Cut ‘n’ Sew: Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Challenge

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Tomorrow Denver will celebrate the upcoming Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the Denver Art Museum, as well as the opening of the city’s first H&M, with an exciting, real-time fashion competition called Cut ‘n’ Sew. Four local designers will have just four hours to create looks inspired by YSL, culminating in a fashion show hosted by Fallene Wells of Project Runway. I’ll get to be in on the action too, as a judge, and I can’t wait to see what the designers come up with. Yves Saint Laurent’s 40-year career as an innovative and groundbreaking designer is certainly rich with inspiration. Stay tuned for pictures from the event tomorrow, and here’s a question for you: If you could create an ensemble inspired by the work of any fashion designer, who would you choose?

 Cut n Sew: Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Challenge
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5 Responses to Cut ‘n’ Sew: Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Challenge

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  2. Roberta Malcolm says:

    Erte, Poiret, or Worth. Love the old stuff.

  3. Beth says:

    Michael Kors, Chanel and Balmain are all wonderful choices! I also love Madeleine Vionnet’s beautiful draped gowns.

  4. Liz Lemonade says:

    Vintage Balmain, for sure. That man built dresses like Frankie Wright built houses.

  5. rozevelyn says:

    I love Michael Kors designs, so I would draw inspiration there or go back and review Chanel.