Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

I’m so excited to finally post about the amazing teaching experience I had at CKU (Creating Keepsakes University) at the end of October in La Jolla, CA. Our Associate Editor, Beth Bradley, created a super fun and easy sewing project that she was going to teach to scrapbookers at our sister publication, Creating Keepsakes‘ convention. Unfortunately, Beth was unable to attend the event and I stepped in last minute as her replacement.

Picture1 300x201 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

The pillow project.

It was such a fun time and super rewarding! I taught scrapbookers all weekend how to stitch a cute ruffle flower pillow in a 1 1/2 hour class. One of the first things I asked each class was, “How many people have never sewn before?” To my surprise only one or two people out of each group had never touched a sewing machine before. Most people had taken classes, had a family member teach them or were self-taught, but most hadn’t stitched anything in years.

hardatwork 300x169 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

A class hard at work.

beginner 300x169 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

A complete beginner smiling with her almost done pillow.

All the scrapbookers were enthusiastic and interested in brushing up on their skills. And if the person had never sewn, they were eager to learn. They weren’t intimated by the project or the sewing machine. Everyone was determined to finish their pillow to show off to their husband, family or friends and say, “Look what I stitched!” And most people were already discussing how they would create larger pillows for their home or turn the ruffle flower into a cute book cover.

pillows 300x169 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

Showing off their finished pillows.

It was wonderful to see the excited energy about sewing fill up the classroom. It made me think that most people have a basic sewing knowledge, but might not do it regularly because they think they have to make a tailored suit jacket. It was great to show them that you can create quick and rewarding projects anytime! And showing more experience sewists a new ruffling technique, new machines and fabric to get their sewing juices flowing again.

team 300x169 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

A grandmother helping her beginner grandaughter.

I can’t wait to teach sewists and non-sewists again soon (Beth and I have exciting news to be announced soon) and spread the love to sewing!

finished pillows 300x169 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU

Smiling with their finished pillows.

I also want to give a big thanks to Baby Lock for providing machines, Coats & Clark for providing thread, Fairfield for providing polyester fiberfill, Westminster Fabrics for providing fabric, Adorn it! for providing the fabric and project idea and the awesome CKU events team,

 Spreading the Love of Sewing at CKU
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