Casting Call Contestant Profile: Beth Chandler

Elizabeth Chandlerlowres1 Casting Call Contestant Profile: Beth Chandler

Beth Chandler

Congratulations, Beth, on being chosen to audition at our Casting Call for a chance to be chosen as a guest for Sew it All TV! We can’t wait to see your project! Learn more about Beth below:

Sew it All: When did you learn to sew? Who taught you?
Beth: My mother taught me how to cross stitch and hand sew when I was about five years old, but I don’t think I touched a sewing machine until my Home Economics class in middle school. The final exam involved sewing our own garments, and we even had a fashion show—catwalk and all—to show off our designs.

SIA: How long have you been blogging?
B: Since 2008.

SIA: What are your favorite project types?
B: I’ll sew just about anything, but my favorite projects are dresses, skirts, softies, and handbags.

SIA: Who do you sew for?
B: My family and close friends are my favorite people to sew for. I’m sure they might prefer a store-bought gift every now and then, but they’ve all graciously allowed me to experiment and give them some of my handmade creations. My favorite part of sewing for them is trying to pick out fabrics and patterns that suit their individual personalities.

SIA: What inspires you?
B: Other crafty people! It’s great to see that sewing and crafting have finally gone mainstream. Browsing through a fair or a store and seeing so many handmade items makes me happy!

SIA: What is your sewing room like?
B: Sewing room? Ha! The only space I have is my dining room table. Luckily, my husband has finally started to overlook the mess. I’m not sure we even remember what the table looks like without a machine, fabric, and a cutting board on it.

SIA: What has been your greatest sewing success?
B: Teaching! My favorite moments are when I witness my students in that “aha!” moment. You can see the self-confidence wash over them as they apply their newly learned skills.

SIA: Do you have a sewing pet peeve?
B: There are too many words to describe what we do. Are we sewers, seamstresses, tailors, or sewists? Let’s just pick a term and stick with it.

SIA: Do you have any bad sewing habits?
B: Oh yes, I have a lot of awful sewing habits! I didn’t realize that I take so many shortcuts until I started teaching. There’s nothing like demonstrating a technique only to have a student point out that I skipped over the very thing I just told her she “must” do.

SIA: What’s the best piece of sewing advice you ever got?
B: It’s not necessarily sewing-specific; it’s just really great advice for life. “A mistake is not a failure if you learn from it.” I tell my students that when they’re cursing under their breath at the seam ripper.

Thanks Beth! Check out Beth’s blog, Elizabeth Chandler Designs, here.

We’ll see you at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo!

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 Casting Call Contestant Profile: Beth Chandler
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