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As I expected there are a lot of mothers and grandmothers who we have to thank for inspiring us to sew.  Most of the comments were from women who were taught how to sew by mothers, grandmothers or teachers. 

My favorite comment is from Laura V. Who loudly proclaimed that her mother was a “great sexist”. Which Laura V quickly responded in the next comment giving her mother the proper title of  “greatest sewist”.

Rene C. is inspired by fabric and color.  And, how many of us find inspiration in a  fabulous fabric shop with so much color and beautiful fabric?

Kay B. had a great comment about using feed sacks from her grandpa’s turkey farm and learned to make clothes from them.

And, Sade C. has images of beautiful clothes and fashion running through her head.  She’s a beginner with a machine but has declared that she is now a life long lover of sewing!  Yea Sade!

As usual the comments were top notch!  And now on to the winner.

The winner for this giveaway was randomly chosen and is……Liz Simmons!  Liz learned from her mother like so many of you!  I hope this book will get you or a loved one inspired to keep sewing!

Please send me your mailing address Liz at and I will send out your gift!

Join us Tuesday for Guest Blogger Rhonda Buss and her fabulous Collar Tutorial!

Thanks for reading and tune in this Friday for more giveaways!

Happy Sewing!


 Free Stuff Friday Winner

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4 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Winner

  1. Daryl Reese says:

    Congrats Liz Simmons! Enjoy your win and new book… and have fun!

  2. Patricia Di Prospero says:

    My mother taught me to sew & when I went to High school, I had one of the greatest home economics teachers around.In fact she just Passed away last year. As an adult I went to see her in the Nursing Home.She lived to a ripe old age.

  3. Fiona says:

    Can you tell me where you are based? Australia, America…?