ASE & Passion for Fashion contest

I just got back from another great American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. As always, there were great fabric, notions, pattern and design vendors and I got to compete in the Passion for Fashion contest again!

This year’s contest was a BLAST! We received our challenge early Friday morning and this year we selected a movie to base our outfit on. You could be inspired by the movie, a character in the movie or the actual movie poster. I selected one of my favorite movies ever, West Side Story.

kim with poster 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestAfter we all selected our movie, we sketched our design, and then shopped the floor for fabrics and notions. We worked all day Friday draping and patterning the designs. Saturday was a mad dash to finish everything and then fit your model before the judging, and then runway show. Here I am working like crazy to fit the pants for my model (why did I do pants again this year?!). washer dryer ase expo 025 300x225 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestFinally it was time for the runway show. This year all the designers spoke on stage about their design inspiration and how they interepted it in their garment. Afterwards, the top six finalists were announced, and then the top three winners. The winner was Erin Miller and her outfit based on the new Alice in Wonderland. She did such a great job, it just screams “The Mad Hatter!”

washer dryer ase expo 037 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestSecond place went to Cheryl Zemke and her 101 Dalmations inspired dress and jacket. It looked amazing! And third place went to Gretchen Hirsch and her Frida inspired dress and bolero. She had a deep personal connection with both the movie and the artist, which really showed in her thoughtful representation. washer dryer ase expo 035 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestI thought everyone did a fantastic job. I really loved Eve Kovacs  super cool Star Wars inspired outfit. I loved the knit “helmet!” And it moved really well down the runway. washer dryer ase expo 034 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestJennifer Simmons made a super cute Chicago inspired outfit with a leather jacket! washer dryer ase expo 031 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestAnd here’s my West Side Story inspired outfit. I actually changed my design like three times, so I was just happy my model was wearing something on the runway! I took inspiration from the tomboy character, Anybodys, from the movie. I did a pair of burnt orange/red capris and a cable knit crop top with a silk sash on the back. My model Samantha was a sweetheart and looked great! washer dryer ase expo 029 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contestwasher dryer ase expo 030 225x300 ASE & Passion for Fashion contest

What movie would you have chosen? Are you inspired by movies when creating your garment designs?

It so much fun competing and seeing the other talented designers’ work! And a big thanks to the ASE team who worked so hard to put together an awesome show and competition. I can’t wait until next year!


 ASE & Passion for Fashion contest
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