Sewing with Felt

Happy Monday afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a wonderfully crafty weekend. I spent my weekend crafting with felt. I like felt because it’s easy to draw designs on and cut out, you don’t have to finish all the edges and of course it comes in tons of fun colors. Felt is also easy for kids; making it a great way to get them started crafting early!

I’ve made a list of a few projects you can do with felt that you can wear, decorate with or get a room ready for the holidays. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite! Also, what’s your favorite fabric to work with and why?

Felt flower dahlia1 300x199 Sewing with Felt

These flowers from Make and Do Girl are gorgeous! Play around with the number of petals to make the flowers bigger or smaller. This pattern uses a hot glue gun, but they are smiple enough to sew. 

pillow1 300x257 Sewing with Felt

 Make an elegant pillow (or an old pillow look elegant) by adding felt flowers. DIY Crafts shows you how to make a pillow you’ll rather look at than sleep on.

On the Clock1 Sewing with Felt

Having a Halloween party this year? Our latest issue of Sew News has a free pattern to make this cute treat bag. Hang them on chair backs and give away as party favors.

felt fall wreath21 199x300 Sewing with Felt


Decorate for the fall holidays with this felt rose wreath by Confetti Style. Add leaves in contrasting colors to make it even more eye-catching.

SDC126721 300x236 Sewing with Felt 

Christmas is just around the corner! Get started on decoration ideas early with these ornament designs from Whip Up.

 Sewing with Felt
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