Casting Call Contestant Profile: Caroline Hulse

 Casting Call Contestant Profile: Caroline Hulse

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Caroline Hulse

Congratulations Caroline Hulse, on being selected as one of our final contestants in the Sew it All TV Casting Call! Before we meet Caroline in Puyallup in March, we’re getting to know her and her super cute blog,

Sew it All: When did you learn to sew? Who taught you?
Caroline: About five years ago, I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I literally did not know how to work the thing one bit, much less know how to sew something pretty! The Internet is a wonderful thing, I tell ya! I taught myself to sew via YouTube and sewing tutorials online and haven’t looked back

SIA: How long have you been blogging?
C: I started blogging almost three years ago when I was really starting to craft and use my sewing machine more frequently and I wanted a place where I could share my projects.

SIA: What are your favorite project types?
C: I love sewing clothing & home decor projects. Bigger items seem to turn out better for me than itsy-bitsy ones!

SIA: Who do you sew for?
C: I sew for myself, our home, and frequently make samples for the locally owned fabric boutique I am employed by. When creativity strikes, I sew fun fold-over clutches for my handmade shop.

SIA: What inspires you?
C: I am inspired by fashion trends, magazines, and BRIGHT colors! I am also very inspired by fabric and graphic designers; I love to see interesting prints that feature bold colors on fabrics and love dreaming up things to create with them!

SIA: What is your sewing room like?
C: My sewing room? It’s a mess. Always. I usually have about 7 projects going on at once, and keeping them organized is not a top priority. My husband works from home and my creative space doubles as his office, so I try to keep things tidy.. but it is definitely not always neat & clean. I am a creative, what can I say?!

SIA: What has been your greatest sewing success?
C: My greatest sewing success was when I mastered sewing my first real paper pattern. Those things intimidated me SO much. When I finally sat down and started working through one (my first was the Schoolhouse Tunic from Sew Liberated), my confidence increased and my horizon broadened because I could now read a pattern! Hooray!

SIA: Do you have a sewing pet peeve?
C: I HATE times one million when my bobbin runs out and I don’t realize it. I wish my machine had a buzzer that warned me I was running low!

SIA: Do you have any bad sewing habits?
C: Not pinning enough. Speeding through things. Oh, and not finishing projects! The last is one is part of of my sewing goals for the year: finish all projects that I begin!

SIA: What’s the best piece of sewing advice you ever got?
C: This isn’t advice that I have received, but it’s advice that I give to all of my students: Everything in sewing can be done in more than one way. Just because it is written a certain way, or your grandmother told you to do it this way doesn’t mean it must be done that way. Being creative is learning to do things differently and unique to yourself, your learning style, and your needs. Try something and if it doesn’t work out, start over and try again.

A self-taught seamstress who teaches others to sew and gives great advice; we love her already! How many of our readers will be at the Casting Call to watch Caroline audition live?SIA CAST CALL logoforweb1 Casting Call Contestant Profile: Caroline Hulse

 Casting Call Contestant Profile: Caroline Hulse
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