Free Stuff Friday Winner!

sewingtips Free Stuff Friday Winner!















Hope everyone had a great weekend and were able to squeeze some sewing in.  The question we posed was who taught you how to sew.  Many were taught by mothers and grandmothers.  4-H, Girl Scouts and Home Economics classes were also popular ways to learn the art of sewing.  Several were self-taught and today’s lucky winner gets help from his wife.  Yes, Chuck is learning to sew and he is our lucky winner for Free Stuff Friday.

Chuck says:

Self taught. Still learning some from my mom and some from my wife, who is helping me stop my bad habits.

I hope this books helps stop any bad habits and maybe you can show your wife and mom a neat trick our two.

Thanks Chuck for commenting, we would love to see your work on Sewing District! Please email me your mailing address and I will get this out to you.

Thanks again everyone for the great comments and tune in this coming Friday for another great giveaway from Sew News!

 Free Stuff Friday Winner!

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3 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Winner!

  1. Daryl Reese says:

    Congrats Chuck! I taught both my children basic sewing when they were in grade school. It’s a good life skill to know.

  2. Sue Haver says:

    Good for you, Chuck, for learning to sew! Congratulations on your win…

  3. Rose C says:

    Congratulations Chuck!