Oscar Sunday free printables

It’s no secret that the Academy Awards air this Sunday, which means it’s a holiday in my house! My husband thinks differently, but to me the Oscars are more important than the Super Bowl. Even when I don’t get a chance to see the movies nominated for awards (that went out the window about 19 months ago when I had my son), I still appreciate the talent, the speeches and, of course, the fashions.

If you’re having an Oscar party (by yourself, like me, or with a ton of friends), you’ll need an Oscar Ballot to make the evening more fun. At the Sew News offices, we fill out ballots on Friday and have a treat day on Monday following the awards to see who guessed the most winners. Any excuse to have a treat day, right? We also added an Oscar Fashion Roundup this year to report on our favorite (and least favorite) fashions of the night. Download the free printable and channel your inner Joan Rivers!

If you need some inspiration for decor or food ideas, here’s a handy site. Learn how to make these cute cupcakes to devour during the Best Supporting Actor speech.FNM 030110 Oscar Decor 001 s4x3 lg 300x225 Oscar Sunday free printables

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Oscars!


 Oscar Sunday free printables
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One Response to Oscar Sunday free printables

  1. Lesley says:

    It is like a holiday at our house, too, since my son is a film student in college.