Flat Ellen at OSQE in Lakeland, FL!

Lakeland 20120223 00045 300x225 Flat Ellen at OSQE in Lakeland, FL!

Attention stitchers, quilters and crafters, Flat Ellen is at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Lakeland, FL this weekend! If you’re in that neck of the woods, check out the Expo at 701 West Lime St. for lots of fun stuff and a photo op with Sew it All TV host Ellen March’s cardboard twin, Flat Ellen!

“Get ready for your annual treat, the only event each year where it’s all about YOU. Returning just in time to re-charge your creativity, this year’s Expo brings you MORE about quiltmaking, MORE on Stage and in the Classroom, MORE workshops, MORE shopping . . . much more for you to choose from and enjoy.”

For class descriptions and more Expo information, see their website here.

Send your photos with Flat Ellen to sewnews@sewnews.com and get posted on our blog!

 Flat Ellen at OSQE in Lakeland, FL!
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One Response to Flat Ellen at OSQE in Lakeland, FL!

  1. I saw Flat Ellen there, but didn’t think to get a pic with her! She did look VERY photogenic, though! I had to do a double take; I thought she was real at first!