Ellen says:

    I subscribed to Sew News and I think it was Sew It All that I really wanted. I can’t see how to subscribe to it. Can someone help me with this. Could I have the remainder of my subscription changed to Sew it All?

  2. Brenda Werntz says:

    No, thinking about it though.

  3. Donna Hassinger says:

    I have subscribed to Sew News for a lot of years and have already renewed through 2014. I love it!!

  4. KT says:

    Sew News. I look forward to each new issues as a child does a new toy! :)

  5. Sabrina Heard says:

    I subscribe to both magazines. I started reading the blog after I subscribed.

  6. jan beck says:

    Yes I am a faithfull reader of sew news, and have been for years. I did not receive any special deals though.

  7. jan beck says:

    I was allready a subscriber, and proud to say it !

  8. Calla Ferguson says:

    I got the offer a few months ago in the mail. I didn’t hesitate to subscribe!!! Two GREAT mags for $25…your nuts if you don’t!

  9. Kelly Schafer says:

    I just subscribed on line. I had been buying at JoAnn’s.

  10. Becky P S says:

    No, sadly I don’t subscribe :( I need to check it out though!

  11. renda says:

    Haven’t subscribed yet; considering it!

  12. Jayne Berghorn says:

    Nor yet–bought the latest copy at the bookstore and plan to subscribe.

  13. Amanda Smith says:

    No, I (used to) buy it at Borders.

  14. Monica Cope says:

    I have been a subscriber for 20 years. I still have copies of those old, BIG “Sew News Magazines!”

  15. Donna Russ says:

    no I’m not a sucriper but I love to watch the show on tv.

  16. Diana says:

    Yes, I subscribe but have done so since before “Sew It All” existed.

  17. Jeanne Gold says:

    I subscribe to both. No I already had subscriptions.

  18. Melissa Harrison says:

    No. I don’t suscribe, but I will check it out the next time I go to JoAnn’s.

  19. Lydia Vorpahl says:

    Not yet…but it is in my near future!

  20. LauraM says:

    Have been a subscriber of Sew News for years!

  21. carla vachowski says:

    Not yet! Its in my list, tho!

  22. Mama Lusco says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  23. Dawn says:

    no, I don’t subscribe – I have found with other publications that delivery times are often not great compared to just picking a copy up in-store.

  24. Linda T says:

    I don’t subscribe yet but I read your magazine faithfully. Don’t get the TV show but got a nice offer in my email the other day.

  25. Melinda Thompson says:

    Sew News–for years!

  26. connie smith says:

    No, but I wish I did. I am currently unemployed and can’t afford any extra luxaries.

  27. kae hulbert says:

    No, I buy it at Jo Anns, and look at it online.

  28. Letha Gatz says:

    Yes, I subcribe to Sew News. I signed up because I bought the magazine off the shelf and loved it.

  29. Natalya Hoak says:

    No, I am a newbie and just now discovering all that is out there! I will have to check it out, because so many people are commenting on it.

  30. Jannetta Carney says:

    I am not a subscriber but love to sew.

  31. Jennifer Wright says:

    I want to subscribe, but I normally buy it at Joanns.

  32. Regina Roza says:

    yes i am a subscriber :)

  33. Krystal Bennett says:

    No, I haven’t subscribed yet. But I have been able to locate an issue from time to time.

  34. Brenda says:

    Just subscribed to Sew News. Can’t wait until my first issue. No, I can’t get the show in my area. Wish I could.

  35. I have subscribe and like everything about the magazine.

  36. Paula Henderson says:

    I usually pick up Sew News when I go to the book store. I have to drive to get fabric, notions and other sewing, quilting and stitching items when I travel out of town. The closest fabric store is over 100 miles away.

  37. BJMarley says:

    I do subscribe to Sew News.

  38. Vicky Smith says:

    Yes I did subscribe to both and awaiting them in the mail :) :)