Taffeta Thursday! Fun tips for sewing with Taffeta!

Taffeta dates all the way back to the 16th century.  The word taffeta is derived from the Persian word taftah, which refers to a fine, plain weave.

Taffeta Taffeta Thursday! Fun tips for sewing with Taffeta!

While taffeta was originally made of silk, today it can be found made of rayon, acetate, nylon or polyester.

Taffeta is a popular fabric for bridal gowns and formal wear and features a fine rib-weave and a distinctive rustle (which gives it an extra elegant feel).

Taffeta comes in a variety of weights from light to heavy, and also comes in a variety of solids, prints and iridescents.

Downsides to taffeta:

It is easily marred by pins.

It has a tendency to ravel.

It can waterspot easily and show perspiration.

It is susceptible to seam slippage and puckering.

Tips for sewing with taffeta:goldtaffeta 300x300 Taffeta Thursday! Fun tips for sewing with Taffeta!

Instead of pins, use weights to hold the fabric while cutting. While sewing, use pins only in the seam allowances if possible.

Use a new needle when sewing with taffeta and always hold the fabric taut when stitching.

Never use a hot iron on taffeta! Instead use a warm, dry iron for light pressing. Always test press a fabric scrap first.

Sew taffeta with soft cotton thread or silk thread to avoid imprints.

To hide any needle holes that might appear, lightly scratch the fabric with your thumbnail.

Fun tip!

Taffeta can be easily marred by anything that could snag on the fabric, and this includes your hands.  Avoid wearing large rings when sewing with taffeta.  If you have any rough calluses or hang nails try to take care of them before sewing.  Consider using a simple sugar scrub, or if you’ve been looking for a reason to get pampered with a manicure here you go!

Anyone have a favorite garment they’ve made using taffeta? Where did you wear it?  Did you have any issues while sewing it?

 Taffeta Thursday! Fun tips for sewing with Taffeta!
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One Response to Taffeta Thursday! Fun tips for sewing with Taffeta!

  1. Anita says:

    Oh the joys of the easily unravelling taffeta. What would we do without sergers. But the results are always stunning.