Who inspired you to sew? Read the post for Free Stuff Friday!

Friday is here and so is Free Stuff!

barij lgsz Who inspired you to sew? Read the post for Free Stuff Friday!Today we have a great book to giveaway, Inspired to Sew by Bari J.  Her book contains great projects for the beginner, advanced and the artisan sewist.  A little something for everyone.  There are home decor projects, craft projects and garment construction and embellishment.  Plus the photos alone are inspiring enough to give you that creative boost.

For today’s question answer in the comments section below.  One lucky reader will be picked on Monday May 6th.  So get your comments in before then!

Taking from the title of our giveaway what or who inspired you to sew? I was inspired by the actual act of creating something.  I was delirious the first time I realized I could actually make something and wear it.  I still get giddy just making a pillowcase.  So there you go, what or who inspires you to sew. Be sure to leave a comment!

Until Monday, Happy Sewing


 Who inspired you to sew? Read the post for Free Stuff Friday!

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108 Responses to Who inspired you to sew? Read the post for Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Jane C. says:

    I am blessed to have in my neighborhood a man who sells and repairs sewing machines. In fact, he worked on my 1955 Elna when it was an infant. He advised me to buy my serger. After servicing my machines they run like the power tools that they are.When I leave his store, I want to get right at it!

  2. I have been lucky to have a life time of continuing inspiration…

    Probably one of the first times I was inspired to sew was in 1950 when I saw the Disney Movie Cinderella for my 6th birthday. I thought the scene with the animals sewing her dress was fascinating. The next day, I snuck into my mothers sewing room and thinking I could use her sewing machine I immediately ran the needle through my finger.

    I was not thwarted but I was now a little wiser and stuck to hand sewing cloths for my dolls and toys using my Mothers scraps.

    Next I was inspired when I was given a sewing basket of my own for my 10th birthday. My Mother made the basket just for me and I have it to this day. As I grew up I was inspired in my Home Economic’s Class in Junior High. We had treadle machines and I wanted to make something more than just an apron so I made a skirt with fabric I had printed on in Art Class
    I continued to find inspiration all around me and when I became a mother I was even more inspired with a need to make cloths for my beautiful daughters. My abilities grew but I think the year I was planning a trip to San Francisco I came to realize that with inspiration and hard work I could sew just about anything I wanted. I needed a spring coat for the trip and although the pattern I picked was very tailored with bound pockets and buttons holes it was the one I really wanted so I decided to give it a try. It turned out great, even if I do say so myself.

    I am a lot older now and I hope a little wiser. In this wonderful world I still find inspiration all around me. I get inspiration from trips to the fabric store, books, magazines like CME, and of course surfing the internet for everything from ideas to supplies and instructions. These are all great places I can find inspiration and when inspiration hits me even if it is something I have never done before I take a deep breath and go for it. It inspires me:-)

  3. Debbie says:

    Seeing my mother sew, I suppose made me want to take sewing classes at 12 years old at a Singer shop.

  4. Cheryl says:

    My grandmother and my mother made beautiful things and I also wanted to do this. I also discovered I could have more clothes if I knew how to sew them; at the time in the 50s and 60s, fabric was a lot less expensive than now.

  5. Patti says:

    My mother insipires and also taught me to sew. She still helps me with tips and ideas on my projects. I enjoy the times we spend together planning and sewing. When I finish a project I still show her what I made, and she shows me her finished items.

  6. Susan Harvey says:

    My grandmother taught me to sew on her mother-in-law’s treadle machine, which I still have and use. She also taught me needle arts. My mother continued to teach me also. I love sewing!

  7. Daryl Reese says:

    My mom taught me to sew when I was in grade school, though I didn’t make my first garment until 7th grade (12 years old) after I’d taken Home-Ec sewing. My mother and grandmother both taught me skills. I also picked up many sewing books and videos to learn additional techniques for sewing and quilting.

  8. Audrey says:

    My mother made all of our clothes and so I watched her sew for years. It was her “relaxing” time after the chores were done. So, we girls followed in her footsteps. I’m not as good a sewer as she was, but I do get enjoyment from it….and the grandchildren think I’m so clever and enjoy having things made by grandma.

  9. Cathy Martin says:

    We did not have alot of money when I was growing up. So, if we spent 20.00 on fabric I could make and entire outfit or buy one top. I liked having lots of clothes. Then I liked changing things up. Now I like creating things that never existed before.

  10. Mary Wilkerson Lee says:

    I always loved watching my Mom sew. There were six girls so all of our clothes were made by Momma. She let me use her Singer sewing machine to make doll clothes starting when I was about seven; then later I started making my own clothes. I did this all through high school and beyond. I loved the cams that I could drop into the Singer to make decorative stitches. I wish she could have been around for the new machines where all one has to do is push the button for the decorative stitch you want. Miss her and all the inspiration she gave me in everything.

  11. Debbie Tirabasso says:

    My grandmother was the most talented woman I have ever met. She worked, raised four children and could make something beautiful from things, other people would have thrown away. She saw beauty in everything. She was an artist, seamstress, crocheter, knitter and crafts woman. She had twenty five grandchildren, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. All of her gifts were handmade. I have been seeing since I was seven. I couldn’t wait to learn so I could be like her.

  12. kelli says:

    My mom taught me to sew in the 4th grade for 4-H. I have loved it ever since. Now my inspiration is family & friends. I love making gifts for them.

  13. Kath says:

    How sweet that many of us responded it was our mothers who taught us to sew. My own mother made clothing for her 8 children at Easter and Christmas. I helped while she made “stuff” for my Chatty Cathy doll and with her help I was sewing long before my 8th grade Home Economics required class.

  14. Barbara Jenkins says:

    I learned to sew in the ’60s when I was given a sewing machine and made my first mini skirt (figured it out as I went along – just side seams, hem top and bottom, and WIGGLE into it). And from there on, life has inspired me continually.

  15. Barb Landvogt says:

    My 4-H teacher inspired me to sew when I was 10 years old. I am now 66 and have been sewing forever and love it. Recently upgraded my machine to a Bernina 830LE and love it.

  16. Roberta Schultz says:

    My mom inspired me to sew. It was her way of being creative and she passed it on to me.

  17. Shirley says:

    My mother inspired me to sew. She sewed almost all my clothes when I was growing up and when I started sewing for myself, she allowed me to be creative and gave me encouragement when I just wanted to play around with fabric and her sewing machine.

  18. Ellen says:

    I learned to sew in home ec class in jr high. But my mother started working, so I took a class that summer and learned more techniques and never looked back. My mom supported me and would always buy fabric for me to sew with.

  19. Kathleen says:

    My mother inspired me to sew over 45 years ago. She was amazing! Made clothes without a pattern. I have since increased my skills with machine embroidery, serger, and utilizing everything possible on the sewing machine including hemming, mending, double needle, the list goes on. I am still sewing for my family. My son is 24 and the youngest daughter is 17 and just finished her prom dress that she designed. My mother lives on through my creations, my children, and now the grandchildren who sew.

  20. Janice Stewart says:

    I like sewing for myself and my family thanks to the economy. There are times where I want to purchase an accessory or clothing and see that the price is far too much out of my budget. I have purchased several sewing machines over the years, my husband gets upset but when I use it to fix his clothes he recovers.

  21. glory watkins says:

    I have been sewing since I was 7. first on my grandmas treddle, then on mommas singer and later on my aunts sewing machine. I’ve been sewing ever since! I have even been teaching my daughter-in-law and next is my grandson.

  22. Joan says:

    My Mom was my inspiration. At five, it was easier to keep an eye on me if I was with her. Her Mom was a seamstress as well. My Mom did it all. She replaced zippers in suitcases and winter boots. She even cut a mattress down to size! I was taught this skill as one every young girl should learn. I thrived on it and made it my life. To keep me busy my Mom would give me scraps to sew together on her Brother Machine her Dad bought her. I wasn’t allowed to use scissors, but I could use the sewing machine…go figure! By age 8 I was creating Barbie Doll clothes and one of a kind creations and selling them to my classmates. By age 10 I had a flourishing alteration and custom design business. I went on to get a Degree in Home Ec, I had a custom Bridal Shop for 15 years, taught for 10 years, and had a custom widow treatment business for 18 years. I’ve made all my childrens clothing (except socks) up to age 8! Whew, now I dabble for friends and family just for fun. I will sew to my dying day. Thank you Mom for a lifelong skill and a very lucrative career! LOVE YOU!

  23. Eileen K says:

    My Mom was my inspiration. She was always sewing something, usually for my sister and me. I would sit by her and use her scraps to fashion doll clothes. Took sewing classes at the Singer Store for 2 summers. Loved that and still love to sew. Made all of our kids’ clothes, including jeans and western shirts, and clothes for myself and hubby. Now I get to enjoy making clothes for grandchildren. I could spend all day sewing, but unfortunately life seems to get in the way of that dream.

  24. Regina Henderson says:

    I took sewing in high school and loved making my own clothes, my mom would take me to the fabric store and buy me any fabric I wanted, it kept me home and out of trouble for years, I sewed for my children and now my grandchildren, The best part is seeing someone wear something I’ve sewn :)

  25. V. Abney says:

    Mother started me down the creative path, and many others helped to nurture the seeds she planted. Mrs. Thomas (a sitter) helped me drape my Barbie doll,a home ec teacher forced me to think bigger and better, and having children helped spark more creative thoughts. Now, it just is who I am.

  26. Karen says:

    My inspiration comes from my mother. She could sew anything and it would look so professional. She was very, very talented.

  27. Niki says:

    My Aunt Janet is the most amazing and creative seamstress! She was definitely inspiring, especially when she gave me her old Husky so I could up my sewing game.

  28. Tonie Mills says:

    My twin sisters that are 7 years older than me were always sewing and made me and clothes for amy Barbies from their scraps. They taught me the basics of sewing which made a big impression on me and I am still sewing 40 years later.

  29. Marlene Walters says:

    My mother, she had learned from her mother also. Mom sewed for other people tohelp with income for are family. I sewed my own clothes and when I graduated bought my first sewing machine. Sewed for college friends for spending money and have sewed for people ever since. Now that I ‘m retired from my accounting job I do altering full time and really love it. Now days a lot of the young people that are working don’t have the time to do any altering or mending of items and I love to do it.
    Helps with only Social Security for a income.

  30. Laura Velez says:

    I meant my mom was a great SEWIST

  31. Laura Velez says:

    My mom was a great sexist, but not a teacher. In 1967 while pregnant with my first child I got an overwhelming desire to make maternity clothes, then baby clothes. I borrowed my mom’s Singer Featherweight sewing machine, and bought a couple of patterns. The pattern instructions are what taught me to sew.
    So my unborn child motivated me to learn how to sew … And I haven’t looked back!

  32. Karon Wurst says:

    I think I would have to say, three people Grandmother on my mothers side, she did a lot of sewing. And my Aunt Ruth, on my dads side. She sewed for her family, making all of their clothes.

  33. Linda Woods says:

    I have always had a desire to sew and create things. My home economics teacher was my first teacher even though my mom sewed when I was small. Because of my love to sew I became a home economics teacher,( now referred to as Family and Consumer Science), and I have taught my love of sewing to several students that have cultivated the love and desire to sew and create things.

  34. Nita says:

    my mother who was able to recreate any outfit without a pattern inspired me and my sister who sewed for me after our mother passed away when I was 9. Then, as I got older, I loved the process of taking a flat, shapeless piece of fabric and creating something with shape and form that could be worn.

  35. Robin Haney says:

    Lisa inspired me to sew, she was making sewing the decorative lining for Moses baskets for babies and showed me how to make my own pattern. We made several together as gifts for expectant mothers. Today, I am making aprons, with no pattern, I am just tearing fabric to exact measurements and sewing them together. I also sew on lace doilies on the bibs and pockets of the aprons to make it look vintage.

  36. Marty Dale says:

    My mother and grandmother were the first people who inspired and taught me to sew. My grandmother helped me make clothes for my Troll dolls – remember those? My Mom used to make drapes for customers and I was her helper – mainly measuring, folding, and putting pins in. My sister-in-law Trina also inspired me to sew. She convinced me to go with her to the sewing expo in Puyallup, WA, one year. That was the start of an obsession that has lasted for the last 25+ years. I have also been inspired by all of the wonderful teachers, vendors and attendees of the sewing expo. :-)

  37. Virginia Darwin says:

    My mother began teaching me when I was young. We sewed almost all my pageant dresses. Now I sew for my boys and my home!

  38. Maureen V says:

    I watched my mother sew for me & my younger twin sisters when times were tough. I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, too. so I took Home Ec in high school. I liked it so much I sewed a suit, my prom dress, my daughter’s prom dresses, my sister’s wedding dress & my own wedding dress. Today I’m altering my daughter’s wedding dress for her wedding tomorrow & will be doing the same for my other daughter next year. I guess I’m still proving I can still do it after all these years!!!

  39. Maggie Potter says:

    I was inspired by my grandmother. She could create anything she wanted with a sewing machine. No pattern needed.

  40. Carolyn K says:

    My mom taught me to sew. She sewed for us at home and for living in various dress factories. She’s 87 now and still uses those old factory machines to hem and fix garments for her grand/great-children.

  41. shirley says:

    My grandmother inspired me to sew. she made everything possible from the carpets & rugs in her home to knitted tea towels and most of my clothes when I was growing up. She also spent a lot of her time sewing cuddly toys for local charities such as the Miners Welfare and local childrens charities. She also knitted my holey jumpers when I got into punk as a teenager.
    She passed away over 20 years ago & I was given her Singer Treadle sewing machine, I still use it as often as possible, there are some attachments for it that I have no idea how to use and some I have found instructions for on youtube.
    she was a great believer in make do & mend and DIY. if she saw a friend with an outfit that she liked, she would borrow it, copy the pattern and have an exact copy made in a few days.

  42. Sandy Gourley says:

    My junior high teacher, Mrs. Rice, inspired me to sew,,,,and sew I did. First started sewing for myself, then my children, my home, my grandchildren, back to my home and for myself. 40+ years later I am still sewing.

  43. Cherie says:

    An older friend encouraged me to start sewing. She said to just do it. And I did! She still encourages me to sew.

  44. Gayle Evans says:

    My grandmother inspired me as a very young girl. We spent a lot of time together sewing and baking. Now 50 years later I still love to sew and bake.

  45. Sue Haver says:

    My sweet Mama was my original inspiration. She always sewed our clothes, therefore being the oldest of 6 children, I always was seeing that old Monarch sewing machine on the table, and since very young was very curious about it. I started sewing Barbie doll clothes, then when I realized I could have a new outfit whenever I wanted one, I started sewing my own clothes…that was my inspiration later!

  46. Carolann Broussard says:

    My mom inspired me to sew from a very early age…by the time i hit Jr. High and High School she owned a sewing business making outfits for waitresses, waiters, chefs, and bartenders at many well know Restraunts in Houston, Tx. I was the only one in my classes from school making $$$ at home in my bedroom at my sewing desk. I have now followed her teachings and now have my own (part-time) business creating and sewing my very own designs. Also I do alterations from my sewing room at home. :)

  47. Adeeba Anas Khan says:

    I started sewing recently because we have moved to a new country and are on a low budget and don’t really like the kids clothes here. Very rewarding when the little ones tell me how good I sew and how love the clothes :)

  48. Mary Mac says:

    I learn to sew with a machine in home economic class, but my Mom taught me the finer points of sewing by hand.

  49. Isha says:

    I gained my passion after taking my first home ec class in 6th grade…

  50. Barb Hilton says:

    My mom patiently taught me how to sew on her old Singer, which was barely one step above a treadle. My home ec teachers took it from there and I’ve been sewing for many years. I made my wedding dress then started sewing for the girls when they came along. I altered both of their wedding dresses and made the bridesmaid dresses so they would be unique to their weddings. Now I’m happily sewing for grandkids. I took apart one daughter’s wedding dress to make a baptism dress for a granddaughter. That is one of my fondest memories.