Featured Sewing Tools Galore Response!

supplies 300x200 Featured Sewing Tools Galore Response!Well it took a little while for us to comb through all of your fabulous comments, but we’ve finally chosen a featured reader (and response).

Vereathe M. wrote: For all of my types of sewing, be it sewing garments, quilts, or appliqué I need my trusty scissors. I have all types of scissors and have auditioned others but I always come back to my tried and true, my favorite scissors that I would totally miss. I have found ways to use them for many purposes in a pinch, so with them, a needle and thread I can conquer the world! (My part of it anyway, LOL)

Her comment will appear in an upcoming issue of Sew News and she has won a fabulous grab bag. Thanks to everyone that responded, many of you had extremely wonderful answers.

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 Featured Sewing Tools Galore Response!
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One Response to Featured Sewing Tools Galore Response!

  1. Joyce Cloud says:

    want a new sewing machine and also some fabrics and notiions