Free Stuff Friday Winner & a Guest Blogger Coming Up

sweetseams Free Stuff Friday Winner & a Guest Blogger Coming Up

I’ve got to share some of these comments about family road trips.  But, first thanks to Tracy for sharing these posts with friends, the comments really are first rate.

  • Cherie didn’t take summer car trips but winter ones!
  • Roberta traveled in the back of a pick up all over the US
  • Barbara shared her memories of being “crammed” in her aunts station wagon on long hot trips
  • And Gina was stuck in the middle with her two brothers “Ugh!” is right!

The one thing I did not read was anyone watching DVD’s in the car  Sometimes old school is good school.  Or at the least brings some funny memories.

For the winner of Free Stuff Friday Diane G has won the Sweet Seams pattern.  Congratulations!  Hope this comes into good use and isn’t used as a weapon by cranky siblings.

Here’s what Diane G remembers.

I remember going to Lake Erie every weekend, a one hour drive. It seemed like forever! Windows rolled down, hot, dusty air coming in as we flew down the gravel roads to our Grandparents’ cottage in Newport, MI. My brothers and I asking, ‘are we there yet’, fighting with each other in the back seat and the poor dog trying to find a lap to climb on to stick her head out of the window! Our poor mother, trying to settle complaints of, ‘she’s looking at me’ and ‘he pinched me’ and ‘the dog scratched me’ and ‘I’m getting carsick’. My Dad, with the inevitable, ‘don’t make me pull this car over’. Ahh. Memories.

Please join in tomorrow for an announcement for an upcoming guest blogger!

Diane please email me at with mailing address and I will get your new pattern out to you ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who commented and for sharing your memories!



 Free Stuff Friday Winner & a Guest Blogger Coming Up

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One Response to Free Stuff Friday Winner & a Guest Blogger Coming Up

  1. Diane G. says:

    Hello, Jill, thank you so very much for the awesome pattern! ‘Hidden Treasure Pillows’ by Sweet Seams patterns will be made into Christmas gifts for the young girls in my extended family!! I haven’t seen this pattern anywhere else. Thank you for introducing us to it! I’m leaning toward making the owl pattern with the hidden pockets! thank you so much for sending it!
    Diane G.